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April 05, 2012

Nominee for Prop of the Year

It may seem silly that a prop on a soap opera could make a grown woman so filled with glee, but....


That is amazing. Oh Yes They D.I.D. With our Lord-Buchanan girls! Y'all. I die. And for some reason yesterday's Kate/Connie scenes actually managed to mildly entertain me. Is it all because of an awesome prop? Yes, yes it very well may be all because of an aweesome prop.

Also, there's a Port Charles History Museum? Can you even imagine what's in that thing? A replica of the weather machine, perhaps? The cryogenic chamber that kept Stavros alive? Duke's wedding kilt?

What do you guys hope against hope is in that museum? Let's make a list!


I love the humor. I need it to balance out all the depressing crap. It doesn't bother me that at all that humor is in the same stories as serious topics -- God knows GH needs to lighten up.

Connie was picking up men in bars and giving them Kate's phone number. Not a joke.

"The fact that they did that hilarious book cover for two women who were sexually abused over and over kind of tells you how Ron Carlivati deals with this topic. It's always a chuckle factory.."

Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.

In the "Ancient History" section of the museum: An exhibit dedicated to crime fighting in Port Charles.

(Get it? Ancient History? Nevermind.)

"'I love the humor. I need it to balance out all the depressing crap. It doesn't bother me that at all that humor is in the same stories as serious topics -- God knows GH needs to lighten up."

Humor is great, but I don't know how an entire storyline about a mentally ill woman who killed a child has been presented as comedy.

"Connie was picking up men in bars and giving them Kate's phone number. Not a joke. "

I think this was supposed to be a joke. When Ron wrote OLTL, he had comedy scenes of Jessica's alters trying to pick up people.

"Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar."

When a writer has done 4 straight years of stories about women with DID being hilarious, I would agree to disagree. This is the same writer who had Jessica almost raped by her own father and then had a hilarious story of her thinking she was 15.

I think some of the humor on GH works. I think the book jacket would have worked without all the years of stories surrounding it. But taking all that, I was more sad that this is the type of thing OLTL will be remembered for - rape as comedy.

For the museum:

A very grand mosaic made from all the glassware Sonny Cornithos has smashed over the years;

A big ol' headshot of Brenda Barrett, Supermodel/The Face of Deception;

Stone's section of the AIDS quilt;

Laura's shotgun

I'll always remember OLTL for lots of great comedy and, yes, sometimes comedy about ridiculous fake soap mental illness that stemmed from sexual abuse. Some of it worked, some of it didn't.

It was a funny book cover. To me.

For the museum : a whole exhibit of pregnancy tests.

A piece of Mount Rushmore.

The "go out and get sex" boat to Spoon Island.

A bottle of Deception perfume.

The deed to the Quartermaine mansion

A brick from the Brownstone earthquake

Jessie Brewer's nursing cap

A piece of broken barware

4 photos of Dawn, along with a little note telling people who she is.

More for the museum:

* Bags marked "Coffee" (quotation marks included)

* Toxic balls

* A video on continuous loop of Lucy losing her skirt at the various Nurse's Balls.

* Lucy's red wedding dress.

* Elsie May Krumholtz's birth certificate

Sorry, I know I'm crossing soaps here but for teh museum: Branch from when JR kicked Ryan's ass on AMC.

Sonny's track suit.

Chandelier of course can never be left out from OLTL.

Oh! And NEVER forget this:

I loved the book! And I'm sorry, but the D.I.D. story is making Kate watchable for me. We also don't know that Connie killed Hope and Cole...it's almost TOO obvious now.

As for the museum: Laura's wig from when she and Luke were on the run from Frank Smith.

The Ice Princess

The monkey that brought that illness to town.

A set of Richard Simmons' workout clothes.

Foster (everyone remember him?) He could be stuffed a la Roy Rogers' Trigger.

GH has spent way too much time having Olivia/Carly throw Connie in Kate's face for the show not to eventually do its own version of OLTL's infamous DID story lines, IMO.

For the GH museum, Liz's dress and tiara from the Face of Deception shoot as Audrey Hepburn.

Personally I loved the book cover and fail to see how it relates to OLTL playing rape as comedy.

As for the museum:

That damn beam Alan stared at for months on end before using it to try and collapse the nursery ceiling on Rick Webber and Monica at AJ's christening.

A copy of Herb Alpert's "RISE."

Joe Kelly's bagpipes.

Amy Vining's diary.

A photo of Jeremy Hewitt, patient zero in the infamous Lassa Fever epidemic.

Copies of Rick Webber and Monica Quartermaine's depositions from the Kirkorian malpractice lawsuit.

Forwarding addresses for Brian and Claudia Johnson; Lee and Gail Baldwin; and Anne Logan.

The dress and wig worn by Max a.k.a. Sally the drag queen hit man sent to take out Luke and Laura before they decoded Frank Smith's black book.

Frank Smith's Left Handed Boy Statue.

For the museum:

That dagger Helena's always pulling on people.

Pizza receipts from Thanksgivings at the Quartermaines.

Hey.. my post from this morning disappeared!

I thought the book title should have worked in, "and they have MORE than one life to live!"

Museum stuff:
Miss Star Eyes Poster.
The blanket Laura would hang between her and Luke in bed.
Flying stemware!
The old nurses station.
The little white nurses uniform with the white cap.
"Think of Laura" song.
Laura's headband from the Ice Princess days. I could go on and on!

This has to be played on an endless loop at the museum:


I am LOVING the list of museum attractions. They have been making me laugh out loud AND spend hours getting lost on YouTube...

Tony DiMera's horse MUST be included somehow.

I'm thinking that the rock that met Carly's head deserves a place of honor.

Other museum objects: Laura's wig from the Summer on the Run. Hutch's guitar. Lila's hoverround. Robin's diary. Duke's kilt. Jason Q's reindeer sweater. The cigar band Laura wore as Luke's ring.

For the museum (I am loving this! Thank you Louise!): The sauna in Robert Scorpio's house -- my favorite place to watch Robert and Holly.

Another for the video library at the museum:


No museum would be complete without the Bitch Please! Cameron Webber Gallery.

For the museum

In wierd and unexplained oddities:

The after sex blanket


More for the museum

Robin's diary like someone said
Chandalier just because
Lucy's whole outfit
Robin's doll from the Asian Quarter Adventure

The Catacombs (or a replica)
The glass from the original Clink Boom

Museum artifacts:

Prometheus Disc
Grant Putnam's ring (from the kidnapping Anna storyline)
Anna's fake scar
Ruby's apron
Trixie's pencil
"Jake Meyer: attorney at law" sign
One of Faison's Daphne books (PK Sinclair)
Olin's glasses
A membership application to Lorena's Spa
Blackie and the Riff Raff demo tape
Robert's desk pencil holder kangaroo

This was fun!

Kudos to catherinejbr for bringing up the teen time jacket..lol. I would NEVER remembered that thing, but the minute i read it, i could picture it in my mind! I nominate catherinejbr for museum curator.

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