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April 18, 2012

The Forced and the Tiresome

When I'm watching B&B, I frequently have to remind myself that these Spencer men are supposed to be great heartthrobby catches. And when I remember that, I realize that I'm just not living in the same paradigm B&B is asking me to and so it is inevitable that I'm going to spend many of my viewing hours frustrated, lost, disoriented, and baffled. Or, you know, with bile rising in my throat every time a Spencer dude appears on screen. Which means a lot of bile for ole Weezie here because they are daily fixtures, especially Liam. Liam is currently in a committed relationship with one woman and spending much of his free time talking about the problems he's having in said committed relationship with another woman who refuses to let go of him (and at this point, who can blame her? He's given her zero indication that he's done with her). Oh and yesterday we got the, "Oh in the good old days when Liam and Steffy were together they had such great times! He never laughs with Hope!" treatment, equipped with goofy facial expressions just in case we hadn't gotten the anvilicious point yet that Steffy is now the one Liam is thinking of as low-maintenance (ha!).


Oh that Steffy, she's so laid-back and fun and never has any issues! He should really go back to the way it was before, when he was "happily" married to Steffy and constantly sitting around playing sappy montages of Hope in his mind. Or, you know, in his margarita. Cha cha cha, y'all!

I have a sinking feeling we're in for years (and possibly decades) of this idiot bouncing back and forth between these two supremely irritating young women. If only he were somehow written as someone worth fighting for.

Of course with DNA like Liam's got, he's really got to fight against nature to de-douchify himself. Because God Bless America is Bill Spencer an ass.

Bill: So it doesn't surprise you at all that Hope is seeing a psychiatrist?

Steffy: Bill, I don't want to talk about Hope and Liam, not at his office and not at their home.

Bill: It's your home. You're still married. And why is she seeing a shrink anyway? She got the man. She won... for now. She should be doing cartwheels. Instead, she, she's having mood swings and taking anti-anxiety medication. There's something wrong with this girl, and I don't think it's going to get better. [Yes, because everyone knows that once the man you're interested in chooses you, there is never another reason to have another problem ever and life is perfect from then on!  --Ed.] I've said it till I'm blue in the face. Hope isn't right for Liam. But I don't wish ill on her. I also don't want her bringing my son down. Having said that, this is great news for you! She's poppin' pills! She's seeing a shrink. I mean, this is how Hope handles stress?

To Steffy's (and the show's?) credit, she has at no point indulged this whole "OMG someone who sees a shrink is a lunatic!" silliness that Bill is so fond of (and even brought up that her mother's a psychiatrist and therapy is a perfectly normal thing). That will change, I'm sure, once the addiction component comes to light but considering Bill knows nothing about that, he's basically just all pig. 

And of course now Hope is knowingly taking black market pills. I realize she was already addicted and that's now the issue, but it did not give her one moment of pause. Way to give the characters no nuance whatsoever, show!

On the bright side, Amber (and her reckless stupidity) is still cracking me up (Adrienne Frantz is really at her best when portraying this kind of guileless menace), and there was a five-second Oliver sighting!

I can't help it, I just think he's adorable (despite the heebie-jeebies I get whenever he shares a screen with Brooke because... well, we all know the memories that elicits) and I do not understand why a show that puts its youth brigade front-and-center still leaves this fella on the backburner.

But again, I'm not living in the same paradigm B&B expects me to, so it's only natural that I don't understand!


An unappealing guy caught between two unappealing women?! Sign me up!

Oh, the long hearty chuckle I had (NOT!) over seeing Steffy demonstrating the "pot roast" face...over and over and....gag. Seriously?!? Just when I think the writing cannot get any dumber, they prove me wrong. Still not as bad as "cha cha cha" though. I said that to my hubby and he looked at me as though I was on black market narcotics. New to this site, Louise, and I enjoy your updates very much.

The main person I think of as unappealing in this story is Bill. He disgusts me. He clearly hates women, and the show apparently sees this as just great. He pimps Steffy out and he gets a thrill out of humiliate Hope and painting her as damaged for life. I think we are supposed to agree with his view of Hope, which tells you a lot about Brad Bell's writing (then again, this is the writer who had Brooke raped and then a few weeks later she used her rape to get a man). Everything about Bill is skeevy.

Liam is just there. Hope is interesting when we actually hear her talking about her demons, although I hate the rewrites which make it sound like Brooke ran a brothel during Hope's formative years. Steffy is a flimsy character, who has been completely rewritten to try to make her a heroine. She comes across like a middle-aged drag queen trying to be a 20 year old woman.

I am so irritated by the de-evolution of Bill. Much like Nick before him, he came on as a breath of fresh air, an entertaining, engaging alternative to the endless focus the show had on Ridge up until recently. And like Nick, he transformed before our eyes from an arrogant guy with charm to a controlling, reprehensible sexist with an inappropriate interest in someone other than his wife. Bill/Katie was a great couple (and I hadn't much cared about Katie before the Bill/Katie story). Bill/Steffy was just repulsive and incomprehensible. And now, it's just really odd - a man who is obsessed with putting his son together with the young woman he almost left his wife for. Yuck.

Now, I don't believe there is any way they actually PAY Don Diamont for being on this show. He HAS to be paying them. Though I don't know how much money he would have left after buying the biggest belt buckle I've seen since Rawhide went off the air. I've heard the people on Y&R lament the loss of Brad Carlton, who Diamont played on that show for a long time. With his acting skills, it must have been a mercy killing for all involved if what he does on B&B is any indication of his talent.

I haven't seen very much of B&B, and trying to understand the convuluted sexual hookups, marriages, parentage and step-parentage on this show is daunting to say the least.

But the skeeviness of Daddy Belt Buckle having such a pervy interest in his son's sex life - especially with a woman young enough to be his daughter who he ALSO has a past with......well, in most states I think it's illegal.

Thank God I don't live in Mr. Bell's mind. It must need power-washing on a regular basis.

I agree with the above posters that $Bill has become a disgusting character lately. Im amazed he and Brooke havent hooked up since all they do is try to run others lives. I don 't know how Spencer Inc. stays afloat. The ickiest thing I remember was him carrying Steffy to her childhood bedroom for a make out session. Yuck.

OMG. Your predicting years of the Tiresome Threesome. I wish I had some of Hope's pills. Yes, Liam's life with Steffy was so serene and drama-free, since she's a regular poster child for mental health, what with her series of chasing unavailable men, to prove she's loveable, because of her severe daddy issues. Yup, when we think of a character who has her shit together, Steffy immediately comes to mind....

Please bite your tongue that this Tiresome Threesom will continue for years(or as long as B & B remains on the air). Yes, Steffy is certainly the poster child for mental health, what with her penchant for chasing unavailable men to make her feel loveable because of her father's supposed abandantment of his family. When I think of a secure,together woman, Steffy immediatelly comes to mind. I wish I had access to Hope's pills if I'm going to have to put up with this sl for too much longer.

Brad Bell has said that he considers Hope/Liam/Steffy to be as great a triangle as Brooke/Ridge/Taylor. So Louise is not imagining things. It's clear that BB sees H/L/S as the foreseeable future of this show. I just hope something shiny distracts him.

"Yup, when we think of a character who has her shit together, Steffy immediately comes to mind...."

LMAO! It seems falling in and out of love in five seconds is being healthy for that disgusting sexist piece of garbage. Or he thinks trying to put the girl, who was more than ready to lay under him not long ago, under his son is super healthy.

But Nick was never sexist.

I don't know, he was ordering Brooke around as though she was his chattel.

Bill just keeps getting worse and worse! Steffy's faces keep making better and better screencaps.

i need a new storyline, stat!

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