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March 15, 2012

With a Whimper and a Wail...

...helped, love, taught and enlightened us. It is with heavy hearts that we say our final goodbyes to Robin Scorpio Drake.


I'm not sure, exactly, what did it--if it was the look of complete and utter devastation on Jason Thompson's face, or Anna worrying that she wouldn't be able to stop screaming and Mac assuring her that she would, for Robin, or Maxie melting down with a primal scream and a furious toss of office supplies that would make Sonny Corinthos proud. All I know is that before the General Hospital credits even rolled, I was convinced that I wouldn't make it through another minute without literally losing the ability to breathe. I mean, I knew I wouldn't make it a second longer without crying (true story: a friend texted me yesterday and asked "Robert won't be there for Robin's funeral? What kind of BS is that?" and I, seriously, teared up while replying. I...am not right), but I was so bereft at that point--at, like, three minutes in!--that I was honestly concerned about my health. And while melodramatically diagnosing myself with a variety of GH-related injuries has become a tradition of mine, it's a bit unnerving that all of this is happening because the show is so GOOD.

Because it IS. It's GOOD! GREAT, even. This entire week, I've been completely engrossed and amazed, and when the end of the hour comes, I'm torn between wanting to start a slow clap in my living room, alone, and throwing a temper tantrum because I have to wait a full 23 hours for more. The writing has been stellar and the performances--you guys, Jason Thompson should be nominated for and WIN every prize that can possibly be awarded to a human being. Daytime Emmy, Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, Nobel Prize, Teen Choice Award for Choice Female R&B Artist...everything. He says so much with just a look or a subtle change in posture and it is BREAKING MY HEART. Finola Hughes? John J. York? Jen Lilley? I want to gush, but I don't even know that I have the words to do the gushing justice. This funeral is going to get its own epic recap, but I couldn't let today pass without--well, without crying in a public forum about how beautiful this show has been and how much I am going to miss Robin Scorpio and Kimberly McCullough.

Let's cry together!

Let's cry when Jason Thompson cries.

Let's cry at everything about this:

Emma: I gave Mommy my picture.
Patrick: You did? Where'd you put it?

Patrick: Oh, my gosh, that's a perfect spot. It looks perfect.

Let's cry at the slideshow playing in the background.

Let's cry at every shot on Finola Hughes looking absolutely gutted.

Let's cry at the flashback of Robin telling Mac she is HIV positive.

And, in a rare moment of levity, let's cry with laughter at Mac's terrible, terrible old hair.

Let's cry at the message Mac had for Emma.

Mac: I miss your Mommy, Emma. I know you miss her, too. I'm going to tell you something i always used to say to her: we're family. We're Scorpios. And there's nothing we can't get through together.

And let's cry at Elizabeth's assertion that Robin is irreplaceable--because she is and because Port Charles simply will not be the same without her and I'm sorry, I can't type anymore because it's getting impossible for me to see through my tears.


I'll even make up awards to give to Jason Thompson. He doesn't have to say a word. Not a word.

Lovely episode. Very well written.

Patrick continues to be heartbreaking. Jason Thompson has done more brilliant acting in seven or so episodes than Tony Geary, Maurice Benard and Steve Burton have, combined, in the past ten years. Now, JT is crying and emoting to devastatingly moving effect whereas Jonathan Jackson's crying and sniveling his last year on GH produced nothing but ire in me. JT should teach this cast lessons.

Maxie's believing that her actions led to Robin's death hurts her story majorly. It's exactly what I did not wish to see. The guilt would send her to Shadybrooke in a "Laura Spencer"-like catatonic state. Too much writers. Too heavy handed and ugly.

Can't not enjoy Sonny and Luke. They mar every scene.

OMG, the past few weeks I've had that "can't wait to get home and watch General Hospital" feeling,that I haven't had for a soap since COLLEGE.

I did find one thing inappropriately funny, that Matt, after witnessing Patrick so devastated from grief that he can't form complete sentences, and having just heard that he is HALLUCINATING HIS DEAD WIFE,thinks "sure, this guy can drive himself to the funeral!"

Sorry. I had to find those moments to keep myself from going into the fetal position.

Jason Thompson is sublime, in every single scene. And so is Finola Hughes. Today, even more than before, John York was heart-breaking. The little girl who plays Emma is just perfect.

But Sonny....Sonny has absolutely no class whatsoever. If Patrick told him to leave then that should have been it. Funerals are for the people who Patrick and Emma will need, or at least the ones who won't hurt them, not so Sonny can grandstand about how much Robin loved him. And if "Kate" is supposed to be the one with class, and "Connie" is the trashy one, why does Kate always look like she's trying out for a part in Pretty Woman? And how dare she even OPEN HER MOUTH to Patrick.
Sonny being there was bad enough, but for him to have the utter gall to get up and speak.....what a loser.
I'm glad Anna made it clear, with the ice in her eyes, how little use she has for the man. But then up jumped Lil'Luke, to go and suck up to the mobster. He lost points today.

I can't imagine what tomorrow will be like, but going on what has been happening all week, it is like to be pretty great.

I guess it is the 'mom' in me, but I have found myself actually worrying about Jason Thompson & the trauma he is putting himself through to pull off these amazing performances. His emotion is so raw & real, sometimes I can barely stand to watch. Finola Hughes...amazing as always. The only thing that keeps me from losing it completely is that, this being a soap, I don't believe that Robin is really dead. And you can't make me....

@KatR OMG! I thought the same thing. I literally said out loud to my MinPin "why are Matt and Liz letting Patrick drive himself to the service?" @Ron what you said about Kate I said on the Serial Drama FB page earlier. Pure, unadulterated HATE. How dare she tell the GRIEVING HUSBAND that a man he DESPISES has a right (fa reals??) to be at HIS WIFE'S funeral. Like I said just plain HATE.

I know this wasn't mentioned in the blog but damn it, Sam is making me root for Carly. Monica told her Dr. Marucci gave Jason the all clear but she is sticking to her Patrick,Patrick,Patrick mantra. Again, GRIEVING HUSBAND who could care less about his patients at this point. I'm sure Marucci took over Patrick's case load because he is going to be out for a while. I mean his wife did just DIE and all. Does she really believe Patrick would come RIGHT BACK TO WORK after this? Sam is a maroon.

@Dawn Right? I wouldn't let Patrick operate a toaster right now, much less drive a car.

@oltlgirl Totally agree with you. As fantastic as he's been, I kind of hope GH lets off the gas a little with the Robin grief in the next few weeks, because I think he needs a breather. Or I do.

Jason Thompson is in a word...sublime. His emotions are so raw and so close to the surface that I feel as if I'm intruding upon his grief by watching the show. I've always liked him, but now I adore him.

FH, JJY and JL were also amazing today. And I'm enjoying Spinelli more now that he's talking and acting like a normal person. BA has done some great work in the aftermath of Robin's death.

Robert Scorpio should have been at his daughter's funeral.

And is anyone surprised that Sonny has turned Robin's death into yet another thing that has happened to him? He should have had the grace to leave the church once Patrick told him he wasn't welcome.

And of course, Carly will be the one to tell Jason about Robin. Never mind that Sam, his wife, has made the decision to wait, Carly just can't help herself. I understand Sam's POV, but now I'm just ticked because the writers have dragged this on just so Carly can spill the beans and make Sam look like the bad guy.

And is it just me, or did Robin's miracle drug actually give Jason some sort of personality? The guy is actually animated and full of pep. Nice parting gift, Robin. Remind us to thank you when you're found alive and well in about five or six months. (We hope)....

Sam/Jason/Carly ruin everything. I hate that I am even discussing them and I hate what I'm about to say, I agree with Sam on managing Jason. He handles bad news so poorly in general but now after brain surgery, I'd be afraid for him too if I were his wife. Carly has no right to attempt and override Sam's decision. Ultimately, these characters could leave and never return and I would not miss them one bit. Clearly, Patrick, Liz, Matt, Anna, Mac are far more deserving of the screentime the mobsters and their malls receive.

That church looked really empty. Remember Robert and Anna's memorial service? packed. Can't believe more people couldn't have been there (budget cuts be darned, they could have had fans PAY to be in the scene).

Pouring wine, steeling myself to watch...

The acting surrounding Robin's death has been uneven IMO, but I have to agree with those who have praised JT and FH. One moment that really got me that I haven't seen singled out is Wednesday's scene between FH and AG when FH could bearly choke out the words "You think so...really?" after Luke's assurance to her that Robin always knew her mother loved her. Mother love/guilt so eloquently expressed.

It's so interesting to me that here, is a pov I agree with on the acting...the show has been good and JT, JJY JL, FH...amazing.

But there are other places on the net where people are saying they are "totally unmoved" by this amazing week's performances.

I have to ask, what show are they watching?

I do have to side with some internet haters though, on one point: Anna should be the one sheperding Emma today. Not Liz, who is not family and should not be sitting in the front row. I'll be quiet now. OH and Sonny....I do think you should be there, because I remember the history, the bond...but Patrick does not. He was her husband and his word should have been enough for you to make a graceful exit.

What can I say about today's episode except that I loved it.

The funeral was just right. Yes, people were missing from Robin's past that should have been there, but overall it was like Robin. Quiet, understated, and simple. And it had the beauty of flashbacks. I love flashbacks. Did I mind Sonny being there? No. Maybe its because I got a flashback out of it or maybe its because for me it was nice to remember how close Robin and Sonny were. I'm hoping that the reason the hospital staff isn't there for the funeral is because they will be there for the dedication of the brick on the rooftop of the hospital and chose that over the funeral for those that have to work.

Loved JT's performance as well as FH. To me they are doing a great job with the material they are getting and I have to say that the writing has been great.

Maxie having a mental breakdown. I have to say I don't feel any sympathy for her and it has nothing to do with JL's acting, it's simply the character has been so manipulative and bitchy for so long, my sympathy for her goes right out the window.

Now what can I say but Go Carly. And it's rare that I'm on Carly's side, but on this one I am. I totally don't agree with what Sam is doing keeping Robin's death from Jason. I don't give a crap that she's his wife. She's not really worried about him. If she was a poor woman, maybe I can find some understanding (doubtful) for her, but this is a woman married to a rich man that can fly any specialist who is of Patrick's same caliber or even higher if she's so worried about Jason having a relapse. It's straight power tripping. She wants everyone to know that she's his wife and she gets to make the decision. Period. Because even in her little speeches she slips and says how its her that will decide when Jason is told. Monica straight told her that Marucchi cleared Jason and told him that he can be told about Robin's death and she still said she would wait for Patrick knowing that this man is grieving for his dead wife and not knowing when Patrick will return back to work. On top of that she knows how Patrick feels about Jason so it should cross her mind that Patrick is not going to be hurrying back to his job at the hospital just to clear Jason. She's not even trying to find another doctor. Hell, she's not even trying to find out when Patrick will return back to work. I just find it funny how she didn't give a damn about Patrick's feelings, and in a way Jason's health considering a grieving man was doing the procedure, right after Robin's death when she basically forcing Patty to do the procedure, but yet she takes her sweet good time trying to find a doctor just to check over Jason to give the all clear so that he can learn about one of his closest friends dying when its so easy to find a neuro to clear him. To me it comes off more that because she never was there to witness the true Jason and Robin relationship and never tried to understand the depth of their friendship then its not important to her and Jason and Robin's friendship holds no true value to her so she's relegated it to an unimportant friendship when it's not.

Unknowing Jason is also getting to me because he's so eager to see Robin and he's coming off like an eager student wanting to show his favorite teacher how he did great on a homework assignment and it's impacting more how he's going to feel when he finds out she's dead.

I find that ridiculous to hate on Elizabeth because she's 'handling' Emma and sitting on the front row. Elizabeth is sitting in the front row because she's the only one right at this moment that is emotionally capable to devote time to Emma's wants and needs. Patty is having visions of his wife and seem like he's about to crumble. It's obvious from how Anna is acting at this funeral that she is not at this moment capable to take care of a four year old. She's handling her own grief and right now I don't think she's in the emotional or mental state to have all her focus on Emma's needs unlike Elizabeth who can.

There are no words to describe JT's, JY's and FH's performances. Just looking at their faces makes the tears flow. My guess is it's the regular Liz-haters who are complaining about Liz helping with Emma. Anna has her own guilt and grief to deal with.

I think the show has been mostly pitch perfect. But Epiphany and Michael should have been at that funeral. (Monica too). I am so rooting for Carly here, and I hope the newly energetic Jason is enraged by the over-controlling Sam.

However, c'mon people. How does Jason wake up from brain surgery fully clothed, and not even a bandage on his head? If that's because of Steve Burton's contractual demands, he needs to get over himself.

The new team has shown in a relatively short amount of time, how compelling GH can be again. If the mob vanished, I would not care.

***I find that ridiculous to hate on Elizabeth because she's 'handling' Emma and sitting on the front row. Elizabeth is sitting in the front row because she's the only one right at this moment that is emotionally capable to devote time to Emma's wants and needs. Patty is having visions of his wife and seem like he's about to crumble. It's obvious from how Anna is acting at this funeral that she is not at this moment capable to take care of a four year old. She's handling her own grief and right now I don't think she's in the emotional or mental state to have all her focus on Emma's needs unlike Elizabeth who can.***

So THIS! The hatred being thrown at Liz in other places, that I have seen, is because the people doing the hating are already assuming they are about to slap Patrick and Liz together. It's to the point where they are attacking Becky PERSONALLY (get a life people, it's a SHOW). When KMc interviewed JT (look for it on youtube)he said that was not something he and RC even discussed yet. He wants Patrick to mourn for a long time. While he knows they will eventually move Patrick on, the topic has not even been discussed yet. People need to chill and just watch what is on the screen and stop assuming they know what is about to happen in the future or what the writers are thinking.

I couldn't figure out why my eyelids were so puffy this morning, then I checked in at Serial Drama and remembered.

Jason Thompson is breaking my heart, he is so good. That scene on Wed. when Robin appears and ties his tie was one of the most moving scenes I've seen on TV or movies. When he said "I don't want to go," that did it for me. And then Robin helped him tie his tie and kissed him on the cheek while tears rolled down his face. SO good. It's making me tear up just writing about it. I even un-deleted it from my DVR last night so I could watch it again. (And again...hence the puffy eyes.) Even the background music is just right to set the mood.

I guess budgets preclude them from having the bigger bucks talent sitting there at the funeral with nothing to say, so we saw the Q's on Wed. and they came up w/a reason for them not to be there. Remember how sparse Sonny and Brenda's wedding was, but still.

I admit laughing out loud at Mac's former hair. And the Jason thing, I agree @LucyD, no bandage, in a black t-shirt (did the nurses put it on him while he was unconscious? what was he wearing from the waist down, jeans?), not even a band-aid on his temple if he didn't want to mess up his hair. I also hate to think it's due to contractual demands but it looked laughable. And he was reading some kind of "Handguns" magazine, how sweet.

I too had to laugh at Jason in the hospital with his black t-shirt, jeans and gelled hair. I guess it's the new twist on female characters who seem to be made up, even while in the hospital. And I honestly thought the same thing - does Steve have so much pull that he can't be dressed in anything other than his black t-shirt? It would have been a really nice touch to actually see him in a hospital robe with flat, normal, undone hair. It was just lol funny to see him in his 'mob dude' gear while lying in a hospital bed.

Seriously....Jason Thompson....Seriously.
I don't have words....and that never happens to me! That man has more talent in his pinky finger than most do in their entire body. How is this guy not in movies winning Academy Awards? Not that I want him to leave GH - but Wow. His performances are blowing me away. Every day I think he can't be as good as yesterday and every day I am wrong. If that man does not win every award possible (including Teen Choice award for female R&B artist - Hee Hee - hilarious Mallory!) - then there is seriously something wrong with Daytime Emmy voting and there should never be another award handed out to anyone ever!
I do wish the Quartermaines had made it to the service & an explanation of why Brenda couldn't be there.
But the rest of it was just so good that I could overlook those things. FH is breaking my heart too - she just makes it feel so real. It is a heartbreaking storyline that is turning out some stellar performances.

One word for Jason Thompson ... GOLDEN!

I cry watching, I cry reading this and anything having to do with this story, I cry anticipating what will happen in the next episode.

I just have to say that I think Jen Lilley has been amazing. The actress has gotten so much attitude from so many fans because she's not Kirsten Storms, but honestly... I love KS but I don't think she could have done any better. JL has been NAILING it. Maxie is a terrible person and I have very little sympathy for the character generally, but watching her grief and guilt play across my screen has been gutting.

And JT and FH? I don't even need to say it. You guys know. *sniffles*

Those PEOPLE who haven't watched Kim/Robin grow up on this show have NO right to say anything about US VIEWERS who are devoted to this show.She was a small CHILD when she started..now over the years, a young woman who became a stellar actress. We will miss her so and the FUNERAL for her was just that, a funeral to say goodbye to her talent. The performance by Jason/Patrick was OSCAR quality yesterday and to think that ABC wants to shut this program down and replace it with KAtie Couric makes me so angry. I will boycott all daytime shows at ABC and others should too.

I would not expect Carly to show up to help out Patrick with Emma, because Anna would probably drop kick her ass to Mars! Liz on the other hand, was living in the area before Scrubs decided to buy a house in the neighborhood and they're all friendly in and out of work. How many times did we see Liz back in 2009 wait on Robin to show up at Jake's for GNO and along came Nik?

Patrick wore me down in a good way with all of his crying. He could teach the other male actors how to do it right!

I am not going to gripe about the lack of people at Robin's funeral, since we all know ABC cut the budget and a lot of the veteran actors must cost a fortune.

Jason Thompson...GOLDEN, SUBLIME, PLATINUM! There are no words for what he's done on screen the past few weeks. Finola and John J. performances have also been particularly unforgettable. Kudos to them all!

I really hate crying over fictional characters but watching these scenes I really can't help it. The emotions are so real it's hard to imagine anyone not being moved by it no matter how you feel about Robin, Patrick and those connected to them. The fact that I am a Robin fan makes is all the more heartbreaking.

I think it was okay that Sonny stayed at the funeral. Yes, Patrick got in his face, but Patrick reaction was typical Patrick were Sonny is concerned and it was typical grieving spouse finding a comfortable place to put their anger for a brief moment. Sonny wasn't directly or indirectly responsible for Robin's death and as her friend, all be it probably the worse friend anyone could have, paying his respect to Robin's family and to Robin was the right thing to do and I think Robin would have approved.

I try not to be perturbed by Liz's overt presence in this storyline because I know she was a friend to both Patrick and Robin. However, it bothered me that she was sitting in the front row and Matt, Patrick's brother, moved to the second row. Front row is for family. Yes, she and Robin were close but they were not family. Brenda is the only woman outside of family that should have been sitting up there.

I am sorry they added this stuff about Maxie accidentally turning on the gas in the lab. It is bad enough that Maxie's last interaction with Robin was her being a total bitch, but being partially responsible for Robin's death is too much heavy.

Also, I'm sorry that Kirsten Storm isn't around to act these scenes because I love KS as Maxie, but I am sure that Jen Lilley is doing her damnedest to pull this stuff off. Unfortunately for her, she has a major disadvantage being the least connected actor to Robin and Kimberly. I know it's part of her job to fake it, but all the rest of the "main" actors share a long tight history with both the character and Kimberly. Jason T. had 6 years of preparation leading up to these scenes of gutting grief (the others more) and no one can convince me that his history with Robin and Kimberly hasn't added to his performance. So as a viewer, I am cutting Jen a little slack.

@Sue B Your post cracked me up and you are spot on. I am sure many fans would have paid to be an extra at Robin's funeral.

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