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March 11, 2012

Breaking Down the Lines

Let's explore some of Friday's dialogue, shall we?

Upon hearing Carly refer to Sonny by his first name...


Todd: Sunny? Like with a "u"?

Ah, it's good to have Todd and his snark back in my life.


Sonny, while trying to convince Dante to take the heat off him and find another suspect...


Sonny: You are a great investigator.

No one at the PCPD has been a "great investigator" since the 80s, Sonny. As evidenced by your living in the free world.

Various and sundry folks had lines about how deeply wrong it was for anyone to point the finger at Sonny for a crime and how totally and super unfair it is that everyone always assumes he's guilty. It never fails to amuse me that the people who are the most insufferably righteous about this topic are ones who have first-hand knowledge that, in fact, were charges ever pressed against Sonny for the crimes he actually has committed he'd likely get about 86 consecutive life sentences.

Starr said a lot on Friday as well, most of it incredibly annoying. I imagine I, too, would revert to 13-year-old brattiness (or likely much worse) if my boyfriend and child died in one fell swoop, so I'll let her off the hook for now. However, if the episode was an indication that they're going to take Starr down a "darker" path, as Blair is worried, I pray that it doesn't manifest itself by faces like this:


'Cause that'll irk me no end. So Blair should work overtime to prevent the darkness, and she knows from darkness. (Really, remember during one of her crazy-times episodes ages ago and she was in some sort of a fugue state and just sat their staring into space whispering, "Darrrkkknnesss"? I searched for a clip but had no luck. It was hilarious, though. A friend and I have had a running joke about it for years now. Any of y'all remember this? I'm trying to pin down a year and story arc so I can try to find a clip.)

Oh yeah, and Steve said that he killed someone. Yawn. I mean oh my gah I can't wait to find out what happened!!! Really, the only reason this storyline interests me at all is that it'll somehow rid us of Dr. Maggie "People Who Share Candy Bars Are The Coolest" Wurth. And that's a gift worth paying attention to.


In "Other Works" news, I finally got around to seeing Other Desert Cities on Broadway last night, which featured Judith Light (ex-Karen, OLTL). I wasn't crazy about the script, but I won't get into that here. I'll only say it was a strong production and the acting was top-notch by everyone (Stockard Channing! Stacy Keach! Justin Kirk!), but Judith Light was a major stand-out even among those rockin' thespians. I'd highly recommend it for her performance alone if you haven't seen it yet (and were thinking of it).


So in a story where Sonny has attempted to murder two people, he's only being charged with a crime he likely didn't commit? Likely to paint Sonny as a victim. Again.

The only thing I find interesting about this story is Todd and his lines, like his pronunciation of Corn-Toes.

If Dante is going to be working to keep his father from prison again and ignore his actual crimes again (like his attempts to commit murder right in front of Dante), he should simply quit the PCPD and join the mob.

Truth be told, I stopped watching OLTL on a regular basis around the time Megan died. I watched on and off up until around the time Todd and Blair first appeared, and let's just say, I was not a fan. After that I became a hard core GH watcher and have been, on and off, up until now. I say all that to say: (clears throat) Holy Crap I Am Absolutely Loving Todd and Blair! Where have they been all my life? Sigh...

I am not a Starr fan, was never a Starr fan, will never be a Starr fan. I understand why Frank V. and Ron C. have planted her in PC, I get it, but for me, I've seen vegetable platters with more appeal - and a whole lot more talent. Starr doesn't do drama very well. A high decibel range doesn't automatically mean DRAAAAAAAAAWMMMMMAAAAA.

There were several unfortunate camera shots today with Starr and Blair. They really should not filmed together when they both are standing. For a minute, I thought Blair had brought along a Cabbabe Patch doll for for her little spud.

However, as usual, Blair does a great job no matter who she's interacting with. And Todd.....I run out of words of praise for the two of them.

Sonny....I keep waiting for a scene, a moment, even, when I don't find him such a complete and utter drip. It makes no sense at all that any woman, at least any that haven't been dead and buried would want to anything with this guy other than plant a stilleto - heel or dagger, take your pick, in his oh-so-shiny spray-tanned brow.

And what was up with his twitches and body movements?
MY LORD was that man squirming! He blinked, hard, several times, scrunched up his face in pain, and then did the butt adjustment moves while not moving a facial muscle. I think, after seeing that, I think Sonny is in desperate need of a massive infusion of Gas-Ex. Something wasn't sitting right! And it looked like Dr. Leatherhead, I mean Steve, was in the same positon.
That poor man was practically doubled over in pain. That's what he gets for eating Dullivia's linguine with possum sauce. And Clomposaurus Falconeri herself looked like she'd smelled something unpleasant, other than that annoying blond doctor whose name I can never remember.

Good news on the rumor front! Robin Strasser has been sending out some very interesting tweets that look like she's going to be making an appearance in PC. She's coming to L.A. this week, she is "wishing on a Star", "Grateful for HOPE-ful believers", and things like that. I wouldn't be surprised if she "knows" Monica and Edward, and maybe she'll be the reason Starr ends up staying with the Quartermaines.

Ron...Interesting news about Robin Strasser. I don't tweet, so hadn't heard any of that. Hope she does make a visit. It would be great to see her in a different show. Maybe she'll wow them enough to keep her coming back. She and Monica could be great friends/conspiritors.

Ron - Per usual, I agree with everything you said. I can't watch GH, even for Todd and Blair. The show is so boring and annoying. Starr being there doesn't help matters. I wish she had went over that cliff. Serious.

If Robin Strasser made an appearance, I would not waste her on Monica but rather Tracey and Edward. Monica should go off and attend many medical conferences. The show killed off the majority of The Quartermaines and she has no one to interact with. Leslie Charleston and Stuart Damon were epic as classic Monica and Alan. Those were the days.

Ron, that bit of news is what I've been hoping for!!! Thank you thank you THANK YOU!!!

Another thought. GH still has no lightness or humor. I understand with the death and destruction that some may feel it's inappropriate but, I think GH desperately needs characters like Roxy or David Vickers who infuse humor. Obviously, those type of characters are difficult to introduce but characters on the canvas could be used. Diane used to be funny. Coleman could have more presence. Matt Hunter should have been made a funny character instead of this irritating sap. How sexy would Matt be if he had a sense of humor. Lucy Coe could return. All characters capable of fluidly dancing between comedy and drama. I know RC's team have a bunch of one-liners just dying to get out.

This occured to me a few days ago but I was waiting on Louise's latest critique to see if she caught it. Blair told Starr that John was trying to track down Cole's parents to let them know about the accident. WRONG. WRONG. JUST WRONG on so many different levels. This will mean nothing to GH fans who didn't watch OLTL but OLTL fans will know what I am talking about. FIRST Cole was supposed to already be dead to EVERYONE in Llanview. Why would John be looking for his parents to tell them about the accident if he is already thought to be dead? (which also begs the question of why was Cole going back to Llanview with Starr in the first place)SECOND, if John was tracking down Cole's parents wouldn't he be trying to bring back Marty (Cole's mother) for her various crimes against humanity??? Is Ron forgetting the stuff he actually wrote previously or does he just not care?

Dawn, that's really been nagging at me. I don't think it matters that much that Cole was supposed to be dead, since now he is dead (allegedly) so it's not like he can get into trouble -- although it would certainly bring up questions about other people's culpability and should even get Starr into serious legal trouble -- talk about aid and abet! But if John finds Marty, he'd have to arrest her.

I brought it up to some friends on that first day, and they pointed out that it might have just been a slip on Blair's part right after hearing the news. But now it's been a while and she said it a few episodes later again. How does that make any sense at all?

And if John can track down Marty now, why couldn't he have done it before? He couldn't!

I just wish they would have left those lines out of it completely. I feel like whoever wrote the actual dialogue maybe didn't know the full story and it somehow slipped through the cracks and went to air. Bizarre, though.

^^ Dawn - You are SO right. I am not watching GH daily so I had no idea Starr stated that about Cole. Cole returning to Llanview and John tracking down Patrick and Marty (whose crimes include the murder of Dr. Benhari.) I am sure this loop will not be tied up. This makes no sense at all.

Oh, actually i does make sense in that RC just wanted to kill off Cole and Hope. After saddling Starr with a family as a teen, she had to be "relieved" of her fiancee and daughter to make her available for Michael.

Maybe it is more likely that Blair is stonewalling Starr into thinking she is doing something because she knows eventually she's going to have to get Todd to take care of it. Far be it for Blair (in her current state) to want to ask Todd for anything.

Or maybe someone on the GH staff that doesn't know all the particulars of the story wrote that dialogue and it just got missed??

Anyway, not liking Starr all that much (except when she's with Todd. . . she seems better somehow. Don't know if that's her or me??) Still loving Blair and Todd, though I found Blair and Carly's exchange today a little out of place. I can see Todd laughing it up when he's in pain but not Blair so much?? Just didn't ring true, even though it was more derisive laughter, I thought she'd be more devastated than angry, but maybe not. She's never lost a granddaughter before (two miscarriages, one stillbirth and Jack lie I believe, but no grandchildren).

I love her though. Would love to see Dorian make an appearance and would also love to see Todd, Blair and Starr interact with Skye, who is already on the GH canvas though hasn't been around in a while?? That would be soapy. . they HATE each other!

The whole thing just bugged me because John didn't even know Cole was still alive so why would he be looking for his parents to tell them about his death. :-S I guess I will chalk it up to day writers not knowing the previous backstory.

Lawd. I thought I was the only one that caught the gaff about Cole/Marty. Yikes. Of course, Starr did comment that she and Cole were taking a chance in coming back to Llanview which made absolutely no sense at all! Plus, I didn't get how Cole was going to be Starr's body guard if she was trying to be a pop singer? Cole should have been sent back to Statesville with the other escapees and then Starr/Hope could have ended up in PC.

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Sonny only ever seems to go on trial for crimes he didn't commit, thus ensuring "sympathy" for poor Sonny because he is "innocent." That always seemed to be a Guza thing so I'm disappointed seeing it continue. We've been down this road so long, we know Sonny won't do any time for a crime he actually committed, we know no one will kill him, etc., unless he leaves the show.

I can see some upcoming confusion when people refer to "John" as John McBain and "John/Johnny" for John Zacchara. Sometimes people call Johnny "John" and I'm already confused when I hear Blair say "John" and I think "Why is she talking about Johnny?" I wonder if they will try to differentiate somehow.

This is a little off-topic but maybe some of you nice OLTL watchers can clear it up, when RH came back as Todd, was there an explanation of why people thought TSJ was Todd for many years when they obviously look nothing alike. When TSJ took over was there a comment about his different appearance (plastic surgery) or was it not addressed? I was just wondering and something I was curious about. Thanks!

Janet B., TSJ and RH's characters were identical twins, but TSJ's character had plastic surgery to look like someone else. When he showed up thinking and saying he was Todd, people bought it because DNA confirmed it (because they're twins).

There's a lot more to it than that and most of it hilarious, but those are the basics!

Thanks Louise! I kept wondering how they handled that!

Dudes. No Days update in months? Do you not watch it anymore? Because shit is GOOD these days.

Total Fail people.

Sherri, unfortunately I can't help you there! Last time I watched an episode of DAYS, Marlena was sporting the demon eyes.

@Louise and that was EXACTLY when I stopped watching Days. My grandmother and I use to get on the phone and talk about Days because she loved it so much but when Marlena was possessed I was done. Couldn't do it anymore.

"Another thought. GH still has no lightness or humor. I understand with the death and destruction that some may feel it's inappropriate but, I think GH desperately needs characters like Roxy or David Vickers who infuse humor. Obviously, those type of characters are difficult to introduce but characters on the canvas could be used. Diane used to be funny. Coleman could have more presence. Matt Hunter should have been made a funny character instead of this irritating sap. How sexy would Matt be if he had a sense of humor. Lucy Coe could return. All characters capable of fluidly dancing between comedy and drama. I know RC's team have a bunch of one-liners just dying to get out."

Aside from the genius of Tuc Watkins bellowing PA and HAVE A SEAT, and a few fun comments from Roxy, most of OLTL's humor in its last year or two involved the hilarity of rape, forced sex, and mentally ill women being taken advantage of. That is still with us, thanks to the "comedy" of Connie.

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