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April 01, 2012

On Mysteries and Meltdowns

Because I fell behind on General Hospital in recent days, thanks to an incredibly busy week and an utter lack of interest in all most all of the goings on in Port Charles, I found myself in the unenviable position of marathoning the show this weekend and while I didn't actually find myself concerned about my mental and physical health like I did during Guza-era marathons, I was worried about falling asleep and having to start the entire marathon again and again. This week, following the big Robin reveal, has been...dull. Boring. Snooze.

I figured, though, that I could slog through the "Johnny and Anthony blah" and "Johnny and Steve and Olivia blah blah" and "Kate and Connie wha?" and the "What the hell kind of hospital just turns over decades old medical records to a woman merely claiming to be married to the subject of the records? Taking a book out of your local library without your library card requires multiple proofs of identity, but apparently birth records just require a 'So, I know a guy...'" because the show's screeching silver lining--Carly Jacks and her borderline psychotic temper tantrums--was due for a meltdown of epic proportions. Considering that she basically levitated with hatred and plotted to wipe out an entire city when Sonny went to see Brenda in Rome, I thought she'd react to the news that Jason was staying with Sam despite her lies in a fashion that I can only describe as "all caps nutzoid". And yet...feh.

Carly: You and Sam are still together?
Jason: Don't sound so disappointed.
Carly: I just want you to be happy. She's clingy and insecure. She wouldn't let me in to see you, Jason. She wanted to control everything about your recovery, what you could and couldn't know, and when you could know it.

How regrettably normal! And we all know that Laura Wright can do more than this!


I mean, it says a lot about her prior freakouts that THAT is considered subdued.

Fingers crossed that tomorrow's return of Heather Webber leads the show to take a turn for the exciting!


If Heather can't make Steve interesting, nobody can.

I haven't found GH as rage inducing as in the last few years and actually look forward to watching each day which is something new for me because it's frankly been a while.

As for poor Steve, the only character he has chemistry with is Elizabeth (due to the fact that RH has chemistry with everyone) and they can't pair him with his sister, but if they had more sister/brother scenes he might be more tolerable. His pairing with Olivia is awful. Her pairing with everyone has been awful.

I hope this week has some exciting/witty/fun dialogue. I liked the old days when people had jobs, and conversations about stuff other than Sonny. I've been watching Todd's story on youtube (just to refresh my memory and see stuff I missed first time around) and the dialogue for the characters (even the day players) was so rich back then.

I've also been watching Jason's story and I don't know what happened to that character?? He was so compelling at one time, experienced the whole range of emotions, and even wore all sorts of different colour t-shirts!! He smiled and laughed, he made jokes, he cried, he raged sure, but that and stoic silence weren't the only emotions he showed. He had some of the most beautiful things to say to Robin and their conversations are some of the best dialogue I've seen. Can't we get back to that writers?

How good a story would it be if Patrick (with the surgery) triggered some Jason Q conscience and Jason M had to deal with not being able to take what he has done? I always thought that would be great story. To have to reconcile the two consciences (Jason M could take Jason Q but not the other way around I don' t think).

Give us some more Quartermaines!! I'll take Skye! How about Lila-Rae?? Dillon?? Put Michael in that arena and let him become a Q business tycoon. Michael and Dillon slugging it out over ELQ?? There's got to be more to GH than the mob!!

Sorry. Got a bit off topic! I can't remember but did Heather Webber have any dealings with TracyQ back in the day. . .way back?

I watched 4 episodes yesterday on SoapNet. I missed Monday. I kinda want to know who has Robin and at the same time I kinda don't care. I see they cremated her body which will come in handy when KMc decides to come back. No body, no DNA, how do we even know it's really Robin?????

I also realized yesterday that Carly and Sonny argue over Jason like divorced parents argue over how a child should be raised. It's very uncomfortable. The next time they shoot one of those scenes maybe SB will take it upon himself to just leave and wait for anyone to notice he was gone.

I have to ask... Why is Sonny so bronze? It's March in upstate NY. Can I make a request of the new writers?? Perhaps there could be a joke about Sonny's basement tanning bed. Maybe it was a remnent of his life with Brenda.

Just a few more things. Is this Maxie the official Maxie? Is Kirsten Storms not coming back? Is this Kate/Connie the official Kate/Connie. Can we send out a search party for Megan Ward?? And is Carly living in 1989? Those shoulder pads on her leather jacket were unnecessary for a woman of her height. That jacket was very Dynasty-era.

ok. I'm done. Until I get the urge to watch again.

Oh! My library won't let me take a book if I don't have my card. So, Sam getting medical info with just a baby bump and promise that Baby Boy Moore is her husband is insane. I have to go to a hospital a few times a week for an outpatient procedure and they are insanely fanatical about patient security. I won't lie though, occasionally I have the urge to pull a Sophia Petrillo and tell them I am Zulu, Queen of the Dwarf People.

Oh man. I have SWORN OFF GH for 7 months now. I was so done with this damn show. Then what do they do? Bring Heather Webber back. THE Heather Webber. When they brought Anna Devane back, it was tempting, but not tempting enough. I remember watching Heather and her craziness back when I was 13.

I guess I'll be watching. After that though, I can't promise anything, since I'm sick of the Jason, Carly, Sonny show.

I am enjoying watching characters weave in and out of various stories which was done very well over at OLTL. So far, Johnny has shown up to mess with Steve/Olivia, Connie/Kate, Carly, Sonny, etc.

You can really tell when LW wants her character paired romantically with SBu, RH, ME and BB. It's too bad that she didn't show that same enthusiasm with the actors that play Sean or Sonny.

Ugh. Johnny must have serious "Mommy" issues because his last two pairings all have grown ass children. This guy had so much potential back in 2007 and then he's stuck with crazy butt Lisa and now Carly! Ugh. I thought Jason/Johnny as boss/mentor and then Johnny/Ethan as friends made a lot of sense, but now Johnny is just sleazy and not in the least bit sexy IMO as he was five years ago. Blech.

Heather Webber is my new must-see character.

It was a real pleasure to see Robin Mattson again. I'm looking forward to seeing what develops. I only know her from her incredible stint as Janet on All My Children. She was the second actress who played the role, but she did incredible things with the character. If she has her own DID and thinks she's Janet, then they better hope there aren't any abandoned wells around Port Charles. If so, she dump Dullivia and Steroid Stevie right down them.

Speaking of horror, watching those two go at should have come with a warning. Now we know what it would have looked like if Kwak and Ryass had mated in Pine Valley. Watching Dullivia and Steroid Steve in their afterglow was gut-wrenchingly unpleasant.

All the snark aside, I'm really enjoying GH right now, and I look forward to each episode. IMO, the writing is better, the scenes are sharper, and the characterizations have more interest than when I started tuning in not so long ago.

I agree that Steve and Olivia have zero chemistry. Objectively they're both good looking, but together, every time they have a love scene I'm totally grossed out by it. Big ick factor, like I'm watching someone's parents, all I want to do is shut my eyes. And I'm not quite sure why they generate that vibe. Is it because their personalities clash? or is it the fact that Steve is about as compelling as Where's Waldo (random reference! No offense to the actor, but my point is in the larger picture I never notice him. The final Memphis confession scene was vaguely intriguing but I had to really think before I remembered what his confession even was. Not once have I ever been impatient for a Steve scene). At any rate, whatever it adds up to, it's about as appealing as Michael and Abbey (and that was like watching the junior high quarterback make out with a math teacher. Ugh,it's gross even writing that.), or the weird Mrs Robinson vibe of Carly and Johnny. Could they please give Johnny someone younger, and Carly someone older? I feel like GH's chemistry matchups have been off for months now. Sean is very handsome but the character's energy was a bit flatwith Carly. They were going for a Jason-esque vibe, but it just wasn't there. Matt and New Maxie have zero chemistry--no offense to the actress, it's just the way the character's written these last few months. Lulu and Dante aren't fresh anymore, Ewan (as some other commenter noted) seems the Australian equivelant to Siobhan, and Jason and Sam are never allowed to be happy. Even Starr and Michael feels forced to me, though I desperately want to see a lucky and liz or luke and laura style young romance on GH. This courtroom nonsense is so dull! Sonny. Arrested. Again. Oh no, maybe he'll actually go to jail this time! really? They should be focusing on the characters and families and finding couples that people are desperate to see on screen.

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