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March 15, 2012

With a Whimper and a Wail...

...helped, love, taught and enlightened us. It is with heavy hearts that we say our final goodbyes to Robin Scorpio Drake.


I'm not sure, exactly, what did it--if it was the look of complete and utter devastation on Jason Thompson's face, or Anna worrying that she wouldn't be able to stop screaming and Mac assuring her that she would, for Robin, or Maxie melting down with a primal scream and a furious toss of office supplies that would make Sonny Corinthos proud. All I know is that before the General Hospital credits even rolled, I was convinced that I wouldn't make it through another minute without literally losing the ability to breathe. I mean, I knew I wouldn't make it a second longer without crying (true story: a friend texted me yesterday and asked "Robert won't be there for Robin's funeral? What kind of BS is that?" and I, seriously, teared up while replying. I...am not right), but I was so bereft at that point--at, like, three minutes in!--that I was honestly concerned about my health. And while melodramatically diagnosing myself with a variety of GH-related injuries has become a tradition of mine, it's a bit unnerving that all of this is happening because the show is so GOOD.

Because it IS. It's GOOD! GREAT, even. This entire week, I've been completely engrossed and amazed, and when the end of the hour comes, I'm torn between wanting to start a slow clap in my living room, alone, and throwing a temper tantrum because I have to wait a full 23 hours for more. The writing has been stellar and the performances--you guys, Jason Thompson should be nominated for and WIN every prize that can possibly be awarded to a human being. Daytime Emmy, Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, Nobel Prize, Teen Choice Award for Choice Female R&B Artist...everything. He says so much with just a look or a subtle change in posture and it is BREAKING MY HEART. Finola Hughes? John J. York? Jen Lilley? I want to gush, but I don't even know that I have the words to do the gushing justice. This funeral is going to get its own epic recap, but I couldn't let today pass without--well, without crying in a public forum about how beautiful this show has been and how much I am going to miss Robin Scorpio and Kimberly McCullough.

Let's cry together!

Let's cry when Jason Thompson cries.

Let's cry at everything about this:

Emma: I gave Mommy my picture.
Patrick: You did? Where'd you put it?

Patrick: Oh, my gosh, that's a perfect spot. It looks perfect.

Let's cry at the slideshow playing in the background.

Let's cry at every shot on Finola Hughes looking absolutely gutted.

Let's cry at the flashback of Robin telling Mac she is HIV positive.

And, in a rare moment of levity, let's cry with laughter at Mac's terrible, terrible old hair.

Let's cry at the message Mac had for Emma.

Mac: I miss your Mommy, Emma. I know you miss her, too. I'm going to tell you something i always used to say to her: we're family. We're Scorpios. And there's nothing we can't get through together.

And let's cry at Elizabeth's assertion that Robin is irreplaceable--because she is and because Port Charles simply will not be the same without her and I'm sorry, I can't type anymore because it's getting impossible for me to see through my tears.


I just find it hilarious people bitching about Elizabeth in the front row because she's not family. Well guess who else was in the front row that wasn't family? Luke. Don't see people bitching about him being in the front row while Mac is the second row.

^^ Thank you kermitklein! What's with the Liz-bashing here? She's only been shown as being supportive to Emma and Patrick, more so than relatives, yet she is trashed by some? Liz has barely been shown outside of caring for Emma or prepping Robin's funeral. If she hadn't been supportive, her haters would bash her then too. RIDICULOUS.

Like I said, I don't see it here, but in other places(twitter in particular) it's all because of the assumption that she is going to be placed with Patrick at some point. And if they do, (way down the line hopefully)SO WHAT. Widowers do, eventually, move on and fall in love again. Grieving forever for someone is not healthy. Emma will need a mother figure in her life (still hoping Robin turns up alive)besides Grandma Anna. With the way some think Patrick and Emma should be in a constant state of emotional distress and never move forward. That's not how real works and it for damn sure is not how a soap works.

that should say "real life"

I'm also not a Sonny fan but did not have a problem with his presence at the funeral. The dynamic of him being there anyway while the rest of PC shot daggers at him with their eyes reminded me so much of the dynamic that existed in the mid-1990s... when Robin was running around defending him with, "Sonny doesn't lie!" It just seemed fitting. Of course back then we used to joke that Sonny ran the "Gummy Bear Mob," and he's not exactly quite so harmless, but it was a good echo, intentional or not.

Oh I know Dawn, I've seen it in a few places too, the constant nit-picking of Elizabeth's involvement in this storyline, but it really killed me yesterday when I came online to find people up in arms about her sitting on the front bench because she's not family when I'm clearly looking at Luke sitting next to Anna on the front bench while Mac took a seat in the second row but yet, no one is complaining about Luke's presence on the front row, but is complainging about Elizabeth's.

@kermitklein I know right! One person has posted on Twitter that she hopes Patrick and Emma die before they put them with Liz. UNBELIEVEABLE.

I posted this on the Facebook wall, also, but, you know who's classier than Sonny? BOBBY BROWN, Y'ALL. He left Whitney Houston's funeral when her family asked.


Only Whitney's family never asked him to leave so that is a bad analogy, but I get what you are saying.

@Dawn I saw that wackaloon tweet you are referring to. I believe it was sent to Jason Thompson, which, holy s--t. There are people who make it embarrassing to be a soap fan.

Given that Sonny terrorized Emma when he shot a gun in Robin's house, and lead to Emma's famous "Mommy got shot" line to her father, I don't see why Robin's family had to put up with Sonny. Emma spent a long time thinking Sonny would come back and hurt her mother again - which Patrick pointed out during Kristina's surgery storyline. This day wasn't about Sonny, it was about Robin's family mourning the loss of a great woman they deeply loved and cared about.

I want an entire post devoted to the adorable and expressive kid who plays Emma Drake. She is obviously very attached to Jason Thompson, and that just shines through in their scenes.

I've definitely seen people complain about Luke sitting with Anna as well.

I'm guessing there's some union rule which states the shows can't use non-paid extras - that would explain why all the soaps have stopped using extras for the most part?

I have to say as a new viewer, Finola Hughes is amazing. Her performances are so subtle, and honest, and simple, yet so heart-breaking. I love that she doesn't go into histrionics. But you totally feel her pain. They need to keep her around.

I'm surprised that so few comments were made about how inappropriate it was for Sonny to give a euology - much less show his face at the funeral - especially when he knew he was unwelcome after the comments made to him by Patrick and Anna. Then to open Friday's show with him still there was infuriating. I'm really wondering if the new writing regime is going to continue with The Sonny Corinthos Hour a/k/a GH. I really loathe this guy.

Because I wasn't gutted quite enough, I'm watching youtube vids today. Just saw the one where Mac handcuffed Patrick and forced them into the interrogation room and they came out engaged. *cries*

Wow. Despite some great performances from FH and JT, I thought the funeral was bad. How many people were there? Not even 20. No Qs. No hospital workers. No ROBERT. And Luke sits up in front row with Anna who he only met back in 2006. How come Mac wasn't in the front row? Just wrong. But I'm glad some of you enjoyed the funeral. I thought it was very disappointing.

I completely agree with you 100% about Jason Thompson. The man has been doing such an AMAZING job. I mean he's not the only one Finola, John, Jen, etc. all have been amazing. watching Robin's funeral is like watching the death of a real person to me. I feel like I'm intruding on something so real, sad and personal. Then again, everything about Robin and all her history on that show specially her relationship with Patrick have made me feel that way. When Patrick looked so lost and like he was about to faint when he was talking about Robin at the funeral that did me in. I cried. Jason is doing a SPECTACULAR job he BETTER when every award out there. It's as if he lost his spouse in real life. The man doesn't look like he's acting anymore. He's taken it to a completely different level that....no words thats how good he's been. So has everyone else. all this being said, I wish they would have had Kelly and Lainey come back for this and wish they could of at least acknowledge or show that Brenda somehow found out about this even if she couldn't come cause before evil guza destroyed Brenda we all know that Robin was Brenda's sister in every way that counted.

First, i also found JT and FH performances amazing. I do have to think that LIz in the first row may have had more to do with the little Emma actress, who probably felt more comfortable with BH than Finola since she just met Finola and may have had little contact with Jason Cook. Someone needed to sit with the little tyke when JT went up to speak.

I thought the funeral was really well done until Maxie showed up. Until then, the tone had been nostalgic and respectful of the character's impact on the show. The Maxie outburst ruined the whole thing for me. The primary problem is that the writers chose to make the explosion Maxie's fault in the first place (and how she magically remembered after the fact). But it also has to do with the acting choices of Jen L. She's a fine actress, but her outburst at the funeral was so screechy and shrill and over the top that I felt no sympathy for her--I instead thought she was being rude and deserved to be kicked out.

I wanted Robert's letter to say more - it would have been the chance for TPTB to make up for him not being there - it was probably about 50% of what it could have been.

I am new back to GH with this storyline and not knowing history, can't judge what is in character or not for Elizabeth, but if she was friends with them, considering she just lost a child a year ago, she's doing exactly what friends/neighbors would do, even not on a soap.

And agree, hated the Maxie thing. I guess it's a soap opera, right, and that was classically 'soapy', but I think for many of us that watched the character grow up on tv, it wasn't just a typical soap funeral.

Valentini and Carlivati GET IT. These guys know what makes for soapy drama. Do they go over the top sometimes? Sure. Do they misssome details (like having a full church of PC residents who knew Robin)? Yep. But it beats to hell the tedious, long drawn-out storylines we'd been seeing on GH in the past. If you feel emotional watching ashow, or sucked into the drama, then it's good soap, dammit.

I didnt like the slideshow only because it was poorly put together and featured some pics of moments in Robin's life that there shouldnt be pictures of

Did enjoy JT's acting though because it was good acting. I'm beyond tired of the yelling and ugly crying that akways gets praised on soaps. That's lazy acting. Subtleness is much better!

"Valentini and Carlivati GET IT. These guys know what makes for soapy drama. "

They know the cliches of soap, not what is underneath. As a result their material is hollow and shrill. Maxie's shrieking was just desperate writing and went on forever, because the show seems to have no sense of pacing at this point. None of these histrionics have any meaning, because the show never tries to make you feel. As a result, the death of a young mother or the death of Starr's baby are both treated with a melodramatic shrug.

I am thoroughly impressed with JT's portrayal of a grieving young husband. He seems so real it is actually painful to watch at times. FH also is bringing it. Though I enjoyed JL's portrayal at Crimson the other day, didn't enjoy the funeral breakdown, and think maybe it might have been written better if she broke down AFTER the actual service. I didn't like it marring Robin's memorial.

Luke is still boring and awful and I hate him because of what he set up for Robert.

Mac is stellar as usual. Enjoyed carly telling Jason (SB emoted appropriately imho), and enjoyed the fact that it didn't take three weeks for him to find out.

Liking the pacing, enjoying the writing ( I almost want to put a "so far" in there but I'll give them the benefit of doubt for now) AND there are storylines happening people, actual storylines and things moving forward, and stuff hinted at that might become a storyline, AND it's not a bunch of long drawn out redundant conversations.


Still looking forward to watching everyday which is the best indicator I guess.

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