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March 25, 2012

What Is The Opposite of Caring? And What's Another Word for DREAD?

Things that, even with the judicious consultation of a thesaurus, I cannot adequately describe my lack of interest in. And I know that General Hospital is sort of the underdog this weekend in terms of my interest anyway, what with The Hunger Games AND Mad Men, which are responsible for this driveby posting, but I think that even in a vacuum, I'd be so bored by this that I'd just find myself falling asleep randomly at the very thought of it:

1. Sonny's past with John McBain, which is about as unoriginal as it gets, and considering the show we're watching, that's saying something: a police officer makes it his mission in life to take Sonny down. Snore, right? How many times can we sit through that particular story, especially since we know that it will end with Sonny smiling smugly, escaping the law again and again? BORED!

(I will admit--and I have a feeling that this is going to be a supremely unpopular opinion--to being charmed by McBain, though. His voice is RIDICULOUS in the best sense of the word, like a cartoon villain, and his scenes with Tracy and Alice--GOD, I am just adding to your new perception of me as completely crazed--were amusing. Not charmed enough to have any real hope that this story will go anywhere in the realm of entertainment, but...)

2. Everything, ever, about Steve and Olivia.

Things that will happen if this storyline goes where I think it is going, and where I think it is going is HORRORVILLE, a terrifying place where Jason Morgan's birth is used as fodder for a new story that will ultimately reveal that Jason and FRANCO are (best case scenario) related or (worst case scenario. Worst is probably too positive an adjective to use in this situation) fraternal twins, despite their noted differences in size, coloring, and also age, which would mean that Franco is the son of Alan Quartermaine:

1. I will be writing this blog from the great beyond, because I WILL DIE.


1. I actually like McBain's voice, and he has some good lines. But the rest of him is kinda meh. And I'm kinda cranky because I suspect if he wasn't on Dante's sucking up to Sonny wouldn't be so revved up. :(

2. Individually or as a couple? Both are pretty bad at the moment though, so I guess it doesn't matter.

3. Hee. I don't think you have to worry about the fraternal twins thing. I hope. They'll probably be half-brothers. Or, um, maybe Franco traveled back in time and HE'S really Jason's father? Hey, I heard that's what they did on OLTL . . .

How about a switched at birth for Jason and Franco?

Um, Franco doesn't necessarily have to be Alan's. Remember this is a soap. Both babies could have different fathers ala Natalie and Jess. Yes, I know, they reversed that, but just saying if they initially did that for Vicki that can do it for Alan.

What? You don't care about Luke Spencer's tour?!

I'm over Luke. This "Luke Spencer Redemption Tour" seems insincere. I'm tired of seeing Luke every day. I knew as soon as Liz walked into the bar on Friday she would be forgiving Luke. Why is it Liz forgives everyone who has wronged her? I guess because if she didn't, she'd speak to no one in town. I wish to see a "Apologize to Elizabeth Webber Tour" featuring Luke, Lucky, Jason, Sam, Lulu, Maxie and Monica! Also, if Liz forgives everyone it removes the potential for drama. It's a soap. Some conflict is good. I don't wish to see her involved in Spinelli's Free Maxie crusade. I want her to graduate from the kiddie table.

Back to Luke. What does The Jake Martin Spencer Fund do? Prevent drunk driving? Support organ donation? Educate children? And what was with Luke telling Liz that he renamed the bar because he did not think it was fitting for a bar to share the same name as Jake, yet, the other day he told Anna he renamed the bar because he felt guilty when seeing its sign. Luke thought of no one but himself when he bought the bar's name. Just not buying Luke's penance.

On a completely different note, I think McBain is kinda awesome. Loved his scenes at The Q's on Friday. Also, John McBain solves crimes. IMO, he's a welcome addition to Port Charles.

I guess Luke is giving back the money that was rightfully Jake's via Alan's will since he and Tracy stole the money five years ago!

Here's the deal with the whole Franco/Jason/Sam baby "rape" crap. RC should have had Sam miscarry the baby and then have that be the cause of JaSam going their separate ways prior to Jason's last brain fart. The character of Jason Morgan took a huge hit when they swept under the rug all of the stuff that Sam did to Liz/Jason/Jake and Cam.

Jason, Luke and Sam all need to be redeemed in some capacity or hell, just send them all off screen for the next six months!

I am surprisingly optimistic about McBain's vendetta against Sonny, only because ME and McBain had favored status on OLTL and I'm not as convinced of a predetermined outcome as I would be if he were a whole new character. I mean, it's GH and it's Sonny, so some kind of non-imprisonment outcome is inevitable - but McBain might be the meaningful nemesis that the show desperately needs for Sonny.

As for all things Franco-related, there is nothing they can do, other than never mentioning him again, that could possibly interest me in any way.

I have a feeling that there might be something a whole lot more personal with John McBain's vendetta against Sonny.

Now that Ron and Frank have been there awhile do you think they know that most of us are fed up with Port Charles: Mob Central.

Also that Jason and Sam are the most boring couple on television. Luke needs to go back to Tracy. Franco's name needs to NEVER be mentioned on ABC again. That actresses who can't cry on screen shouldn't be given scenes where they're supposed to. And that Finola Hughes needs to be signed to a long-term contract.

Mal, normally I think your snark is on point, but this post had me thinking of the illustrious "Katie F." I'm sure you need no reminder, but I'm including a link for the Serial Drama newbies.

There is so much good going on at GH right now, and with the precarious, position it is in, I don't think it's constructive to focus on the negative. That being said, I don't think John McBain is a negative. A cop going after a bad guy, yes it's unoriginal, but half the shows on tv are about cops going after bad guys. Ron Carlivati is putting a spin on it that I like with John's history with Sonny.

ps If they make Franco a Quartermaine/Alan's I will plotz.

OMG TAHANEE! I haven't heard anyone use the word "plotz" in ages. It's one of my faves! LOL! Now I'm totally verklempt. Talk amongst yaselves.

And the infamous Katie F. who was so diggusted with Serial Drama...ahh...

I hear what you're saying, but Serial Drama has always been about "mocking soaps out of love...and hate...but mostly love," so even with soaps hanging off a cliff by one finger, I can't imagine them stopping the tirade now. It's like being made fun of by Don Rickles. He only does it if he likes you.

In fact, the day Mallory starts going all Stepford Wife and spouting wonderful things about General Hospital without an ounce of sarcasm or "diggust," that's when I know the plug is officially pulled on the genre.

With every mob moment, a little snark must come.

I've decided to give McPain a chance on GH. Because he was never wrong on OLTL so maybe just MAYBE he'll get some good shots in on Sonny. Ooh, and Jason too! Maybe he'll redeem Sam.

Also, I want a pony.

I don't understand what is meaningful about John having a past with Sonny. So did Taggart. So did Ric. Nothing came of it other than contrived tension.

The show has already set up the deaths of Cole and Hope as not being Sonny's fault. John may bust him but ultimately I'm sure he and Sonny will do their sleepy-eyed stare of acknowledgement and move on.

I don't remember John doing anything to stop crime in Llanview. Eli ran riot and Cole had to kill him. Dorian and Clint committed heinous crimes and paid little to no consequence. 15 serial killers made their way through Llanview in the last decade of the show - one of them even killed a friend of John's just as an FU to him. What did he do about it? Mostly looked bored, as always. The serial killer ended up committing suicide.

Sonny vs. a cop nemesis *is* tired ground, but like several of the other commenters, I'm hopeful that McBain's status as an established character might allow the balance between him and Sonny to be less one-sided than it's been with others in the past.

And Mallory, there's no need to apologize for finding him charming or liking his scenes with Alice and Tracy -- they were actually fun, and Lord knows we could use some of that on this show!

O.M.G. I didn't start reading Serial Drama until 2008 (I think)so I completely missed that katie F person. I have tears coming out of my eyes at that. I'm so glad I'm sitting in my office alone because my co-workers would think I was BS crazy right about now. That made my day. Everything else can go wrong and that makes up for it TOTALLY. What was even funnier than Becca's post were the comments that came after. You people are utterly fantastic. I love this blog.

Actually I didn't see it as Elizabeth forgiving Luke. Not one time did she say "I forgive you" or imply that she was forgiving him. I like how Dante put it later to Lulu, that it was the cause that she was focused on more then who was actually was giving the money because it brought back to mind when she told Luke that the fund meant a lot, but left out that grand "to me" part of it. Even though I would love if they actually wrote Elizabeth telling Luke to go to hell (because really she will be forever justified) with his flat out lie about the reason that he renamed Jake's, I do kind of like that they didn't write her acknowledging the name change and just basically had her pull up short and get out of there. She looked upset to me over the name change and I'm hoping later on it will be addressed when she's with someone that actually cares about her feelings. Which brings me to my main question on Friday: Why is people bothering Elizabeth on the anniversary of her son's death about Maxie, a woman that has done nothing for the past months but be bitchy to Elizabeth like Elizabeth is supposed to go out of her way to help free Maxie from a situation that Maxie put herself in?

My problem once again was Anna. She knows why that name was changed on that bar and it had nothing to do with the bar wasn't honorable enough to have Jake's name on it, but then she's going to go with "maybe now Elizabeth will see you for the man that he really is". So WTF. I'm dreading this upcoming 'bonding' moment with Elizabeth and Anna because if Anna is going to tote how great Luke is to Elizabeth, they better write Elizabeth telling Anna to mind her own damn business.

For me, I just can not get behind John McBain. I might be in the minority but really I find him way to obnoxious and annoying strutting around Port Charles with his hands in his pockets issuring out threats while not even in his jurisdiction or even officially on this case.

While the writing isn't perfect, and it's somethings that I can do without (i.e. Olivia), I do have to say I appreciate the quicker pacing and the fact that we are not constantly having the same conversations lasting for weeks on end.

Sonny is taking McBain seriously and he rarely takes any threat seriously. I think John McBain is a whole different kind of threat. and I love his snark.

Also, Alan's will would never have included Jake, because Alan had no idea that Jake was Jason's son. I believe Alan had his heart attack the same time Liz finally told Jason-, which was before Jake was even born.

One improvement I noticed is that Spinelli is actually starting to call people by their real names. I actually heard a "Jason" and a "Maxie." That gives me hope.

I'm willing to go along with McBain if he becomes a McPain in Sonny's and Jason's lives. I didn't care for the actor that much on PC but I like him here so far. I didn't watch OLTL so I don't know him from that show but I think he's a riot here. Maybe it's unintentional but I'm going with that direction!

Alan's will included an inheritance going to any offspring of Jason which would have been Jake if/when Jason finally acknowledged publicly that Jake was his son.

ohh god charmed by the McPrick.. I guess on a show where Sonny and Jason rule McBane of my existence might seem like a good option Nope he's still the same low energy vacuum he's always been. Only on GH could a cop be be brought to town who a fav of TPTB so therefore could be a threat to the mob and they bring the worst character in OL's history to be it.

[b]TahaneeH[/b], I think it would have been a lot better to have sonny's kids, not only Dante, but Michael, and Morgan and Kristina if they could get them back, instead of bringing in random guy (to this GH only viewer) McBain. Hell, Alexis, Carly, Johnny . . . it would be way more satisfying to see a GHer with actually history with Sonny be the ones to take down Sonny, if that is actually where RC chooses to take it.

I am just adding to your new perception of me as completely crazed.

"Alan's will included an inheritance going to any offspring of Jason which would have been Jake if/when Jason finally acknowledged publicly that Jake was his son."

Which he never would have. He still hasn't publicly acknowledged Jake.

Oh! Could you do a post on Mad Men? Love that show & would love to hear your opinion (and/or Louise's)! Pleeeeaaazzzeee!!! You know you want to!

The series begins simply enough as a detective story when a career woman named Tsukiko is the victim of an attack by a bat-wielding schoolboy on inline skates.

Not only I like this movie, but my mother likes it as well.

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