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April 29, 2012

Just Joy.

That's all.



That's how to end a Friday.


I really enjoyed Friday's show.

I am spoiler free and haven't watched Friday's ep but when I went to Google and saw the Serial Drama headline of "Just Joy", I thought maybe Sonny had blown up, Alan was really alive or Kate had vowed to stop wearing make-up. But FELICIA is pretty freaking cool!

And she's John McBain's oldest friend! She helped bury his other sister, Rewrita.

Kristina looks better than she did on the last trip. I hope she will mostly avoid Luke.

Felicia! I'm so randomly excited for her. I have been watching old clips from when she first got pregnant with Georgie and when Georgie was born at Luke's club in front of the whole town and then when Georgie was kidnapped by Ryan. Good, soapy stuff.

I hope she and FL Maxie have a good rapport.

That's not Felicia. That is her alter Melicia. She's come back to Port Charles to fall for Sonny (and/or Jason), get in a cat fight with Carly (and/or Sam). She also carries a few versions of altered DNA tests - Georgie and/or Maxie aren't really (or are they?!?) Frisco's children....

Friday's show was good. Partly because no Sonny, Kate, Jason or Sam. If I had to listen to one more Sam whine, I was worried about the health of my TV screen.

I too am spoiler-free, and was shocked at Matt's guilt. I kinda like the character--and his ability to play it light. If he goes to jail, Patrick could completely lose it.

I would like to see Anna tell Patrick to get his ass in gear because Robin would never accept his current behaviors. Or Emma needs to tell him she needs her Daddy.

I am tired of Anthony, and hate to admit I'm starting to like Luke again, or more accurately hate him less. I hope they don't get rid of Johnny, if there's any such thing as a likable mobster, he would get my vote.

And does anyone think Ronnie KILLED Lulu? I can't imagine that.

One good thing about Jen Lilley staying on as Maxie is that she and Kristina Wagner look (right down to their hairstyles) and act pretty similarly.

"I would like to see Anna tell Patrick to get his ass in gear because Robin would never accept his current behaviors. Or Emma needs to tell him she needs her Daddy."

I'm not sure if Anna even cares at this point.

If Matt did kill Lisa I wonder if they will write him out - he hasn't really had a story. I do like him, sometimes, but mostly I just don't want to have to see "Spixie" ever again.

I'd love it if one of Felicia's missions was to get Anna and Mac together. Their scenes at the courthouse were so terrific, and Mac really does need some lovin'! And yes, Felicia does look better this time around.

I don't care who killed Lisa...just figure it out and NEVER mention her name again!

I agree, the show was good without the mob element in there. It would be nice to at least alternate days with the mob stories (because we know they will never go away) and the good stories.

And finally, it looks like we'll be getting rid of Ronnie Of The Bad Dye Job. Yeah!

I was happy to see Felicia, though the way she speaks almost always annoys me. I don't think I'd like Felicia irl, I do like the character in the show.

Liked the lack of the mob.

Enjoyed the soapy way Liz and Spin were outside Ewen's office for the whole ep, but he wasn't found til the very end.

AND I was unspoiled on the Lulu - Ronnie -Dante story and so far I think it has promise. It would be great to see a storyline with a female who is strong enough and smart enough to outsmart the male aggressor. Maybe they could write that???

I've never liked Felicia, and the only thing about her return that I feel sort of sad about is the fact that Kirsten Storms isn't here anymore. I like Jen, don't get me wrong, but if you go back and watch Georgie's funeral you'll see what I mean.

Also: we should form a legion against Sam's incessant whining. I really, really have some conflicting feelings about this because Sam is a rape victim, who is now impregnated by her rapist and is going through a lot... but the story's constantly pushing that into the background as we see her sort-of flirtation with McBane becoming far more important (apparently), I just cannot... I do not... want to see Sam on screen anymore, ever.

Mac and Felicia are one of my favorite GH couples of all time. I think their success is part of the reason Mac hasn't really worked romantically with anyone else since then. They just fit somehow. I'm really hoping they'll have some good scenes this time around!

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