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March 29, 2012

Funny Feelings

Of course the funniest feeling I had while watching yesterday's episode of General Hospital was actually not a feeling at all, but rather a lack of feeling. When I looked at Michael's face, I did not feel the need to punch it. It's not that he did anything special (or much of anything at all) but it was noteworthy nonetheless in that he did nothing infuriating. Like even a little bit. It's been a while. A long while. Possibly never? (I'd say he didn't infuriate me when he was a baby but, alas, I'd be lying. Does that make me a bad person? Finding a fictional baby infuriating?)

There were other funny feelings, too. Spinelli had some "wacky" scenes, and Mac acted exasperated by him -- par for the course kind of stuff, right? Well, normally such scenes make my eyes roll so far back in my head that I can see the nape of my own neck, but this time I was actually a little amused. The first reason I was amused was that it's fun to see a soapy catfight between men instead of women for once.


The second reason I was amused is that Matt is just freakin' hilarious. I reallylove Jason Cook in comedy mode (yay, Drunk Lamp-Admiring Matt!), and the way Matt kept saying, "Seriously?" to Spinelli made me a happy camper. An easily-pleased camper, but a happy one nonetheless.

Another funny feeling I had was not feeling the urge to take a giant sponge full of makeup remover to Maxie's face.


What's this? A woman who's been sleeping in a jail cell and her makeup isn't perfect and intact? What's next, a hospital patient without a perfect manicure? Jason waking up from surgery without a black t-shirt? (I kid, that's clearly asking too much!)


On the other hand, I do feel the need to put her in a different outfit. The fake jewel detailing on the top of that dress would totally be confiscated in jail anyway -- that's like thirty-five weapons right there!

Another funny feeling arose in me when Sam actually made a stellar point about how good it would be for her and Jason and their child if Sonny were in prison.


"We'd be free." You would! So would we all! Sam, you have so much dirt on him, go ahead and turn him in! Okay, I know she can't do that without implicating Jason (and alienating him as well, but who cares, he's Jason), but it's a nice little fantasy. Is she actually starting to see the light? Might she realize that raising a baby in the mob is, you know, like a bad idea? As evidenced by every single thing that has ever happened to Sonny's children ever?

I also really enjoyed her line to John: "When I tell you to stay clear of Jason, I'm lookin' out for you too." Half veiled threat, half actual concern. I'm loving the scenes between Sam and John and hope that this somehow evolves into an unlikely alliance, despite the fact that he's positioned as an enemy of her husband.


Her husband who, by the way, is currently showing Sonny a photo of Natalie and Liam (OH EM GEE LIAM AND NAT!!!), explaining that they are John's vulnerable spot and the best leverage they can use against him. Oh, such honorable mobsters, aren't our heroes? What's their plan, threaten a police officer's wife(?) and baby? Charming. That Jason, he's a keeper. Let's all have a big fight on the internet about which woman should be lucky enough to stay with him forever and ever! (Oh, we've been doing that for a decade already? My bad.)

Another funny feeling I keep having is happinesswhen John McBain is on my screen. He irked me no end on OLTL (though he had his moments, and I definitely came around during the last few months of the show in a big way), but I just adore him here. Maybe it's because he's positioned as an adversary for Sonny and Jason without being written as a one-note court jester about it (I'm lookin' at you, Ronnie).

I'm not, however, having any funny feelings about Starr. This is the mode I least enjoy her in, and I can't say I'm happy to see her back in Port Charles at her most haughty and indignant.

BecausecoleandhopearedeadWhy is she sneering at John? Oh, because he suggested she should be with her family right now. This really pissed her off, and she grimaced and snarled something about Cole and Hope being dead and did John think she could forget that? Can I answer her question? Uh, no? Because that's what he was just talking about, Starr?

I feel traitorous complaining about a OLTL character when I'm still mourning its loss but I always enjoyed her more in a role of support than this type of featured heroine-on-a-mission business. I have a feeling I'm going to have a Starr Visage on my face during much of her time on GH. Then again if she makes me hate Michael less, she does win some points.

But all is well from my viewing perspective anyway, still. And why? Because Anna!


Re Liam and Natalie being used by Sonny's enemies. Sonny's fear is that his enemies would set up a threat to Liam and Natalie and make it look like Sonny did it-thus making John an even more formidable opponent. But it was spelled out on Thursday's show and the post that Louise wrote was the Wednesday show. I got ahead of myself.

Kermitklein - yes I realize that Liz is a brunette....I'm sorry I lumped her in with the young girls....obviously I shouldn't have used the term blond - (although she has had her hair highlighted quite light at different times over the years) I simply meant that I think the canvas is full of young-ish girls. I just want the writers to find good story lines for the ones that are already here.

@kermitklein: I completely agree on Sam. I don't buy the claim that Jason and Sonny are SO much worse now than before, justifying Sam's change of heart regarding a life in the mob. She is several months pregnant by her second mobster. She's seen the toll the mob life has taken on children, specifically, Michael. She knows the game. In fact, at one time she wanted to adopt a child with Jason. So what's with the questioning the lifestyle now and when McBain has shown up? Hmmm...

And I was confused by your assessment of the Maxie/Spinelli dynamic. I totally agree about Spinelli's obsession being ridiculous but I wouldn't want their dynamic to become more like Jason/Carly where Carly obsesses over Jason to the detriment of other relationships.

Soapbaby, that's why I said a medium between Elizabeth/Patrick who are just friends, not even a hint of romance in the air for them but are there for each other and Jason/Carly who were lovers, no longer lovers, have a friendship but Jason can see Carly's faults. Don't want the Maxie/Spin frienship completely like Jason/Carly friendship but they can't be completely like Elizabeth/Patrick because at one time they were in a relationship with each other. If that makes sense.

"He irked me no end on OLTL (though he had his moments, and I definitely came around during the last few months of the show in a big way)"

What made you come around in a big way? I remember those last few months as him standing around, looking bored (as always), while a million people told him he loved Natalie and had to be with her. He finally did so, almost reluctantly, and as an afterthought. He spent OLTL's last episodes ignoring Natalie and the baby he didn't want, and hovering over Tea.

I liked John until the show's last year. After that, never again.

John has always been a douche. He's with one woman (Marty), and as soon as another woman (Natalie, Blair, Kelly, etc) is in danger he's off and running!

Actually John showed the charm and likability the last few months of OLTL that he showed on his FIRST few months of OLTL. I loved both of those Johns but in between? Doucherocket.

I'm liking McBain- he's a change of pace but I've not liked Starr for a long time so that's nothing new here.

I agree with Lisa on John McBain. What changed for me was when it was revealed that Liam wasn't his son at the double wedding. John was vulnerable for the first time in years and prior to the reveal, he'd bonded with Natalie and the child, so he was devastated. John was broken, repaired himself and to me, the actor definitely stepped up. The ither time i liked John was when he was with Evangeline. I loved John and Evangeline because they were private people who showed an openness with each other. I loved that pairing and by far his best coupling.

But, I feel John McBain already fits in better in Port Charles than he did in Llanview! McBain was too sullen for too long in Llanview. A real wet blanket! Funny, I think he's comparatively lighthearted in PC when compared to everyone else!

@kermitklein: Thanks for that earlier explanation. I agree that Spinelli should have a more balanced view of Maxie but the main difference I see in Spixie and Jarly is that Spinelli is IN love with Maxie.

"What changed for me was when it was revealed that Liam wasn't his son at the double wedding. John was vulnerable for the first time in years and prior to the reveal, he'd bonded with Natalie and the child, so he was devastated."

I felt like the show brushed over any of this devastation so he could bed his newest project. He was all over Kelly in no time, and Natalie and baby were just a distant memory. It took about a dozen people emotionally blackmailing him for him to even show a flicker of interest in Natalie again, and as soon as he had the "happy" reunion with Natalie and baby, he was all over Tea's storyline and had far more interest in her than in his girlfriend or child.

"I agree that Spinelli should have a more balanced view of Maxie but the main difference I see in Spixie and Jarly is that Spinelli is IN love with Maxie."

I think he loves the idea of her, the fantasy woman who makes him feel less like a loser. I think he hates the real Maxie.

^^ Jolie was always very forced. I saw John's tryst with Kelly as part of his devastation. He was drinking heavily too. Kelly annoyed me to know end but I thought John and Kelly had a bit of a spark. I could have see. An eventual spark between John and Tea had the show not gone off the air. Funny to me is that John is still WAY more likable than 95% of the population of Port Charles! In Llanview, John stuck out like a sore thumb because there resided many likable people!

Regarding Spinelli and Maxie, I think he may dislike the real Maxie if he ever saw her. The problem is Spinelli is blind to her and her faults. There are fleeting moments where Spinelli is tolerable (ie. speaks like a human) and the actor allowed to shine but those moments are too few.

As someone who did watch Port Charles, I have to say I would love for Sam and John McBain to get together. Though I loved John and Natalie, my beloved One Life to Live is gone... So seeing John and Sam is making me have all kinds of memories of Port Charles' Caleb and Libby.... I thought they were hot together then and the scenes that I've seen tim in so far show they still have chemistry.

Star is working my last good nerve. But I do feel the chemistry between she and Michael and she makes him less annoying to watch. So, hopefully they will get her past this angry stage soon.

I think that the One Life to Live cast, well Blair, Todd and John, made folks on GH, especially Sonny, step up their acting chops a lot. I actually enjoyed Sonny for the first time in forever during his scenes with Todd and John.

I liked Jolie 1.0 because the show took the time to build the pairing, and then Frons decided John/Evangeline were the next "supercouple" just like he did with Jason/Courtney and it turned me off. I dislike some big wig telling me that I'm just going to love "his" pet pairings when organic story telling and chemistry should be the primary reason. JoVan and Jolie were both popular pairings on OLTL and should have driven stories for all three actors for years. I did not care for Jolie 2.0 since Natalie had built a life working at BE and was brought back to the LPD just for a pairing with John...Blech!

John is a douche. Once he found out that Natalie lied and Liam wasn't his son he bumped uglies with Kelly without a care in sight. It took all of Llanview to push John into realizing that he still loved Natalie which meant he never truly loved her but what the heck, Blair was with Tomas, Kelly was with Joey, Marty left town and Jessica's alters were with Ford! I still think like some other posters that Brody being Ryder and Liam's baby Daddy was a way to drive story for decades once OLTL went online with PP. Oh well.

I don't see any chemistry between Maxie/JL and Spinelli/BA and wish the show would just drop it and either find Spinelli a new woman or send him packing.

I'm not feeling the hate that the rest of you are having for Starr, and the Starr and Michael pair-up. Michael is still grieving for Abby, and Starr is grieving (albeit angrily) for Cole and Hope. I think KA is doing a fine job and I'm very glad to see her on GH, though I wish they didn't feel the need to kill Hope. It might have been better to have her come to PC as an aspiring singer - maybe open up the old recording studio and have Ned be her new manager?

I had a crazy thought about the connection between John and Sam. Yes, they are probably alluding to their past as vampires on PC, but I started thinking that they could also be siblings. Maybe old Tom McBain hooked up with Alexis back in the day... hey, SOMEBODY has to be Sam's father. Why not? Alexis could say to John in passing "I knew a McBain once. A long time ago... " Of course, a Sam/John hookup would free up Jason for Elizabeth (I'll never give up hope for them), but John belongs with Natalie and I'd better not have to come out there and make sure he stays with her! LOL!

Why isn't Lulu being more supportive of Maxie? When Lulu had her breakdown, Maxie was right there supporting her. That has been bothering me. Everyone calls Maxie selfish, including Maxie herself, but she's actually more thoughtless than selfish. She can actually be a very generous person - certainly more generous than Lulu. Bad friend, Lulu. Bad friend!

I'm still pissed that the first thing that happened to Starr on GH was having her boyfriend and her baby die. So maybe they couldn't get the guy who played Cole to stay, but come up with a decent reason for why he's not there. And there is absolutely NO reason why they couldn't recast Hope. She's just a baby, and how many kids has GH killed in the last few years? I wish we could see Starr and Kristina become friends, because the two of them have a lot in common. And I did like Starr on OLTL, but this isn't the Starr I know. She needs her family with her, because she has the best dynamic when she's around them. At the very least, give her back her baby. She already had to deal with Hope's "death" once. I love RC's writing, but killing off a bunch of characters at once is just lazy.

Et les gens sont si sûr, il n'a pas tué un enfant, pourquoi, à la fin vous? Il a tué le premier avoué, et de prendre sa punition? Ou parce qu'il est essentiellement bonne, mais le sang, il aime, il ya Spray Tan?

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