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March 13, 2012

Back to Basics

There's so much going on on the show right now that I knew I'd neglect major points if I didn't just recap today's whole episode of General Hospital (well, lord knows I'll neglect plenty anyway). So here goes. This might hurt!

Kate was expecting Johnny, apparently. I imagine he thinks she's Connie but she's not.

Maxie runs into Ewen, who drops his file on Kate. Apparently now psychiatrists create files on potential patients and not just actual patients. And there we go, right there on the label it says "DID" -- I mean who wouldn't label it that way! The admin folks need to know to file it away with GH's many other casually-diagnosed D.I.D. cases. Maxie, of course, assumes it means Kate "did" something, because that makes perfect sense to just label a psychiatric file with a past tense helping verb. The "Did" files of course go after the "Been" files but before the "Was" files.

Liz and Matt are at the home of the Widower Drake, planning Robin's funeral. Planning a funeral gets screentime? Really? But she died weeks ago (even though I think in show time it's only a day or two). You mean to tell me they're not just all going to pop up in black clothes saying how lovely the off-screen funeral was and never mention it again? There really is a new sheriff in town.

Speaking of which, Todd yells at Sonny in the courtroom (into which it's simple-dimple to bring a firearm) as Blair and Carly and Michael and Starr rush in to try to stop him. This does not deter him, as he loves his daughter so much that he means to murder someone in front of her (he sure has learned his lesson!), and a shot goes off. But no! Sonny hasn't just been shot (again)! It's John McBain, firing a warning shot into the air with his hilarious trademark pursed lips. It's quite an entrance.


Carly asks Blair who he is, and sadly Blair doesn't manage to answer, "Another of my ex-husbands, what."

After the credits, whose theme song was apparently composed on the portable Casio keyboard I got for my birthday in the sixth grade, Maxie asks Ewen a few questions about what happened in the lab. Ewen tells her what he knows from the staff briefing, and it confirms Maxie's worst fears that she likely caused the explosion.

Oh yeah! Johnny somehow knew about Steve having pulled the plug on a patient in Memphis. Steve surmises that Johnny investigated him to make sure Olivia really was dating a squeaky clean guy. Olivia aptly points out that Johnny decided the best way to make certain of that was to turn Steve into a mob doctor and implicate him in a bunch of local crimes.

Anthony fills Tracy in on what happened the night of the car accident.

A bunch of guards come in and John has to show his badge to prove that he's a cop, so he too was able to just enter the courthouse with a weapon. Sonny tells the guards that they should go get the gun off Todd that Todd just used to "try to kill" Sonny. Apparently when Todd points a gun at someone with intent to kill but is stopped from doing it, it's "trying to kill" someone and is illegal, but when Sonny does the same thing, no crime has been committed. They cuff Todd and then Starr tries to murder Sonny with a dirty look and an impolite introduction.

Liz talks to Matt about what Maxie must be going through, and uses her own experience with grief to encourage Matt to not take it personally when Maxie pushes him away.

Maxie talks to Ewen about her relationship with Robin and how lost she'll be without her. She tells him she feels guilty.

Tracy dresses down Anthony for having participated in a feud that resulted in Cole and Hope's deaths. She threatens to call Sonny to tell him where Anthony is.

Carly tries to impress upon Sonny how dangerous Todd is, but Sonny isn't moved. He has many enemies. This is a typical day.

Starr thanks John for getting there when he did. John tells Starr that he notified Cole's parents, Marty and Patrick. Of course Patrick is supposed to be dead and Marty is a murderer-at-large, and Cole was actually not supposed to be alive anyway, but John makes no mention of this so I don't what the hell is going on.

Kate, in a criminal amount of makeup, insists to Johnny that there's no way she came to his house and propositioned him the other night.


He pushes her until "Connie" comes out, and of course the first thing she does is take down her hair so we don't get confused about who is who. I can't wait to meet her next personality, who manifests itself by a much tighter pulled-back hair-do and glasses.

Tracy yells at Anthony some more. And then Carly says the most hysterical thing to Todd. He tells her he's sure Sonny is guilty, and Carly insists that if Sonny really is guilty, he'll be tried and convicted. That was really high comedy. And by "high comedy," I might mean, "in order to say shit like this with straight faces these people must be high."

Starr asks Michael if he ever feels like she does, which is that she feels somewhat responsible for all the horrible things her father does. Michael of course explains that it's not like that with his father (because Sonny doesn't do horrible things, naturally) and that she's clearly the only good thing about her father. Ah, wise Michael and his total lack of self-awareness or real empathy. Oh wait, I just remembered who raised him. 

John McBain and Sonny exchange greetings, revealing that they knew each other a long time ago.

Ewen explains to Maxie that guilt is a normal part of grief, so there's a couple different conversations happening here since he doesn't know what she's actually feeling guilty about.

Matt tells Liz she's getting de-suspended (is that a word?), and Liz asks him to watch the slide show she made of Robin for the funeral. Appropriately, he points out that this will make him bawl his eyes out, and she suggests that bawling their eyes out together would be better than doing it alone.

Olivia blurts out that she loves Steve, which is good since they've sort of been dating since, like, December 2010 or January 2011 or so, right? Cripey!

Carly asks Todd about John and Todd explains that John has remarkably attractive hair but no sense of humor, which makes me a little sad. Remember when Todd first showed up back in Llanview and he and John had some beers and a chat that was actually chock-full of excellent dry observational humor from both parties? (Well, I imagine some of you do and some of you don't, for obvious reasons which make me too weepy to type out.)

Sonny refers to himself as a "survivor" and tells John that he's as self-righteous as ever (pot, meet kettle and all). John says that Cole was like a son to him (and didn't mention that Cole was actually an escaped murderer whose death had been faked), so this is personal. John McBain's smug usually annoys me, but directed at Sonny? What's this weird feeling of delight?

Maxie talks to Ewen about how Robin was her safe place. Matt and Liz show up, and Liz thanks Maxie for having helped get her re-instated and extended her sympathies about Robin. And... oh no, this next part made me cry!

Liz: I'm really sorry about Robin. She was one of my closest friends but I know she was like a sister to you. 

Maxie: (through tears) Yeah. I loved her so much.

Liz: You know, she tried to explain you to me on more than one occasion. She said you give really good advice. 

Maxie: (gasping for breath) She did?

Liz: Whenever she was pulling her hair out about Patrick she used to tell me that she just needed to talk to you, that you always put things into perspective and that you were way more insightful than you realized. Robin said she could count on you for anything. 


And then while I'm trying not to openly bawl in front of my very judge-y dog, Maxie runs off and Matt goes after her. (Seriously I loved that, as enemies-rise-above-their-difference-in-trauma-and-grief is one of my very favorite soap tropes.)

Kate, who is half-naked as Connie and making out with Johnny, re-emerges and freaks out and slaps Johnny and shrieks for him to get out while she sobs at her desk.

Sonny and John continue their smug-off. Michael gives Starr a family photo she left at the hospital. Todd asks Carly if she thinks he killed his brother (so apparently he's questioning the veracity of his own memory, which is a good thing now, although at this point not-killing-Victor does little for him legally in light of kidnapping and framing Tomas and faking Cole's death to aid his escape from prison... but then again we'll see, since this is a soap and folks have gotten off for much worse daily).

Instead of immediately contacting Olivia to let her know that her cousin is in desperate need of serious help, Johnny goes back to have another boring conversation with Anthony. Olivia calls Steve from Johnny's hallway to tell him she thinks she's got the whole Johnny-blackmailing-Steve thing under control, as Kate's back at her office crying at her face in the mirror. (Hint: less makeup, fewer mascara-down-the-cheek stains!)

Starr tells Michael she's sure Sonny's guilty but for his sake she wishes it weren't true, and tells him not to blame himself. Starr says she'll see him when she comes back to town to testify. Blair and Todd spar verbally, as they do, and Blair tells Todd to shut up, to which he responds, "I love you, too."  (Damn right!)

Carly asks Sonny about his history with McBain, with whom he exchanges a sarcastic smile.

The end. Uh... shit. Robin's funeral starts tomorrow. I'm frightened. Hold me, y'all?


Wow. Thanks for the thorough recap. GH has a long way to go before being good but any Todd/Blair moment makes me melt, i.e. "Blair tells Todd to shut up, to which he responds, 'I love you, too.'" Swoon. Also, I'm excited about John McBain arriving. The last year of OLTL, I adored McBain and I have a feeling he'll show that McBain in PC. Plus, he'll actually solve crimes, something that hasn't happened in PC in years (the murders of Siobhan and Lisa Niles are recent examples.)

Argh. I can not stand Starr or Michael separately, so the combination is unbearable. Starr's tragedy should not be about Michael getting a girlfriend.

Johnny's being foolish mixing it up with Kate/Connie. Yeah it would piss off Sonny but sleeping with Kate would be a death wish.

I don't like Ewen. I realized I don't like the actor because he's not very good. Previously, I have been blinded by his physical beauty but no longer.

Elizabeth Webber is one of my favorite soap characters and I love that she is being written in-character, compassionate, loving and generous. Hopefully, Matt can be written as a viable romantic partner because they could be cute together. Can we see more Liz please?

Honestly. I still could care less for "poor" Tomas and his kidnapping by Todd. Tomas is supposed to be a assasin/secret agent. He was going to murder Todd and instead kidnapped him. Turning him over to people who tortured Todd for 8 years. We know that Victor is still alive. Tomas has murdered people. Just like Jason and Sonny. And guess what? I don't give a rat's behind if they have a few bad days at the hand of others.

Liz being all nice and sympathic to Maxie of all people? Pretty sweet. Although it does seem to end all of the potential fun of watching Liz smack the hell out of Maxie in a bitch off.

Todd still being all about Starr and Blair? Awesome. And yeah, Blair should've explained John to Carly as another ex husband.

The lack of any mention of Cole(and his parents) being an escaped convicted murderer was a tad odd. As at the very least, Starr should be in cuffs due to hiding an escaped felon. But, wtf ever. I'd just say that the governor ended up pardoning Cole or commuting his sentence. It would work.

Shut up Michael. Shut it crazy Kate.

I agree, Louise, it super sucks that John and Todd have defaulted to the same tired, stale dynamic John had with TSJTodd. Their rapport last summer was so refreshing.

So John's been in touch with Marty, who threw his baby mama off a roof, stabbed his then bed buddy, kidnapped his son, and murdered awesome Dr. Buhari, and plans on doing nothing about that? Oookay then.

And Cole was like a son to John? Jigga what? I suspect the writers are retconning this in so John has more personal motive to go after Sonny.

Ugh, make the D.I.D. madness stop!

Well, I do think that John did think of Cole as a son/little bro. He spent alot of time with a teen Cole.

***So John's been in touch with Marty, who threw his baby mama off a roof, stabbed his then bed buddy, kidnapped his son, and murdered awesome Dr. Buhari, and plans on doing nothing about that? Oookay then.***


My love for Johnny will be kaput if he takes advantage of an obviously mentally ill woman. Shades of Robert Ford, anyone? Watch out, Johnny. Chandy, the avenging chandelier may be lurking above you ready to take you out at any moment if you use crazy Kate to get back at Sonny.

While I wish the writing could have been better, it was wonderful to see Todd and Blair again. I miss them and OLTL so damn much. I'm not interested in watching Todd without Blair, so if Blair doesn't return to Port Charles it doesn't bode well for my continued viewership of GH.

*****My love for Johnny will be kaput if he takes advantage of an obviously mentally ill woman. Shades of Robert Ford, anyone? Watch out, Johnny. Chandy, the avenging chandelier may be lurking above you ready to take you out at any moment if you use crazy Kate to get back at Sonny.+++++

Alley! My thoughts exactly. I know not everyone is happy about the OLTL cast members coming to GH, but Chandy the Avenging Chandelier (SO well named!) would be a welcome addition to any cast. And should be used - often.

We don't need no steenkin Fords in PC under any circumstances. And not anyone who acts like one either.

Thanks for the recap for today. But I am sad. I was so hoping that Todd would have pulled the trigger on Sonny. (Of course, only in my fantasy!) I never really 'watched' OLTL, so I don't really 'know' the characters that well but right now I LOVE TODD. The Blair and Carly stuff yesterday was really good, too. Will someone please off Sonny? Please?

Every soap should have their own version of Chandy!

Liz is finally being written as the loving compassionate person that she's always been. Yes! Finally! Here's hoping that down the road, Liz bitch slaps Maxie into 2013.

Once John found out which Todd was the real Todd, he reverted back to his normal jerkiness. IMO it doesn't matter if it's Todd or Victor, John will always treat them the same.

Cole should have gone back to prison.

"It's John McBain, firing a warning shot into the air with his hilarious trademark pursed lips."

Ahahahaha! My favorite John McBain mannerism is when he's standing with his hands on his hips. There's just something indescribably wrong with that pose.

Carly asks Todd about John and Todd explains that John has remarkably attractive hair but no sense of humor

Oh my god, really?!? That is awesome!!!

Will McBain actually be able to have a victory against Corinthos, or are we going to see a repeat of the same story that we have witnessed for over a decade now?

This episode makes me hope that Johnny doesn't become Ford 2.0. I don't need to watch another rapemance happen.

I still find it odd that people villify Tomas for being mislead into thinking that Todd was working with terrorists. I think TK did an incredible job with what he was given, especially considering TSJ leaving, RH becoming avaliable, the rewrites, and the cancellation.

I have to respectfully disagree with you about Tomas, stlbf. How can you villify Tomas for his mistakes, but not Todd? The same man who raped multiple women, who stole Jack as a baby, who left Tea to die on an island. If Todd deserves redemption for his past actions, then why villify Tomas for his mistakes?

Tomas has tried to make amends for what he did. He risked his life to save Victor from Baker, he risked his life again to get Irene from a military complex, he took credit for Todd killing Irene and was willing to spend the rest of his life in prison. He promised his sister he would find out who murdered Victor.

Furthermore, stlbf, Tomas worked for the CIA, he wasn't a mobster murdering people to maintain a criminal empire. Your argument is no different than when Guza had characters pretending that being a mobster was no different than being a police officer.

I hope TK returns to GH, either as Lorenzo or as Tomas.

[i]Ahahahaha! My favorite John McBain mannerism is when he's standing with his hands on his hips. There's just something indescribably wrong with that pose.[/i]

What about last year during one of Liam's many kidnappings when John kicked in a door with his hands IN HIS POCKETS.

What about last year during one of Liam's many kidnappings when John kicked in a door with his hands IN HIS POCKETS.
Bhahahahwaahahaha! That scene was just so lame!

Ahahahaha! Y'all stop! You're killing me with the walk down John McBain Memory Lane.

Maybe the fresh air of the non-ported Port Charles will loosen up his previously atrophied facial muscles and we'll get some full on expressions from him. I know, crazy right??

Tomas is a lame duck that needs to be put down. That poor character is still limpin along as the mayor of Patheticville and drinkin' his Haterade. Good times...only not. I'm just glad we didn't actually have to see him. Smart move, RC and Frank. Smart move.

I have to agree I am so tired of the D.I.D
thing..overdone on OLTL and seems it is going to happen all over again. I had to laugh at McBain..standing there trying to give the evil EYE to Sonny who invented that LOOK..the hands in his pockets is his trademark stance.. wouldn't be Mcbain without it.

Today's show was great. I can't help swooning over Todd & Blair. I love how he's just respecting her emotions at the moment (b/c she does have a right to be mad at him...even if it is partially over Tomas) while she gets everything out b/c he knows it's always going to come back to the two of them. Loved it.

Thank you for mentioning Starr and Michael discussing their dads. Michael is just not of this eart.

Loved Elizabeth being compassionate (as if she would be any other way) and being there for her friends and helping out. She and Matt were sweet, and I loved Matt consoling Maxie. I'm really loving Jenn Lilley.

Great recap, Louise!

"You mean to tell me they're not just all going to pop up in black clothes saying how lovely the off-screen funeral was and never mention it again? There really is a new sheriff in town."

Well, since apparently only fifteen people cared enough about Robin to show up at the service, that might have been a better plan. I know budgets are tight, but if you're stuck giving yet another legacy character a lousy send-off, maybe offscreen funerals would be a better alternative.

I disagree Tim. Not only do we actually get a funeral, but we've gotten quite a bit of grieving, from the majority of the canvas. To me, every day grieving is far better tribute to the character than a packed house at a funeral.

Today, the flashbacks of Robin, the picture of Steve Hardy hugging her, the stories celebrating her were such a tribute to the actress and the character.

It costs money to hire extras to stand around looking mournful. I would rather have a show come in under-budget and stay on than pack it with people who didn't matter.

And the people who did not show up have reasons that are part of stories. The people who are there are saying and doing all the right things. The people who aren't there are talking about her and honoring her in their own way.

Maybe off screen afterthought funerals like Jake's are what you might want, but I want to see the story on screen and not just imagine what Liz and Lucky said about a little boy who died off screen and was memorialized off screen. I think this writing team is doing a stellar job of showing the impact that Robin had on a town and its people. JMO.

Edited to add:there's more coming tomorrow. Wait and see.

So have the funeral offscreen and have her family and friends gather somewhere afterwards to share the onscreen memories. But to have fifteen people (counting three extras and Kate) show up to a funeral for someone who has lived in the town for three decades, was the COS at the town's only hospital and had connections to every major family on the show's canvas is ridiculous.

Look, I know people are nervous about GH's future in light of recent happenings and are desperate to give the new showrunners every benefit of doubt. But that shouldn't mean that they and the show are now above criticism. Especially when the missteps are avoidable.

Gone are the days when big funerals and weddings ruled the day. ABC/Disney wants out of the soap opera business and I'm sure GH's budget was slashed just like AMC and OLTL's. I bet Robin's funeral would have had the same tone as Jake's under Frons, Guza, Phelps and GW.

I for one don't think there were many missteps in this funeral. Thought it was absolutely beautiful. Really well-done and written so well. Not because I'm afraid to criticize RC or some weird agenda like that but because I sincerely loved it.

I am really loving it too and it's not over. Not over by a long shot. There is more to come. Robin's death (?) will resonate.

While I'm giving them not so much the benefit of doubt, rather the benefit of time, I still don't see how the number of people attending a funeral is a bigger slap than not showing the funeral at all. Not to mention that the funeral is taking multiple days, and the focus is on Robin and people mourning Robin. Multiple people, not just Jason. I think as sendoffs go, it's quite a tribute.

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