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April 19, 2012

Because I Couldn't NOT...

It's not as if they could repeatedly show this image on yesterday's episode and I could, as a living human with a sense of wonder and awe, actually resist posting a screencap. And so without commetary:




I'm just gonna say it...

I find this weirdly hot.

(okay not really...even Jacob Young can't pull me that far)

It's all Babe Carey's fault.

Poor JR's grasp on reality was tenuous enough.

Thanks Louise! This scene was the first time in months I laughed watching this show. Well, something that was intended to be humorous anyway. Im getting a permanent headache from all the eye rolling! And what the shit was with Brooke and all the "Oh, so only Thomas is allowed to be happy?" I was waiting for a snappy comeback from Taylor that never came. Of course Ridge is too whipped to say anything. Gag...

Could someone provide some context to this photo? I seem to be lost.

Amber took photos of a male model and photoshopped Rick's head onto the body and then "accidentally " showed Caroline who in turn, broke off her date with him.

Esta escena fue la primera vez en meses me reí viendo este programa. Bueno, algo que estaba destinado a ser chistoso de todos modos. Im que consigue un dolor de cabeza permanente de todo el movimiento de los ojos!

Yo no soy mucho de un lector en línea para ser honesto, pero los sitios realmente bonito, sigue así! Voy a seguir adelante, y su sitio favorito para volver más tarde. Todas las cosas valiosas best.pretty, en general creo que esto es digno de un marcador, gracias...

Ambarf attack again. Amber on one side , Thomas sniffing around Caroline's butt, i wish Rick told them to get lost.

Or Rick could always talk to Caroline about Thomas' bombing career.

Thanks, slappie jones! The photo is hilarious!

You're welcome, Ziyal! If you can watch the episode, Carolines' reaction to the photo was even funnier!!!

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