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March 07, 2012

Oh, No, He Did NOT

I cannot BELIEVE that I am actually going to type the following words, because they combine to form a sentence that will knock you out with its offensiveness and ridiculousness and sheer why?!edness--literally, it will knock you out, mostly because it will lead you forcefully smash your head against the nearest hard surface. Either way, unconsciousness is in your future. And hopefully it will bring with it a nice case of light memory loss, causing you to repress this bit of knowledge because of the aforementioned offensiveness and ridiculousness and sheer why?!edness.

Robert Scorpio is ditching his daughter's funeral to chase after Ethan Lovett, who he now believes to be his son.


First of all, Robert would NEVER. He would just NEVER.

Secondly, Ethan is the worst. When Robert was excitedly (SERIOUSLY, HE WAS EXCITED AND CHIPPER) telling Anna and Mac about the slight change to his mourning schedule, the sane participants in the conversation kept sneering and I knew that while most of it was out of disgust for Robert going completely loco, at least thirty percent of it was disdain for Ethan and his status as a complete failure of a human being. To have Robert skip out on his child's funeral to chase after this marble-mouthed, greasy-haired loser who can't make it through an unintelligible sentence without smiling or guffawing inappropriately, is just...it's not even kicking viewers when we are down. It is forcibly holding us down and then running us over with heavy machinery.

Anna: You cannot leave until after Robin's funeral. You can't. Mac?
Robert: Mac's going to be here. Besides, he was always more of a father to Robin than I was.
Mac: Come on, Robin loved you, Robert.
Robert: I know that, but it wasn't enough. You were there when Stone died, when she was discovered to be HIV positive. You took her into a new life. She became a doctor, she got married, she had a child...
Anna: I know. We can never repay Mac for everything he did. We really can't.
Mac: I wanted to do it. All right? I loved Robin. You know that.
Anna: I know, I just think it's very important that we're all here to mourn her together. Could you not please just wait until after the funeral to go chasing off after your brand new son?
Robert: The odds are--they ran out for Robin. The same thing might happen to Ethan. If I could save him, perhaps in some small way...it could make up for failing my daughter.
Anna: Okay, what about failing me? I need you next to me for our child's funeral.
Robert: Mac will be here.

I hissed. I literally hissed with hatred.

But ohmigod, it gets worse. It gets EVEN WORSE. This is the last thing Robert said before he left Anna and Mac. And he said it CHIPPERLY.

Robert: Hey, you look after yourself, bro.

Couldn't you just vomit from the hatred you feel right now?

This sorry excuse for writing for a legacy character turned my stomach to the point that I was barely even able to get joy out of Carly's complete self-absorption and pathological immaturity.

Todd, who just confessed that his daughter is in the hospital and his young granddaughter is dead: Didn't you say there's someone in the hospital that you're not allowed to see?
Carly: Yeah, my best friend. I've been banned from his room out of just...meanness. Jealousy. Petty power play.

Under normal circumstances, that would have delighted me with its insanity and I would have imagined a crazy conversation between these two, with Carly completely devolving into a seventh grade girl the more she talked. But I couldn't even really enjoy it, because I heard the phrase "best friend" and then panicked. "OH MY GOD, what if Robert one day calls Ethan his best friend? I WILL KILL MYSELF!"


Interesting how people see things so differently. I'm not seeing Robin's death being ignored. I'm seeing it being responded to in gut-wrenching fashion by most of the people who should feel that way. Robert's behavior is so out of left field that it deserves censure. But then again, that whole Ethan mess has been a dead weight on the show and the history of Luke and Laura, and Robert and Holly, for that matter.
Not everyone in PC is going to have the same level of grief over Robin's death. When AMC mourned the death of Myrtle Fargate (and very badly, IMO), even as siminal a character as she was, not every character felt that connection. This may be heresy, but the show can't be all about Robin's death no matter how deeply it is being felt. I understand that feeling though. I've always felt the same when a character I particularly loved was killed.

As for the unhappiness with RC and FV, try to give them a break at least for a while. No writers or producers, any more, have the capability, financially, or otherwise, to dump storylines or writing in entirety and re-film scenes. The money and the time aren't there. They have to work with what they have, fine tune it as best they can until the slate is clear again. No doubt not everyone will like what they do - I HATED the Fords and the teens on OLTL under their reign. But overall, I think they are the best team out there, and without a doubt, respect and honor the shows history. AND, they use female characters of a certain age, and you all know what I mean.

And Roger Howarth, and hopefully, Cassie de Pavia, will fit into PC, given half a chance. And maybe, just maybe, the addition of their fans will give GH even more ammunition to fight cancellation. It didn't work with OLTL, but maybe this time, it will.

I've never been able to stand Teethan and still havent seen the amazing acting skills(certainly didnt hire him for his looks) they supposedly hired NP for(his innappropriate smiling all the time)

So Robert is chasing a smelly alcoholic instead of being with Anna and Emma? Never would he ever do that ish!

Agreed, Ron. We've seen multiple characters -- from those closest to Robin to those who were merely acquaintances -- get to react to the news of her death, and the ripples are clearly still expanding across the canvas. I won't lie and say I loved the way things are shaping up with the Robert aspect yesterday, but I'm also not going to write off all the other improvements to pacing and writing that we've seen in the last week just because this one thing annoyed me. In almost all other respects, the response to Robin's death has been so infinitely better and more respectful than anything we got with either of the previous regimes.

And you know what? The Robert thing isn't over yet. I'm willing to wait and see how it plays out before passing final judgment. I think we've gotten so used to the worst thing happening that we've lost the ability to give the writers space to breath. But I'm willing to give RC and FV the benefit of the doubt. Even if I don't love absolutely EVERY single story, the show overall is still MILES better already than it has been.

Well, the way I'm looking at it, I think that Robert is just using Ethan to not face the fact that Robin is dead and to have to deal with his feelings regarding her death. To me it came off that he was giddy about the fact he had a mission to save someone, not that he had a son because not one time unless I missed it did he say anything about how he can't wait to get to know this son and build a relationship with him. The biggest thing he has mentioned and that has plagued him is that he wasn't able to save Robin all the way to the point where he's even had Robin as a figment of his imagination blaming him for not saving her.

Do I honestly think he'll miss Robin's funeral? I highly doubt it, but for a man like Robert who thinks that his mission in life is to save people having to sit there and plan his daughter's funeral, I don't think he's capable of doing that because for him it's just a constant reminder of how in his mind he failed Robin and as for him not being there for Emma it could possibly be because she reminds him so much of Robin that he just can't deal. After all Emma is near to Robin's age of when he first met her and that's the memory that keeps running in his head, their first meeting.

I'm just going to wait and see how it plays out before I judge. I get people talking about how the Robert of the past would never have done this and that. But the thing is, Robert is now dealing with his child's death. People are comparing how Robert dealing with past foes and issues to Robert dealing with his only child's death. If it plays out how I think it will play out, it's like finding out that Robert is like Superman where people believe nothing can get to him, only to discover that his feelings about knowing that his daughter is dead and its nothing he can do about it is his kryptonite, something that he can't handle so he just trying to find anything to avoid it.

I myself don't see GH ignoring Robin's death. Everyday they have someone mentioning her death or talking about the impact that she had on their lives. But other storylines can not be ignored because of Robin's death. And I get that Robin fans feel like they aren't getting enough, but there are people that weren't great fans of Robin. I happen to be one for them. Robin was alright with me, but I won't say I was a fan of hers. So to constantly go 5 days a week a whole hour of nothing but Robin and Robin's death would drive me up the wall and would be similar to B&B's Hope Virginity discussion that every character on the show is discussing.

Err...before everything gets blamed on Ron, I don't know if you all noticed this or not but according to the credits, Garin Wolf is STILL on the writing staff. I'm wondering if he's wrapping up his hellacious stories and Ron is starting the new ones. I mean really. I was stunned to see GW was still there.

That said, I haven't bought Robert since the threatening to throw himself off of the bridge bit. I decided then and there that this wasn't the Robert Scorpio that I knew and loved.

I don't care who Ethan's father is. I really don't. Didn't Nathan Parsons (Ethan) just leave the show? Why do I care who is his father at this point? Frankly Holly had my head spinning with all the lies luke is the father no wait Robert is-- don't care.

But I do care that Robert is off on some wild goose chase missing his daughter's memorial service. I want to see Felicia, Robert, Anna, Mac, Bobbie, Noah-- all there at ROBIN's SERVICE. I want ROBIN's Memorial service to be a front and center story.

I don't care about Starr, Cole or Hope -- maybe in time I will but don't force new characters on me--

Soaps are forgetting the basics-- people care about the characters-- we care about the people over plots...

"As for the unhappiness with RC and FV, try to give them a break at least for a while. No writers or producers, any more, have the capability, financially, or otherwise, to dump storylines or writing in entirety and re-film scenes. The money and the time aren't there. They have to work with what they have, fine tune it as best they can until the slate is clear again. No doubt not everyone will like what they do - I HATED the Fords and the teens on OLTL under their reign. But overall, I think they are the best team out there, and without a doubt, respect and honor the shows history. AND, they use female characters of a certain age, and you all know what I mean.

And Roger Howarth, and hopefully, Cassie de Pavia, will fit into PC, given half a chance. And maybe, just maybe, the addition of their fans will give GH even more ammunition to fight cancellation. It didn't work with OLTL, but maybe this time, it will."---

Thank you Ron, for saying it more articulately than I! People forget the realities of budget and time afforded to RC and FV...not to mention how it will take time to clean up the mess Guza made. Though OLTL wasnt perfect (*cough cough Fords*), it was one of the best soaps out there under RC and FV's reign! I may be biased but I have faith in them, that is why I jumped back on the GH bandwagon. I think at least a wait and see attitude is fair at this point.

I do have an Olympic gold medal in Jumping To Conclusions, so I am completely willing to wait it out and see that Robert isn't actually ditching his daughter's funeral. That would THRILL me, so I hope it does happen. I just...get sort of hysterical, easily.

I am also willing to be patient and see what the new powers-that-be have to offer--Louise always spoke highly of them and even though her taste is suspect right now (ETHAN?!), I normally trust her. So cautious optimism it is on my part!

Sigh...I will be extremely sad and disappointed if Robert doesn't make it to Robin's funeral because he's off chasing a "son" he learned about 5 minutes ago.

Double sigh...I am not feeling so hot about GH at the moment. My favorite part of the show Robin is dead. Patrick has been MIA for an entire week of episodes. There hasn't been enough focus on Robin's life/death for my liking and I am still bitter about how and why she "died". Plus, there all these new people on the screen whom I really don't know or care about.

I get that it takes time to save a sinking ship so I will give it time, but so far, I am not impressed. Seriously, what has changed? Sonny's been arrested again. Jason just survived another brain surgery. They are both still the center of everyone's world and the rest of the players (ie. Robin) are treated like a side of coleslaw. The only real difference is that we have OLTL characters on the canvas now.

I have to admit that I like the way, either intentionally or unintentionally the two stories (Robin's death and Hope's death) are playing out as almost parallels to each other. Though Robin is enormously important on the GH canvas and quite frankly it sucks that she's gone, the writers are stuck with that reality. The performances surrounding her death have been excellent all around and the slow, seeping quality of the news as it hits others who knew and loved her rings true for me. It's only a couple day's in soap time isn't it, since her "death"? The reality of Robin juxtaposed with the reality of the death of a little girl (who in the new actor playing the role) who looks to be about Robin's age when she came onscreen just makes me think of how adorable and terrific little Robin was. I don't know if that's the intent or not but that's what I see.

Bethie, IA with your comments. RC is mirroring KMc and KA's history on their respective soaps. Kim was seven and Kristin was six when they started on GH and OLTL.

Robin dies leaving behind her husband and daughter, Starr lives and loses her boyfriend and their daughter. IMO what makes Robin/Starr stories so nice is the way that it is pulling in their loved ones in and out of Port Charles.

As for Robert "maybe" jumping off of the bridge? Robert is used to saving people, and the one person that he couldn't save was Robin. This man is use to saving people and being gone for years at a time on various adventures, and now is off to "save" Ethan from big bad Helena. I don't think Robert has it in him to stand there and plan Robin's funeral without it bringing him to his knees -- not everyone does well when it comes to dealing with the death of a loved one and often don't show up for a funeral. And yes, I get that funerals about showing love and respect for a lost one, but in this case, I don't think IMO that Robert can do it.

Mirroring stories is a nice idea from a thematic point of view but I'm not sure it has worked here. For one thing, I'm not sure they needed to mirror stories. Starr is a stranger to most viewers. Robin was a longtime heroine. Most of the characters have had little to no reaction to Robin's death, or just a handful of scenes. So much of Starr's loss has been about Michael. I found the closeups of an anguished Michael as Starr learned about her loss to be very jarring, especially when she started going on about "He promised me." It became less about the story of two losses than it did about a stunt to get some more angst for the Corinthos family, and bring in a few OLTL favorites as a bonus.

I think the fact that Starr is a stranger to a portion of the GH viewership would mean the writers would want to connect her to someone on the canvas. . . a longstanding legacy character such as Robin.

I would think showing (even if not overtly) the loss of two families brings them together in some way.

However as I said, that's just what I see. Not necessarily what anyone else does, or even what was intended.

I am actually liking GH the last week ('cept the horrible Robert/Ethan stuff) and find myself watching the clock, hoping the hour doesn't pass too fast. I am looking forward to watching today. That hasn't happened in a long while.

and I'm am still lovin' my Todd and Blair. . they are rockin it!

and the icing on the cake -- Robert running off with Holly.

Yeah, Scorpio's run-for-the-son makes him seem an insensate clod. And Tristan Roger's awful acting has added to the bad. I don't remember him being so flat. Maybe it's the unreal storyline...

I understand the anger and the outrage b/c I keep going back and forth on this one myself. I have to wait this out, b/c clearly Robert is not in his right mind. If he were, then it could've been suggested that Luke go ahead and start the search for Ethan and Robert could join him after the funeral. Idk, I just feel some kind of way about parents not attending their own child's funeral. When Jason ditched Jake's I was livid, b/c I felt that if he couldn't be present before while he was alive, the very least he could've done was show up out of love and respect for the fact that Jake existed.

I really believe that Robert is doing this b/c he sees it as a second shot for him to save Robin and not necessarily b/c Ethan matters. And the giddiness/delight is all part of his current insanity...yeah, that's what I'm going with.

Hell, I'm not even sure Robert really believes he's Ethan's father as opposed to him feeling like he can DO something.

Ideally the story WOULD connect the losses of Starr and of Robin's family, but the plots are so rigidly separated from each other that it just seems like two different shows. Few, if any, characters seem all that upset about Robin's death, while we get more closeups of Michael pouting.

@Carl Very well said!

Robert should be at Robin's funeral. Robert should be going after his "real" son, not his "fake" son. It looks like Ethan was supposed to be a Scorpio but it got changed at the last minute. Robert Scorpio loses on all fronts. Unbelievable.

I didn't watch GH back in the days of Robert and Anna and Robin, but even I found it infuriating that the writers would have Robert ditch his daughter's funeral. It feels totally wrong. And I have a feeling that it was written before RC got in there and there wasn't much he could do to mitigate it. But I was totally screaming at my TV watching it at the time.

I'm hopeful that now that we know Robin isn't dead, there's some other explanation for Robert's taking off so callously, like a tipoff that she was alive.

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