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March 15, 2012

With a Whimper and a Wail...

...helped, love, taught and enlightened us. It is with heavy hearts that we say our final goodbyes to Robin Scorpio Drake.


I'm not sure, exactly, what did it--if it was the look of complete and utter devastation on Jason Thompson's face, or Anna worrying that she wouldn't be able to stop screaming and Mac assuring her that she would, for Robin, or Maxie melting down with a primal scream and a furious toss of office supplies that would make Sonny Corinthos proud. All I know is that before the General Hospital credits even rolled, I was convinced that I wouldn't make it through another minute without literally losing the ability to breathe. I mean, I knew I wouldn't make it a second longer without crying (true story: a friend texted me yesterday and asked "Robert won't be there for Robin's funeral? What kind of BS is that?" and I, seriously, teared up while replying. I...am not right), but I was so bereft at that point--at, like, three minutes in!--that I was honestly concerned about my health. And while melodramatically diagnosing myself with a variety of GH-related injuries has become a tradition of mine, it's a bit unnerving that all of this is happening because the show is so GOOD.

Because it IS. It's GOOD! GREAT, even. This entire week, I've been completely engrossed and amazed, and when the end of the hour comes, I'm torn between wanting to start a slow clap in my living room, alone, and throwing a temper tantrum because I have to wait a full 23 hours for more. The writing has been stellar and the performances--you guys, Jason Thompson should be nominated for and WIN every prize that can possibly be awarded to a human being. Daytime Emmy, Primetime Emmy, Golden Globe, Nobel Prize, Teen Choice Award for Choice Female R&B Artist...everything. He says so much with just a look or a subtle change in posture and it is BREAKING MY HEART. Finola Hughes? John J. York? Jen Lilley? I want to gush, but I don't even know that I have the words to do the gushing justice. This funeral is going to get its own epic recap, but I couldn't let today pass without--well, without crying in a public forum about how beautiful this show has been and how much I am going to miss Robin Scorpio and Kimberly McCullough.

Let's cry together!

Let's cry when Jason Thompson cries.

Let's cry at everything about this:

Emma: I gave Mommy my picture.
Patrick: You did? Where'd you put it?

Patrick: Oh, my gosh, that's a perfect spot. It looks perfect.

Let's cry at the slideshow playing in the background.

Let's cry at every shot on Finola Hughes looking absolutely gutted.

Let's cry at the flashback of Robin telling Mac she is HIV positive.

And, in a rare moment of levity, let's cry with laughter at Mac's terrible, terrible old hair.

Let's cry at the message Mac had for Emma.

Mac: I miss your Mommy, Emma. I know you miss her, too. I'm going to tell you something i always used to say to her: we're family. We're Scorpios. And there's nothing we can't get through together.

And let's cry at Elizabeth's assertion that Robin is irreplaceable--because she is and because Port Charles simply will not be the same without her and I'm sorry, I can't type anymore because it's getting impossible for me to see through my tears.


@horselover, I may be wrong, but I thought that Luke knew Anna from WAY back when she and Robert were superspies on GH. Anyone remember?

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