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April 05, 2012

Nominee for Prop of the Year

It may seem silly that a prop on a soap opera could make a grown woman so filled with glee, but....


That is amazing. Oh Yes They D.I.D. With our Lord-Buchanan girls! Y'all. I die. And for some reason yesterday's Kate/Connie scenes actually managed to mildly entertain me. Is it all because of an awesome prop? Yes, yes it very well may be all because of an aweesome prop.

Also, there's a Port Charles History Museum? Can you even imagine what's in that thing? A replica of the weather machine, perhaps? The cryogenic chamber that kept Stavros alive? Duke's wedding kilt?

What do you guys hope against hope is in that museum? Let's make a list!


Oh, I love everyone's ideas for the museum. My first thoughts were:

Robert's secret room
Robert & Holly's sauna
Laura's outfit on the island
The blanket that was between L&L on the run
Frisco & Felicia's honeymoon costumes
Duke's kilt


I am loving all the museum suggestions :-)

I nominate the following...

Ric Lansing's secret room where he kept Carly imprisoned on a leash. And to really boost museum attendance they should put Carly back in it!!

Some of Lois' most outrageous press on nails.

Anna's fake scar decal and a photo of her hiding it behind her wavy hair.

Lila's award winning roses, and I think Reginald should run the museum in her honor :-)

Laura's carpet bag!

Felicia's mantilla & Frisco's polce dress uniform.

The velvet painting of a young & nude Helena Cassaine that hung at "Luke's"

Stone's bungee cord & special reading glasses.

The rock/boulder that cracked Jason Quartemaine's brain when he was thrown from AJ's red drunken convertible.

Sonny's soul. He hasn't used it in nearly 15 years ;-)

Tracy's "Heidi" style braids! I think she was sporting those when she attempted patricide.

This is a great trip down memory lane, thanks SD!!!

For the museum an exhibit on Richard Simmons! LOL

I'm a late 80's you tube girl. My contributions:

A taxidermied Friday
The creepy portrait of Faison, Anna and Robin
The bag of diamonds (Lucy's Diamonds?)
And maybe Katherine's piano (maybe not so much her portrait).

If it was a Llanview museum, you'd need a whole wing for the wrong/forged DNA tests....

I think the musuem needs an entire spy wing. As someone said, Robert's WSB room, but also, I want a working replica of his WSB computer in all it's DOS-y glory with the ability of Google. And I want it in the PI office he and Anna had for a little while that had this great feature where it would fold itself into the wall if someone came in. Too bad it took like 5 minutes.

Oh, and how about the Jimmy Lee and Celia Wedding Train?

And there has to be a history of memorable explosions. And the returning residents wall (for those who came back from the dead, not anyone who didn't make it in primetime/movies).

Ms. Chicklet: I was going to say the cigar band but thought no one would remember that far back...should have known there would be someone! My young self was
so devastated when Laura took that cigar band off her finger when the "press" asked her about it! LOL

Other museum items: Laura's wedding bouquet that Scotty Baldwin caught.
The pool table from Jake's.

Casey's glowing orbs from Lumina!

If the nomination board is still open for the Port Charles Historical Museum, here are my submissions:

Jason's motorcycle
Jason's box of pain (complete with contents)
Video tapes of all the Nurses Balls
Nadine's plow (I wasn't watching at this time but was keeping abreast via the SD blogs)
A living art recreation of a pizza(for the Q's of course)
A copy of the Christmas Story that Steve and later Alan would read to the sick children at GH.
That's all that comes to mind now. And I agree, this was a brilliant idea.

I vote all of Brenda's unused wedding dresses and her Jason 'wedding outfit', all of her engagement rings ( I think there are six or seven-did Murphy get her one?) All of Jax, Carly, and Sonny's wedding rings, Robin's diary, raw footage of Ricky Martin/Miguel's 'don't stop now video", audio of Mac's og 'Austrlian accent', Miranda's book of letters/poems from Jax, Emily's 90's overalls, Alexis' Kristina wig for when she was crazy, a replica of Jason's BOP and finally a gold plated frame of the first long sleeved tee Brenda ever wore.

The pipe that Liz conked Zander on the head. This was hands down the best use of a pipe!

Emily's white dress that she wore at the B&W Ball.

Spinelli's stash of weed.

All of Lucky (JJ's version) tears!

Edward's cap.

Got another one....that Aztec Royal Family Painting that hung for years in Sean's penthouse. And, the decanters from bar from the Quartermaine's living room.

I have no idea what you just tried to say in your post. Coherent sentences much?

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