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March 22, 2012

The Token and the Hysterical


Omigod, y'all!


Marcus and Dayzee got engaged!!


Which is so totally exciting because these are major characters in whose relationship we all have huge investments. How romantic! I mean after all of those two whole episodes this year that they've actually been on the show, who wouldn't be rooting for these two crazy-in-love kids to finally tie the knot? Right?

Ugh. So yup, in the grand current-day B&B tradition of giving characters not involved in Steffy, Hope, and Liam's storyline no screentime at all except for the obligatory once-a-month appearance to show up with major relationship news like an engagement or a breakup/divorce, Marcus proposed to Dayzee and she accepted. But just in case you thought for one second that this was some other storyline, Marcus decided he just had to propose in front of Stephanie and, you guessed it, Hope and Liam. Because why? Because he said so. Because it's the Hope and Liam Show. So don't fool yourself into thinking this means Marcus and Dayzee are going to start getting actual material now. I've been down that naive road and got burned every time.

And really, it all just functioned to lead Hope and Liam to give each other a celebratory kiss in public, which in turn led to a hilarious smackdown of Hope and her "message" from the completely unhinged mother of one of Hope's "fans." (Tip to the mom: it's kind of on you if you let your kid look entirely to some "celebrity" for moral guidance.) (I'm using an awful lot of quotes here, I'm noticing, but how can I not? I can't possibly be meant to take all of this literally, right?)

Some highlights:

CrazyMom (to Hope): How could you?...I can't believe you would lie...My daughter and her friends look up to you. You're role model for young women everywhere, at least that's how you seemed...Why is my daughter watching you kiss a married man?...Did you forget your own message?...Self-respect, restraint, becoming a better generation-- where is that Hope Logan?...You are a fraud, hypocrite. All the girls who look to you will be as disappointed as my Maggie. You are just another example of what not to do.

I don't even know how to respond to the hilarity. Hope, of course, responded by taking some pills. I wish I had a prescription to pills that would make me feel better every time some crazy lunatic yelled ridiculous things at me in public. I do live in New York City, so it's not exactly a rare occurrence.


I wish the Issue of Hope's Virginity was more about "wanting to do sex and relationships the right way, in the time and manner of a woman's choosing, making responsible and healthy decisions" and less "STOP BEING SUCH SLUTS AND WHORRRRRRRRRES, GIRLS!"

I wish the issue of Hope's virginity and role as a role model would be as prominent as the Dayzee/Marcus love story. I'd rather watch clips from the BeLief storyline on youtube for the thousandth time than any more of the Steffy/Liam/Hope triangle of sleaze and snooze.

Dammit. I have got to watch B&B! The Hope stuff sounds hilarious!

Also, the title of this blog post is HILARIOUS but sadly, fitting. The actress who plays Dayzee is clearly talented yet tokenized and wasted. The young man who plays Marcus, well, um, he's African-American. I dunno, doesn't he have an attractive bio-dad who can actually act? As fun as B&B can be it just misses the mark entirely on showcasing it's talent (ahem, Leslie Kay!)

Yay for Marcus and Dayzee! But seriously this Hope thing....and I say that as a Logan fan--this storyline needs to end now. I mean, it's not like it's summer and they're trying to attract the teen crowd. Or at least, can't they attract the teen crowd with Marcus and Dayzee?!!

If the Hope storyline would attract teenagers (rather than repel them), then I know absolutely nothing about the kids of today.

(That might be nearly true generally, but on this point, I'm pretty sure I'm right.)

In fact, I'm not sure who this plot is supposed to attract. Is B&B still really popular in parts of Europe? Maybe over there it's being played as a comedy mocking American hypocritical values about sex and 'purity' -- that's the only thing that makes sense to me.

Dear Bradley Bell:

You are running one of FOUR remaining daytime dramas. FOUR. All of the rest are dead. You owe it to the genre, and frankly, to your father's legacy, to step up your game. B&B has the ingredients to be a great soap. But you need a partner to give you some perspective. I'm a technical writer, so I know that when you have been neck-deep in a project forever, you start getting blind spots.

You need to stop telling only one story at a time. It's lazy, and it gets boring. You need to unfold stories over a realistic time period. (Bill and Steffy had so much potential, and you squandered it by rushing the story.)

Use all of your cast; let them interact regularly. (The random appearance and subsequent vanishing act is NOT using your cast. When was the last time we even saw Felicia? Resurrect the Thorne/Taylor/Tridgelets vs Ridge story, and for the love of almighty god, LET RIDGE LOSE! He is NOT Victor Newman.

Please, Mr Bell. Bring in some new blood to shake you up, and make B&B the crown jewel of daytime dramas. Please, for those of us still watching, don't let soaps end with a whimper.

P.S. Stop reading V.C. Andrews books. They aren't good for your particular brain.

I think B&B shows the pitfalls that being a half-hour soap can bring. When you're filling 42 minutes a day, you HAVE to do more than one storyline. When it's only 22 minutes, you can "get away" with only one storyline.

I see what you're saying, Bourgeois Nerd, but the time constraint is really no excuse. He could use it to tell fewer, tighter stories. But based on recent interviews, BB thinks he's struck gold with Steffy/Liam/Hope, and apparently is basing that on fan reaction. Which is - hard to fathom, really.

I'm old enough to remember when all the soaps were half an hour (yes, THAT old), and they generally managed to have a balance of stories; it's entirely possible to do it. (Is SoapNet still running Ryan's Hope reruns? That's a good example of far better balance in the half-hour form.) The unevenness of the storytelling on B&B is of a piece with the way they treat the cast: how many times has somebody (usually a major star from another soap or other venue) come on in a blaze of glory, only to have be reduced to recurring status six months later because TPTB can't figure out what to do with them? Both smack of poor planning to me--which says "lazy." And that particular buck stops with Brad Bell.


I wish I could go up and "Like" every single one of your comments

"This is the kind of luxury that top people want, " he added

Whenever something negative happens to you, there is a deep lesson concealed within it. —Eckhart Tolle
I still believe it.We grow neither better nor worse as we grow old but more like ourselves.

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