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April 03, 2012

The Quick and the Sincere

And by that title, I mean my demeanor in the one brief question I must ask about today's episode of The Bold & the Beautiful:


Are Steffy and her fresh new hair extensions really going to bite Liam's ear and say, "Cha cha cha" seductively (perhaps I should put "seductively" in quotes) every time she sees him now? And is this supposed to be hot? Am I supposed to feel sexual tension or, like, maybe even turned on by this? Am I supposed to feel anything other than unbearably and squeamishly embarrassed for everyone involved, from the characters to the actors to the writers to the director to the lighting guys to the editors to every single viewer?

Oops. That was more than one question. But really, it deserves so many more. It's one thing to do it once and go, "Whoa, we gave it a shot but that really did not work and also that Liam allows it with a smile makes him look like even more of a wishy-washy douchenozzle than we already made him look since we launched this storyline (which feels like a decade ago), so let's totally never do that again and in fact pretend it never happened and maybe even take that episode down from the CBS website and not allow it to air overseas because it might damage United States international relations due to worldwide wincing and loss of respect for all things American." It's quite another to it once and then immediately do it again the next day.

God bless America, y'all. God bless America.


Are we absolutely sure that Steffy is Taylor's daughter & Hope is Brooke's? Couldn't they have been switched at birth?

Oh Em Gee, this is truly horrifying! If this is the show trying to rebuild sexual tension, they are doing the opposite of succeeding. Ughhh. Fantastically hideous screencap (thanks for including it, Louise)!

Sadly, Steffy's behavior in the workplace was somehow more believable than Amber and Rick STILL being relegated to the "20-something" set. Adrienne Frantz and Jacob Young need to head up the "30-something" set.

How utterly embarrassing.... But she is her mothers daughter. Who can forget Taylor's shameless hypocrisy and scary attempts at seducing whoever her victim is at the time?

This show has a two-teir system of writers: one level for the Hope/Steffy/Liam crap, and another for the rest of the show, as seen whenever these three or variations thereof are not on-screen. Please, please, please backburn the Douche Lord of L.A., Liam. Scott Clifton ain't no matinee idol, folks. I vote for him to reprise his role as Dillon Quartermaine on GH. But maybe people are laping up this drivel and loving it.

Steffy Steffy Steffy Steffy

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