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April 30, 2012

Since When Is This Show Un-Fast-Forwardable?!

That's not to say that the show is without its flaws (see below for a list, and by no means an exhaustive one, of flaws with this episode, an episode I happened to enjoy quite a lot. I...am a mean-spirited complainer of a person, I realize), but I do have to take a second to marvel at how easy it is to sit through an episode of General Hospital in which Sonny and Jason don't make appearances. Right? Normally by the time the credits roll, I've already began to wish away the next 58 minutes of my life, but on days like this, the only time I fast-forward is to get through the commercials and back to the show as quickly as possible. It's a world gone mad!

Well...not totally mad. It's a world gone very slightly crooked. Because as much as I liked today's show (the things I type that I never imagined typing!), I still have quibbles.

Like: why the hell would Dante, without a single shred of evidence (or, evidently, any real understanding of how to manage the behavior of nutters! Screaming and threatening is very rarely effective, Falconeri!), tell Ronnie every single one of the suspicions he and Lulu had about his involvement in the exotic dancer attacks. "You're very clearly unstable and surprisingly smart for a police officer in Port Charles, since you managed to attack people, falsify evidence and frame an innocent man. At best, you're holding my wife captive and will torture her psychologically. At worst, you'll kill her. I have absolutely no proof of any of this, but let's try to talk it out! And by 'talk', I mean 'scream'!" Is it any wonder he ended the episode handcuffed to a desk, powerless to save his wife, and in danger of being tried for a host of violent crimes? 

Then there are Kate andConnie and Olivia. The former was featured quite prominently, both in the present (where she continued to do a pretty spot-on impression of Stockard Channing in Grease) and in flashbacks (where she was seen, repeatedly, bludgeoning Ewen) and the latter whined and whined and whined and incorrectly assumed that her cousin would spare a shred of sympathy to the plight of Steve, who was arrested for being criminally uninteresting, or involved in a murder, or whatever.

Olivia: You're telling me you'll feel comfortable frolicking around a beach with Sonny while Steve is rotting in jail.

Um...yes? I'm not entirely sure Steve and Kate-and-Connie have actually had a conversation, and even if they had, I'm sure she tuned out every time he spoke because he is the least interesting person on the planet.

Felicia made her dramatic return and--you know what? I was so excited about her appearance on Friday and I was so teary-eyed when she was telling Anna what a special girl Robin was that I almost don't even want to type the following, but: really. Kristina Wagner's pronunciation of certain-slash-most words had me flummoxed. So help us if she and Sonny ever have long scenes together; I am pre-cringing at the amount of awkward pausing and absurd emphases that will be going on.

Oh, and as ever: SHUT UP, SPINELLI.

Spinelli who, may I remind you, not just WORKS FOR a HITMAN, but WORSHIPS said HITMAN: He's guilty of a crime. You're circumventing justice! That's not right! [...]It's not up to us to play god.



I may burn in GH hell (where Sonny throwing picture frames and stammering through conversations are on a constant loop), but I never thought KW was a good actress. I feel like I've always thought her pronunciation of words was wacky. And her voice is hard to listen to. And I guess because she's older now, the cute has worn off and the weirdness is shining through.

I was super excited about Felicia, but I must agree, Kristina Wagner is definitely still shaking off the rust. But I loved how warm Anna was with her considering the tar and feather job Guza and co. did to Felicia over the years.

In unrelated news, OMG, the "Golden Girls" with John Ingle it. Edward Quartermaine and Rose Nyland together at last!

Why is Spinelli still on this show?

I, too, agree that last Friday and today's show were excellent without any mob crap.

Here's hoping that Liz finally gets a s/l away from playing Mommy to Cam, Aiden, Emma, Betty, Sarah, Tommy, and etc.

Ditto on wanting Spinelli shut up forever. I guess he should go ahead and turn Jason in for murdering Franco and Sonny in for... well, I wouldn't even know where to start the list. They keep playing god!

However, I rather think constantly-breathless Dante is sort of adorable. Or a lot adorable.

"Here's hoping that Liz finally gets a s/l away from playing Mommy to Cam, Aiden, Emma, Betty, Sarah, Tommy, and etc."

I did enjoy Liz throwing bitch face and her total lack of patience when dealing with Heather. And Heather's totally going to murder Maggie, right? I look forward to it.

I don't think Kristina Wagner was ever known for her acting skills. She had one great moment, and then some OK-ish ones. She had an easy chemistry with most of the people around Felicia, and a likeable personality. Now that that's gone, and she's just there as a lousy mother who returns every few years to be burned at the sake, Wagner isn't going to be giving us Sarah Bernhardt performances.

I'm more disappointed at just how flat Finola Hughes has been.

My goodness, Dante was grating! I felt absolutely no sympathy for his plight because I was so focused on the actor's overacting. The screeching, the bulging veins, the histrionics were all too much. Dante showing his hand to Ronnie made no sense whatsoever. Argh.

I am happy to see Felicia because it means scenes wih Mac and I liked her with Anna. I think Kristina Wagner and Jen Lilley (Maxie) bear a strong resemblance. I don't appreciate Matt Hunter being the murderer of Lisa Niles or that anyone would be held accountable for killing that psycho in presumably self-defense. I mean the woman stowed away on the boat with the intention of killing all of the partygoers and tossed Liz off the side of the boat. Come on, enough mentions of Lisa Niles (and Franco for that matter.)

It's so refreshing to not see Jason and Sam. Calgon, take me away!

The way Kristina Wagner kept leaning her head into Finola Hughes when she was talking was driving me batty. I use to like Felicia when she was younger, but like Michelle said, the cuteness has worn off and it is coming across as weird. Also MAC is truly pissing me off. Wasn't he the one who CALLED Felicia to begin with?? I could've sworn when Maxie confessed Mac called her and told her she needed to get there. O_o I know he called someone and told them Maxie needed them and it wasn't Alexis. Of course once Matt remembers and confesses (we all know he will) Mac will be ready to kill him for something he didn't even remember doing because of what he put Maxie through, even though he didn't remember doing it. I HATE the way they write Mac and have for years. He comes across as a way to overprotective, overbearing blow hard. I can't take him.

I'm a tad worried about the medical expertise of a nurse AND a doctor who find someone on the floor, on a carpet, and not anywhere near any sharp corners of furniture and they can't tell he's been hit with something. Uhm...puddle of blood next to his head, people?

Cindy, my thoughts exactly!! First, they find him bleeding profusely on a carpet and their first thought is...he fainted? Second, they say they need to rush him to surgery....but then they sorta just leave him on a gurney alone while they search his office? Third, they take time to wrap his head but don't notice the crushed skull? And then Maggie picks up the evidence rather than leaving it for the cops. Smooth.

I think GH has improved a TON over the last month, but this business with Ewan was a little lazy.

Cindy, If he'd fallen for any reason, he could have hit his head and been bleeding because of it. It's not unreasonable to start from the assumption that the head wound is secondary (and in fact it is, it's not the bleeding that was a problem for Ewen, it was the trauma to his brain).

Hedda, yes, I know the trauma is the true problem. And if there had been anything with sharp corners or even hardwood or cement floor, I would have been on board with assuming he fainted/passed out/had reaction to medicine.

ALC: At least Maggie put the paperweight in a bag and I presume didn't touch it with uncovered fingers. We are talking about PCPD here, with the (and I use the term loosely) best detective currently under arrest and handcuffed to his desk.

Totally enjoyed today's show. . loved Dante's hysterics. . . thought it was refreshing to see a husband who is "the best detective" in PC to totally lose it the way a real hubby might totally lose it if he thought a nutjob had kidnapped his wife and was doing heavens knows what to her, or had already killed her. . . I gotta say, most men would not display a whole lotta logical reaction. Stupid, yes. Giving the game away, yes. Probably harmful to their situation, yes. On the mark, yes.

I reiterate my statement from yesterday, the way Felicia says stuff bugs me. I liked her character in the past, and hope to continue to do so, if I can just get past the enunciation.

Bethie, I totally agree about Dante. I really enjoyed him today, even if he did say too much to Ronnie and got himself in deep water...it was definitely an honest reaction. Much more natural then most on the show...pulling their gun and talking in a cold controlled voice.

It wasn't particularly smart, but I thought Dante's reaction was perfectly understandable. He's frantic about his wife, and thinks a guy who beats strippers and frames husbands has taken her. I actually felt for Dante for once, and DZ did some great stuff. Who knew Ronnie was so clever? If only he'd applied some of it towards solving a crime, PC would be a lot safer.

KW has never been a very good actress, and she's always pronounced things weirdly. Are we forgetting Lila's memWAHS?

"Criminally uninteresting" really needs to be a crime.

About 30 seconds into Dante's rant I started FFing. It was the most stupid thing I've seen in a while (a very short while), but I guess it's the type of behavior we expect from all the PC cops. They are stupid and inept beyond belief.

I agree about Felicia's speech pattern, but since she's only here for a short time, I'll overlook that and just enjoy her. I don't know if she's done much/any acting lately, so she would be rusty. It takes a while to get into the rhythm of acting if you haven't done it much.

ok, so now we FINALLY get the return of some of the veterans, and all we do is complain about them? I suppose if we ever get Jackie Zeman back, you'll all take pot shots at her appearance.

"...the plight of Steve, who was arrested for being criminally uninteresting, or involved in a murder, or whatever."

Ha ha ha...Excellent! Why is Steve still on? And Olivia? And I guess if Ronnie goes to prison (or ends up being killed in self-defense by Dante), we're stuck with...Padilla? At least Ronnie got some good one-liners off on Jason and Sonny, if we can overlook the shoe-polish hair. I know FV/RC inherited most of this, but they could have easily dropped all that "Memphis" stuff and stripper stalkers and we probably wouldn't notice (remember how Claire and Terrell just disappeared w/o comment?). However I think getting crazy Heather involved in Steve's story is a pretty good way of making it a little more interesting.

Concerning Kristina/Felicia's return, I just read on another site that "TPTB loved her work so much they have invited her to do more episodes."

I'm OK with that...I want her to be redeemed and reunited with Maxie.

I agree with SallyV and GHlover regarding Kristina Wagner. I like seeing Felicia after all this time, which is funny because I have never liked the character much. Felicia reminds me of times when GH had a soul! Also, very little can dampen my good mood that Jason, Sam, Sonny, Carly and Johnny weren't on for the last two episodes!

"ok, so now we FINALLY get the return of some of the veterans, and all we do is complain about them? I suppose if we ever get Jackie Zeman back, you'll all take pot shots at her appearance."

People have always done that with Jackie anyway.

I'm more annoyed by the lazy, cheap writing surrounding Felicia's parenting, and the absurdity of Anna running out to help her "old friends" yet again, than in Kristina Wagner's acting. She's automatically better than the likes of DZ, JMB, MB, Burton, scary orange man, Bensonhurst Sybil, LLC, and all the other ratings killers. At least KW reminds me of what GH used to be.

"Concerning Kristina/Felicia's return, I just read on another site that "TPTB loved her work so much they have invited her to do more episodes."

That same site apparently said that Starr and Kristina are "the new Dorian and Viki," so take it with a big grain of salt.

I love KW always have and I am so glad to see someone on my screen who is part of GH's history -- not OLTL. Loved seeing Felicia and Anna on my screen together. I still don't understand why Maxie confessed to something which was a closed case. I don't care who murder Lisa--still don't. Feel sorry for Matt (Jason Cook)-- GH never knew what to do with the character. BTW am I suppose to feel sorry for Maxie-- she started the mess

Felicia has actually always said words in a weird way. (I never used to realize it but I noticed it watching old clips in YouTube.) I've never seen KW act anywhere else, so I like to think it's an acting choice, like it's how a blonde Aztec princess would pronounce things.

Yes LogopolisMike...Felicia has always had bizarre speech patterns. I remember wanting to jab spoons in my ears during the saga of Lila's biography because she kept pronouncing it "MEMWAW". It wouldn't have been so bad if we didn't have to hear her say she was writing Lil'as MEMWAW every. single. scene.

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