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March 01, 2012

Weepville, Population: All Of Us

After one last enormous whimper, I thought I had pulled myself together enough to write about the continued aftermath of Robin's "death" (you will never take from me my quotation marks of delusion!)--for the better part of this week, I couldn't even hear the show over the sound of my sniffles, and when someone today said the name Robin, as in Gibb, I had to excuse myself, but I thought that today, I'd be able to write. Granted, I didn't think that I'd be able to write a lot, because it's so difficult to look at the computer screen through tears, but I thought I'd at least be able to do a few variations of "[ACTOR/ACTRESS'S NAME] was [SYNONYM FOR BRILLIANT] and it made me [SOME RIDICULOUS EXAMPLE OF ME BEING OVEREMOTIONAL]!" because, really, this cast is beyond amazing.

But this? THIS? It robbed me of words.


Robin: Hi!
Robert: Hi yourself. Who are you?
Robin: My name's Robin!

All I can type is the random gibberish that happened when I had to rest my head on my keyboard, which then short circuited from my tears. My whole face hurt, from the sadness and the sparks that flew...

The flashback to adorable, wee Robin was below the belt, but EVERYTHING has been so good this week--the performances have been stellar and so hard to watch, haven't they? It's all be SO real and SO painful. Jason Thompson, Rebecca Herbst, John J. York, Finola Hughes, Tristan Rogers (!!!)--it is criminal that they haven't all been major parts of GH in recent years, because they are all so amazingly talented.

Anna: There's no mistake. She was in the wrong place at the wrong time.
Robert: No. Anna, it's our daughter.

Epiphany, after finding Patrick collapsing--literally, collapsing with grief, OMG, I am crying just thinking of it: Don't do anything or say anything. Just listen to me. Feels like quicksand, doesn't it? Pain so deep it sucks you right in. But you're going to find your way out. 
Patrick: I can't.
Epiphany: Yes, you can. You can't fall apart right now. Not when you've got that beautiful girl at home.
Patrick: Emma.
Epiphany: That's the one.
Patrick: She doesn't know. How do I...?
Epiphany: You just do it. You'll find the strength because Emma's going to need you right now. She's going to need you to look up to, to hold her hand and make her laugh.
Patrick: You want me to tell her jokes?
Epiphany: Yes, and I want you to sing and dance and wear silly hats when you play dress up. Do whatever it takes to keep her going because that's what's going to keep you going, too.
Patrick:  I can't breath, Epiphany. With Robin gone, I can't even get air.
Epiphany: Patrick, you're a good man with a lot of good left to do in this world. You can't let anything stop you [Here, her voice starts to crack and if I didn't lose it at the sight of Patrick falling down, I lost it here--Ed.], not even this.

Robert's conscience, appearing in the form of a ghostly Robin: Daddy, where were you? Where were you when I was burning up in the lab? You were my hero. You can save anyone. Why didn't you save me?
Robert: I'm sorry. I'm so sorry.

Emma: Is Mommy home?
Patrick: Okay, come here. Oh my gosh, you're getting so big. I have to tell you something very important.
Emma: Okay Daddy.
Patrick: There was an accident at the hospital and Mommy got hurt.
Emma: Does she need a bandaid? She can have one of mine, with the princesses.
Elizabeth: Hi, sweet girl. Do you remember when Cameron got that fish for his birthday?
Emma: Yes.
Elizabeth: Remember? The one he named Tiger? Well, one day, Tiger didn't feel like swimming around his bowl anymore. He got sick, so we had to take him to the doctor and the doctor said they couldn't do anything for him, so he had to let Tiger go to heaven.
Patrick: That's where Mommy is right now.
Emma: When is she coming back?
Patrick: Baby, she's not going to come back. She's up there with the angels. She's going to be protecting you for the rest of your life, watching over you. She's always going to love you, no matter what.


Do you want to know how truly serious this is? I mean, how serious it is aside from my sadness-related hypochondria? I am too sad to even properly mock Sonny using Robin's death as an excuse to sex up Kate. THAT serious. Usually, viciously mocking Sonny is like a warm fuzzy blanket for me, but that's not even comforting me right now! I'm all defanged!


I haven't even watched the episode yet and tears sprang into my eyes reading the dialogue between Patrick and Epiphany. So, kudos to the writers.

All I can say is, even though it's been extremely emotional and heartbreaking, isn't it wonderful that we can even feel something other than hatred for this show and actually shed tears for our beloved characters and their awesome acting? This sentiment does NOT include Sonny, Jason, Sam, Carly or Kate/Connie.

Today I felt sympathy for Carly because Sam is a bitch. I hope Jason wakes up without any memory of her. If he wakes up and there's no consequence, why did we go through all this?

It would be sooo sooo cool if Jason woke up with ALL OF THE MEMORIES. Can you imagine how much Jason Quartermaine would hate himself for what he has become? And maybe he would atone. Maybe become a cop or something. Then Robin dying for him would at least have merit.

JT is amazing. When you look at early Patrick scenes - where you could see the potential but he was still pretty untrained and unpolished as an actor - compared to now. Holy CRAP. He's just soooo good now. It's awesome.

Friday's episode, in my opinion, was a beautiful continuation of the shock wave of grief that PC is experiencing losing Robin. I thought that Luke was at his most tolerable in his scenes with the marvelous Anna. And Tracy and Edward, and Edward's sadness, his toast to Robin and Lila, very, very touching stuff.

And although I don't care much for Sam, and both love and detest Carly, their scenes were VERY good. Laura Wright, IMO, is a terrific actor. They both went toe to toe, and both of them made sense considering who they are. And it's not over yet.

And the incandescent and utterly marvelous Blair Cramer is in the house!!

It's been 49 days since we last saw Blair - but who is counting?? Me, for one. And quite a few others.

She immediately brought me to tears with her first inquiry about Starr. Starr does her best work interacting with her parents or other adults. And of course it doesn't hurt one bit that she's in a coma right now either. And every time Blair tried to mention Hope or Cole, she teared up and so did I.

The only jarring part of the show was the Muskrat Love sequence. Sonny is such an oily, self-centered sociopath I'm surprised CrazyKate didn't just slip right out of his tentacles when he squeezed her. And only someone as utterly self-involved as Sonny could miss the fact that Kate is on the verge of exploding.

I hope the show can continue the momentum of episodes like today's was. And right now, at least, it looks like Robin's death is going to be honored as it should be.

Maybe Emma would be too young to remember - or was never really told the truth, but wouldn't using Jake's death have been a better explanation than a fish? it would have allowed Elizabeth to show layers to her grief as she talks about the son she lost, to a little girl who just lost her mother?

And I don't know, I'm the minority here, I'm not loving TR's portrayal here. Grief isn't his thing - it wasn't the best on Y&R when Cane died (fake crying isn't top on his acting achievements) - I really thought he'd go more denial/quiet guilt - Robert's always been a guy that holds it all in while he processes - and then it would all explode at some point, but I guess that's just me.

Love the blog, love the comments, makes watching it that much more fun....

Emma was still a toddler when Jake died. I don't think she was even 2 years old when that happened. They rapid aged her, but Emma should only have just turned 3 in November. They played in the park a few times but Jake is not someone she would have remembered, so I don think't using him would have had any meaning for her. Most kids that age don't know anyone who has died so you sometimes have to go with explanations like that for them to understand the concept of death.

It may sound strange to many (it does to my family) but I am grieving the loss of a character I've grown to love over the years. We basically grew up at the same time and I could relate to her. She was loving, loyal, funny, fun, pretty and caring. She was Robin Scorpio. Given her life she could have easily turned into a bitter selfish bitch like so many soap heroines, but she never did things out of spite. She handled the death of her first love with such grace and courage and as a woman living with HIV, her life was a symbol of hope. Her death is a terrible loss and I will miss seeing her on GH because she was one of the very few amazing parts of that show. Then, I watch scenes and I witness the people in her life who are so clearly devastated over her death and it just quadruples my pain. It's beyond heartbreaking. There are no words really. It's just gutting.

All the actors have done an amazing job, but I have to give special kudos to Jason Thompson. Just freaking unbelievable. It hurts to see anyone in that much pain.

Jason Thompson as Patrick broke my heart when he fell against the wall at the hospital and I was so glad Epiphany was there for him. That was a wonderful scene from JT and Sonya Eddy. I was saying, "This poor guy, no one is around, isn't anyone going to comfort him?" and then Epiphany appeared. JT is such a good cryer and you just feel for the character. I didn't like him when he first came on the show but he quickly won me over and I think he's really shown what a good actor he is. He can do light moments, he can do drama, he should have been heavily featured as the show's leading man, a good guy with flaws but a good guy nonetheless. He and Robin anchored the hospital scenes. Not having Robin at the hospital is going to leave a gaping hole in that dynamic.

I really hope they do a lot of Jason/Robin flashbacks when he finds out she has died. The newbies need to see Jason when he was mob, but not yet borg. With Robin he smiled and spoke above a whisper, yet you still got the intensity of what he was and how he felt.

I can't even begin to write about how gutted I am at Robin's "death" and the aftermath. And I am usually on the fence between loving Robin and having her annoy me to no end. But I watched her grow up during the heyday of GH and I cried through most of the episodes this week... Patrick, Anna, Robert, Mac. The only thing that could have been better for me would have been scenes with Kirsten Storms' Maxie - I feel her acting choices added layers to the B that Maxie has been written as lately, making her bearable, and I miss the depth of a character who has now become flat. I'm devastated at Robin's "death" and I did not expect to be so emotionally drained.

Until I saw BSC Kate. Then I got some comic relief. Does anyone else find it absolutely hilarious that the 3-year old blood on her wedding dress is still red? Doesn't the props or costume department know that blood dries to brown? I can't help laughing every time the camera zooms in on all that red!

And then, to cap off the week, Blair. Blair. I missed her and KDP's acting so much. So, so much. I've got nothing after that.

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