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March 26, 2012

ALL The Exclamation Points


I was ready to throw a verbal side-eye at Sonny for being his typical brand of dysfunctional and horrible, and then all of the words in the world escaped me at the very end of today's episode (which, if I can hypercriticize for a minute, because I am physically incapable of not doing so, would have made a fantastic Friday cliffhanger, but it also worked pretty well as a fantastic Monday surprise, which I needed after a long Monday that included by commute thrown into complete disarray by construction on the parkway that saw my time in the car double and had bumper to bumper traffic spilling onto every conceivable backroad. Why do we not have jet packs yet?! It is 2012! I apologize for the digression. I just have a lot of feelings right now).

After Elizabeth and Emma gutted me with their ice cream, and then Jason Thompson completely devastated me some more, as he's made a point of doing every time he appears onscreen lately:

Patrick: We were supposed to sit on the porch and watch the sun go down behind the hill. The perfect ending to a long day at the hospital. It's the life I want. The life we wanted. How can this be over, Robin, before it even started? I can't believe you're dead. It doesn't even feel like you're gone.

We cut immediately to this:


and I made a sound between a shriek and a squeal. THE AIRQUOTES ARE REAL, YOU GUYS! ROBIN IS "DEAD"! And yes, we all hoped and many of us called that this was coming and it's playing out very similarly to Lucky's "death", but whatever: !!!!


I'd love to see the David Hayward angle explored in a way that would bring Alan back.

Robin was taken to David by ... Monica! She had been financing Hayward's efforts ever since he saved AJ for her after everyone believed he was killed after Michael's kidnapping/return. He had also revived Alan and Emily. So she smuggled Robin out and brought her to David, who was able to expand his efforts after all the money he got from Adam Chandler after saving Stuart. He, of course, saved Robin for Anna.

This was part of an idea for a fanfic I've been turning over in my head that started with Sonny and Jason getting killed.

It moves a deep part in my heart. Thank you very much.I like this site.

"Our poets, our songs, our novels, our sitcoms, our operas, our plays, have been discussing it forever and now we can confirm it with what we found in the brain," she said

The second reason why the list is filled with public figures is that, as I explained in the opening article in this series, my perspective is largely that of an outsider

Life is a great big canvas, and you should throw all the paint on it you can.

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