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April 19, 2012

Theme for the Day

I guess I really cannot resist just posting lone screencaps that speak volumes and volumes today. Because:


Trapped MirrorKate! That was some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. I am just so happy right now.


As soon as I saw Kate standing inside that mirror with that look on her face, I thought, "This has got to appear on Serial Drama!" Just like when I watch certain shows and see something so campy I know they will appear that week on The Soup. Yes, sometimes a picture is worth a thousand words. I've read that OLTL had some campiness and I can see it in this story on GH. I also noticed a lot more flashbacks to scenes that happened only a day or so ago or even flashbacks to something that happened in the same episode.

Yes, Ron has missteps and yes, I wish he had dropped the D.I.D. story, but he didn't and it is what is. Try to enjoy the show, Carl-because it's hanging on by a thread and I doubt you'll get the same pleasure commenting on the afternoon version of "Good Morning, America." And Louise will definitely not do screencaps for an interview show, so chin up-it could get a lot worse.

And here's the thing-if KellySu were playing Heather, then she'd be Heather. But she's playing Kate, a person terrified of losing her sanity not Heather who actually embraces the power that image gives her. It's called acting.

Exactly, marz. Heather and Kate's brand of crazy is not the same. Heather's played like a campy victim and Kate's played like a campy horror victim. But they're both campy.

Sorry, Heather's played like a campy *villain* that should say.

Believe me, I'd love to enjoy the show. Maybe if I hadn't already seen these stories on OLTL a dozen times, I might enjoy them more. Who knows. I do enjoy Louise's blogs.

"But she's playing Kate, a person terrified of losing her sanity not Heather who actually embraces the power that image gives her. "

She tends to play both Connie and Kate, who are supposed to be very different, in the same pathetic and twitchy way (the main difference between a bad Welcome Back Kotter accent for Connie). I don't see it as a character as much as an actress flailing around with no idea what to do. Maybe that's the writing, and she has no real way to go. Still, I think the acting is a big fault in this story. Outside of pointing and laughing at the crazy lady, she brings nothing to the role.

^^ Yep. The only difference between Kate and Connie is the Brooklyn accent and the actress occasionally slips into it when playing Kate. I'd wish Connie would do something to actually hurt Sonny. I really wanted Connie to emerge on the witness stand and send Sonny up the river. Heck, even Erica Kane went to prison on AMC! I dont get the adversion writers have had to sending Sonny to prison for some time. His story wouldn't suffer and could actually improve. GH is so boring and predicable.

My biggest complaint (aside from disliking the recast and retcon in the first place) about the DID storyline is that Konnie's only plan involves sex. There are other, much more interesting ways that Konnie could sabotage Kate and Sonny's relationship. I was hoping for a full-scale betrayal to the feds. But while there are always things that aren't to everyone's tastes, I think the show is light years better under RC than it has been in years. And I'm glad for that.

OK,clearly Konnie has crossed a line. No one should be forgiven for murdering a chocolate cake.

She must be stopped.

if rc is the best thing that has happened to gh then why are the ratings dropping like a stone? the stories are retreads of stories he's already done, the plotting is awful, stories are dropped for weeks to be picked up later when viewers no longer care. obviously the campiness is not entertaining for a lot of viewers. imo rc has done nothing to improve gh. i'll give gh til may sweeps then i am probably done.

I'm sorry but she looked like a mime at a bad birthday party and I couldn't help but fall over laughing!

The DID plot is sad. It is being played for cheap laughs and since DID results from horrific abuse causing a child to develop other personalities i.e. alters to deal with the abuse, I find this in poor taste and unwatchable.

No writer would think of making a joke out of cancer, heart attacks or stroke, but making mental illness funny is OK? Maybe I'm too sensitive or maybe I just don't like soaps anymore, but I don't care much at all for GH and I rarely watch it anymore. I'm over the hilarity of mental illness, evil twins, and false paternity tests. Viki's DID was never played for laughs and Jess's first time with DID was serious when it was revealed that her DID resulted from being repeatedly molested as a very young child, but Ron wrote Jess's next battle with DID as a joke and it went over like a lead balloon. JMHO.

I think at least part of the ratings drop can be attributed to the miserable ratings for The Revolution. The entire ABC Daytime lineup is in trouble, not just daytime soaps, though obviously they are in crisis. But I think it would make more sense to attribute the ratings drop to RC if The Revolution were a huge success, and viewers were tuning out immediately afterward. That's not the case.

@Anne: The Revolution's poor ratings negatively impacts GH but when OLTL was it's lead-in, GH lost nearly 100,000 viewers of OLTL's audience. The reality is that GH has been hemorrhaging viewers for a while now. ABC/Disney has a lion's share of the blame but GH has been in a creative downward spiral for years now. As long as RC/FV adhere to Guza's vision of GH, rather than, say, Doug Marland's vision or Claire Labine's vision, means that stories with heart and soul will not show up anytime soon...and it will continue to shed viewers.

I was excited a few weeks ago when we saw more of Elizabeth and Anna and Patrick. Now we're back to mostly the same old crap, Sonny and Jason and Sam.

The ratings were up, depsite how bad The Revolution is, they're now done since F&R are telling the same stupid stories. We have a focus on 2 storylines where the protagonists are dead (Franco & Lisa). And we viewers didn't like them the first time.

I don't want to offend anyone here, but why isn't Sam considering an abortion? This is made-up TV stuff. Why wouldn't Sam (who has so often mentioned abortion in the past) even consider aborting the spawn of a rapist? The fact this hasn't even come up telegraphs pretty loudly to me that this is really Jason's kid.

And I don't think anyone can blame Jason for not jumping in saying, no problem, let's raise a psycho's kid. And I don't like Jason at all.

I still don't understand why a convicted prostitute didn't go out to purchase the morning after pill? Sam has been married six times and we're suppose to believe that she doesn't know how to take care of her money maker? Jeez. Ric said Sam had slept with half the men in the state of Jew York, so I don't buy her not going to the hospital or a free clinic. You would think Sam would at least caught an episode or two of L&O:SVU and knew how critical it was to at least make sure your vagina had been giving a clean bill of health. Jeez. Franco could have all kinds of cooties and she has now passed them off to Jason. Blech.

Sexually transmitted diseases don't exist on soaps now, unless the writing has no choice (like Robin). On OLTL, I don't think they ever made reference to Jessica possibly passing hep c off to Brody or to Ford (although maybe they did and I just don't care enough to remember).

I've heard praise for the show somehow honoring history or showing bravery by going back to finish up the Franco, Lisa, and stripper murder stories, but it just feels like filler to me. I don't know if anyone cared about the conclusion of these stories, especially since, yet again, basic details are wrong (Dolores said her husband walked with a bad limp - then when viewers see him, he casually strolls around).

There isn't a whole lot to watch. Camp and histrionics, yes, but that has a limited audience, and you can find that by watching a Real Housewives marathon.

Count me among those who just can't abide Ron C.'s handling of mental illness. He didn't create Jessica's or Viki's DID on OLTL, but on any number of counts he really handled it irresponsibly once it became his to deal with. That's not to say that I didn't occasionally find Tess (in particular) to be hilarious, but the inconsistencies in the way the DID was handled, and the completely irresponsible way he treated the integrated/not integrated issue, changing the rules practically daily sometimes, left me quite unimpressed.

However, on the whole, I think he was extremely good for One Life to Live, and his pluses outweighed this big minus. I'm also having an easier time with the GH version of DID because this is not a character I care about one whit, unlike Jessica and Viki, incredibly important characters on OLTL who were seriously damaged by how their DID stories were handled (both by Carlivati and his predecessor, Dena the Disaster Higley; Michael Malone, the headwriter who explored Viki's multiple personalities in the greatest depth, treated mental illness much more seriously and used it for actual dramatic purposes rather than just as a cheap--and progressively cheaper as time went on--plot point). For that reason, maybe using DID for humor is in this case justified. Heaven knows the show has needed humor and lightening up for a long time. I mean, this whole thing is completely ridiculous and it would be impossible to take it remotely seriously, but Carlivati and Valentini inherited a character (one of like, two dozen) who was pointless anyway, and at least now, preposterous as this all is, she's entertainingly pointless. I imagine this can't go on much longer, and then Kate/Connie will be gone, having provided at least some entertainment, which she certainly was not doing (for me, at least) before she went all DID on us. As a sort of transitional storyline while V and C reposition the characters who are hanging around and bring back some (Heather, Felicia, Anna) to help take the stories into a different place with (one hopes) better potential for real entertainment, this possibly wasn't such a bad choice.

I have no problem with anyone finding this entertaining and funny just like I have no problem with anyone finding soaps a joke and/or not giving the genre the respect warranted.

Mentally illness is not liken to being drunk or a teen having a moment over some boy but hey laugh it off, hey the next time a drunk driver kills someone on the road I might just laugh at how crazy he was driving and all the silly faces he made.

Seriously its not about if the scenes were funny or not but the fact that the story is being written for laughs that is my issue can a serious storyline have some humor in it of course. For me there are certain subjects that should never be written for jokes, rape, mentally illness, domestic abuse, etc. Can I drunk person be funny absolutely as well as someone who is mentally ill but making a joke out of their lives and their issues is another thing entirely. But like I said have on, there is a reason why soaps aren't attracting new viewers and old ones have stop watching.

"As a sort of transitional storyline while V and C reposition the characters who are hanging around and bring back some (Heather, Felicia, Anna) to help take the stories into a different place with (one hopes) better potential for real entertainment, this possibly wasn't such a bad choice."

The problem with the returns is they are just used as window dressing to continue what RC/FV and GH have done for a long time - using women to further lousy, boring stories involving their favorite leading men. Anna has no purpose on the show beyond coddling Luke and John. Heather is there for the Franco story and to make her orange son slightly less worthless to watch. The only one who might break out of that is Felicia, but Maxie's story has been so horribly written and acted for such a long time now that I doubt it will matter.

If anything the characters seem locked more into their traditional roles than ever, except maybe Luke.

Carl, point taken on the use of women to prop up male characters and their stories, but I guess we differ in that I never really expected ABC to allow RC/FV to change that dynamic at GH; it's been The Sonny and Jason Show for too long, and I suspect they're under some serious constraints in regard to what they will--and will not--be allowed to change. Still, Carlivati/Valentini's stories have been showing for, what, two months, if that? GH was in abysmal shape when they inherited it, and I don't think you can change the dynamics overnight when a show has become as badly out-of-whack as GH had gotten, so I'm willing to cut them some slack for a while and see if they can turn it around. I think even with the problem, it has improved: it's watchable some days, and that was not the case under JFP/Wolf or most of JFP/Guza. RC/FV may make something of it yet.

I can definitely see the mess they got with GH, and the lead characters. I'm sure if GH stays on long enough, that will change. I think what may not change is the continued focus on male characters, as a lot of Ron and Frank's OLTL focused on dead-eyed men and the crazy women they were burdened with.

I'll also have to admit something I recently realized: my standards have gotten a lot lower. I've watched soaps for 37 years now. The last times I saw something really, genuinely worth watching and investing in were Nancy Curlee's Guiding Light in 91-93 and then Claire Labine's GH in, what was it, 94-96? And then there was that long, long dark period of just utter dreck all over my dial--so much really, really painfully bad stuff that I watched (when I watched) pretty much out of habit and loyalty, and I single out the excruciatingly bad last four or five years of As the World Turns, which had probably been my all-time favorite, and the moral and artistic depravity of the Decade-Plus of the Mob on GH (oh, and the indescribably awful Days of James E. Reilly, how could I forget that?). And so when Carlivati gave me (on OLTL) something that I could at least watch without wanting to throw things at the screen, I think I'd been beaten down for so long by so much utterly bad soap opera that I accepted a lot that I would not have before. It might be fair to say that I don't hold him to the high standards I would have once upon a time, because he has seemed to be the only one making any effort at all. I do think the atmosphere in which soap writers now work makes it much more difficult to write genuinely good stuff than it was once upon a time, but at the same time, it's possible to allow that as an excuse for things that the writers shouldn't get a pass for, and I'm conscious sometimes that I may be guilty of that.

^^ Dear Mike, Amen to EVERY LAST WORD! You describe me perfectly. OLTL managed to bring me joy in the last full and rather consistently it's last year on the air. I am grateful to RC/FV for that but they are second-rate, yet sadly, the best the genre has right now. Being a soap viewer has been painful. I recognized long ago, I simply watched out of loyalty and no longer joy. GH brings me so little joy but I hold for dear life at the small, infrequent moments I enjoy.

GL and ATWT and AMC became unwatchable in their final years. GH has been dreadful for years but I think it's fans are clamoring for the improvements RC/FV have made. I mean the show has better direction, lighting, sets have several extras, making Port Charles seem more alive. Production is up. Story wise, the fallout from Robin's death, Patrick's mourning, Anna's return were well-written but nothing else works. I hope the writing improves and the focus is shifted from Jason, Sam, Sonny, Kaye/Connie, Carly and Johnny (and by extension Franco and Lisa Niles.)

Soapbaby--exactly. I cringed when Carlivati was first in the headwriting job at OLTL and I would read things about him like "the next Douglas Marland." It's hard to judge accurately, because the working conditions are so different, but no, I don't think so. He values some of the same things Marland did, but he's not Marland (Lemay, Curlee, Labine, or Bridget and Jerome Dobson). With Marland gone and none of the other five willing to work in soaps at the moment, Carlivati is the sole chance I see for someone in charge who might write something worth watching, and I've become conscious that I may cut him too much slack because of that. It's as though I've been given a brief reprieve from having to give up soaps entirely; I know that once he's gone, there won't be a single soap worth watching at all, and that that point would already have been passed if he were not around.

I think Kate/Connie won't be around all that much longer, and the Zaccaras might also make a permanent exit. In regard to the rest of the characters you mentioned, I just can't imagine RC and FV will be allowed by ABC to shift the focus away from them anytime soon, so I can only hope that they can be made marginally more interesting over time. If we could shift away from the mob permanently, that would be a start, and I'm thinking that process has already begun.

@Lucy D. I don't think they would have Sam consider an abortion this far along in her pregnancy. She is definately passed the first trimester. Can you imagine the giant uproar that would cause with right to life groups? That wouldn't go over really well. I can see it now, "let's have a popular soap character consider a late term abortion". Yeah, no. ABC wouldn't touch that with a 100 foot pole.

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