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March 09, 2012

The Boring and the Disappointed

Well, at least yesterday's episode of The Bold & the Beautiful cleared up a few things. Ridge and Brooke still aren't married. Eric and Stephanie still aren't married (soon to be rectified in honor of the show's 25th anniversary). Phyllis Diller still comes as a package deal with wacky music.


And most importantly, if you're idiot enough to think your first time is going to be amazing and phenomenal and beautiful and you hype it up so damn much that you drape your house in white gauzey fabric and candles, YOU WILL BE DISAPPOINTED.

I'm trying to find anything to latch onto here, y'all. I kind of hit a wall after Brad Bell as much as promised us that the fact that 95% of the show revolves around Hope, Liam, and Steffy is a permanent state, because he thinks he's struck ratings and creative gold. 

How can he think that's creative gold when we get such terrific scenes between Eric and Stephanie, played by seasoned actors who play so much more than just one simple note? Even the writing gets better when it's for those two.


Eric: You know what I want from you? I want your criticism, your derisiveness. And your sweetness. I want your cancer. I want your dying if that's what it comes to. Come on! All you have to do is like me enough to say yes. Let's get married.

But instead, we get Hope and Liam, all awkward after their not-amazing first time (oh I can't wait to watch Bill gloat over that, since obviously he'll find out and turn insufferably smug about it... mostly because it's a day that ends in "day"). Hope waking up self-conscious, and Liam all worried that she pulled her sheet up over herself.


And somehow when Hope told him she was feeling stressed out because she'd slept with a man who is technically married, the next scene was the two of them up and dressed and on to a new topic? Way to follow through.

Here's hoping this 25th Anniversary thing lets us actually focus on some other characters. I know it'll be temporary, but any respite will help.


On the one hand, I'm glad that the show didn't take the standard route of morning-after bliss for Hope. I'm honestly surprised that this show, of all shows, is acknowledging that "true love" doesn't guarantee earth-shaking sex, especially for a virgin's first time. On the other, this will doubtless lead to endless discussions between Hope and her various relatives, and the adults in her life with each other, about Hope's First Time and What Went Wrong. Not something to look forward to. But at least they finally addressed the lingering questions about Ridge and Brooke's marital status. Yawn.

I have to say that I loved the Eric and Stephanie scenes. They were sweet with Eric asking Stephanie why she won't marry him and her telling him that he makes a terrible husband. Then the fact that they are pointing out that someone of their ages are living in 'sin' because they are shacking up. I just found it cute and hilarious.

Me myself personlly, was happy that Hope's first time turned out to be NOTHING like she imagined since she was so quick to hot foot it over to Steffy's office before she went home to sex up the married man and gloat about how she was about to sex up Liam and how Steffy was no longer going to have any 'power' over her which I still don't understand that one considering that the only time Steffy has interacted with Hope is Hope going to get in Steffy's face. She's the one that made her bed, good she has to face the reality of what she's done. What killed me was her "I just realized I slept with a married man" the next morning. Like just realized. Like what happened to the married in the heart and body crap she was spouting off to anyone that would listen.

And please let's not forget the creep fest that is Brooke, not only discussing the first time and wondering what Liam and Hope are doing at that moment, but actually going over to cook them breakfast. Like let's take a chill pill Brooke and find some boundaries.

This is why you lose your virginity in the back of an old rusted Tran Am at 17 after the Winter Semi-Formal, both of you tipsy on Boone's Farm and the boy only lasts 30 seconds and slobbers all over your boob: hard to get upset about it not living up to your expectations!

So true, Bourgeois Nerd. The best plan is to ensure it's a disaster so that if it's any good it'll be a pleasant surprise.

I don't want to hear any more about Hope's virginity issues, but at least we get Hillary B. Smith next week as her therapist!

"On the one hand, I'm glad that the show didn't take the standard route of morning-after bliss for Hope. I'm honestly surprised that this show, of all shows, is acknowledging that "true love" doesn't guarantee earth-shaking sex, especially for a virgin's first time."

I'm not surprised, because Bell shows love to write story after story about a woman's virtue and how she will be severely damaged if she loses said virtue. Y&R did this with Victoria and with Tricia. B&B did it with Jessica. Bridget's virginity loss was also turned into something sick and shocking (when Deacon had the family listen in to him "making her a woman"). This story is as lackluster and predictable as can be.

Glad to see Stephanie and Eric!!! At least Hope did finally lose her virginity. At least that means we are 50% done with this storyline!

Stephanie, sweet? On what universe? He says that to the woman who send a rapist to Brooke's house? Eric where are your balls?

Carl, ITA. Meanwhile town's trollop Steffy is walking around like her poop doesnt stink. Wish mommy shrink could use her brain cells for more then five seconds and stood behind her reasoning that her daughter is obssessed with a man who is in love with another woman no matter how much Steffy tries to rationalize it.

How many of you had a wonderful first time? I was drunk and lost my virginity in the back seat of my then-boyfriend's car when I was away at college. I think I was 18 and the car was a Mustang. It sure was nothing to write home about. It took me years to know what I liked and then even more years to get up the nerve to ask for it. Sorry for getting so explicit.

Certainly not me LindaLaValle1. The sad fact is Hope will be labeled as a "frigid" because "her first time wasnt perfect", Lame will run to daddy and Stephanie Jr. will be all over it with all her meanness and classlessness.

Meanwhile Hope will have therapy and everything will be blamed on Brooke. Mark my words.

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