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March 21, 2012

The New Girl (Who's That Girl? It's Starr!)

Oh, STARR! Doesn't your heart just break for her? Not only has she experienced some of the most heartbreaking tragedy one person could face, but she is also DOOMED to a life filled with NEVER ENDING DISAPPOINTMENT because in the midst of her monologuing today, she made a dramatic pronouncement that can only end in more heartbreak:

Starr: I am going to make sure that Sonny Corinthos pays for what he did to us...I promise.

Starr, after reading a "Just checking in" text from Michael: I'll be okay once I make sure your father has paid for what he has done.

Don't you want to hug her? Just give her a big old bear hug and break it to her gently that you know she's new in town and also crazy with grief, but that it's important to know that Sonny has spent the past decade and a half paying for nothing, ever? Because girl is going to collapse with guilt when she realizes she can never follow through on this promise because Sonny will always smug his way out of a tight situation.

And so ends my discussion of the only part of General Hospital I feel emotionally equipped to discuss today, because Noah and Patrick continued to break me and I can hardly see my computer monitor through my tears.


Yes Luke used to call Anna slim. I couldn't take Starr either. It was just too much of a one note ... Every word she spoke sounded the same as if she was trying to make sure we understood her... She's out for revenge. She was far more effective when,as an 7 year old she innocently asked her daddy "how do you spell revenge?"

However, I thought the ep was once again nicely put together, with three moms grieving (and how sad is that?) and pat and Anna both feeling guilt, and talking through it with someone. Ka needs lessons in acting subtlety, and I agree with the above poster who wishes the old scheming Starr (poisonous spiders, piranhas, silly string, love potions, and how many other wacky things) and all was back. The grieving mother role doesn't't suit her.

I thought Luke called Anna Irish in NS2. They only met in 2006. I don't remember him calling her Slim before. When was it?

@soapbaby LOVE IT! Only Natasha is not a nickname. It's her real name.

^^ I know Dawn but I felt like I needed to shore up my argument! LOL.

Plus, Luke says "Natasha" in such a way that seems playful and not to acknowledge her actual name but rather as an inside joke of sorts.

It's just that wacky Luke!

Sorry I am not at all buying this Luke Redemption Tour, whose bus needs to run over everyone in its path. First Holly who loved him all her life, then the utter destruction of Robert Scorpio and now it looks like Anna Devane will be added to his harem. He sent a man chasing after a guy that is not his son, forcing him to miss his only childs funeral because he couldnt think of anything better at the moment, like I dont know, maybe live for your grandaughter.

I mean seriously, 3 weeks ago the guy was a drunken loser who didnt care about his family and a child killer. He was lost in a tunnel for a month before that and nobody missed him. Now he is the second coming, rescuing suicidal friends, standing in for them at funerals, renaming bars, a model father (according to Anna)and now he is DR Phil helping a mother through her grief and rage while monitoring her alchohol intake.
All within a 2 week span..

I love Finola Hughes, she is an incomparable actress, who makes any scene partner shine. I wish i could enjoy these scenes but i cant get past the disgust because first of all, this should be Tristan Rogers and second it looks to me that RC wants to pair Luke and Anna based on his article yesterday. And well that is vomit-enducing and the final nail in the Scorpio coffin.

@Kermitklein "The John and Sam scenes. Basically what I got from that is, it's a huge possibility that John does know Sam from the past but he's schooled his features and is pretending he doesn't..."

I believe that the writers were giving a wink to viewers who knew Sam/John as Olivia/Caleb from Port Charles. So, the whole "I feel like I know you stuff" and the "stake in the heart" comment were for people who knew he was a vampire when they were a couple on that show.

Someone else said Jason's face is softer when he is with Liz and I agree. He's always played the character that way when they are in scenes together. Logically, I want her to move on because he is a terrible person...but they do have chemistry even now.

Starr, Starr go away...Don't come back another day.

If they had to beef up the younger generation, they needed to bring back Kristina and Morgan and develop stories for them. It's ridiculous for them to bring on new young people with NO previous connection to the show.

And Starr hasn't been a fun character since she liked lizards.

{{Posted by: Sally - .... And Starr hasn't been a fun character since she liked lizards.}}

I'm afraid her lizard love is re-igniting, since they plan to pair her with Michael.

Now if she decided to re-do her "piranhas in the bathtub" trick for Sonny, it might just be worth it.....Nah, that would be fish abuse.

Ron, I heart you! I didn't always agree with you on OLTL, but you are so right on GH. Thanks for pointing out the absurdity (and for sticking with it through the absurdity as a new viewer)!

I don't know, I like, Luke wanted to call column floating rib. At least he's finally give positive nod, "hotel" of the past! TFR was restaurant in town... Susan Moore - holy Jason's biological mother - is the hostess, this is Alan know her... How I still remember when he asked Susan is his mistress.

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