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April 19, 2012

Theme for the Day

I guess I really cannot resist just posting lone screencaps that speak volumes and volumes today. Because:


Trapped MirrorKate! That was some of the funniest shit I have ever seen. I am just so happy right now.


@Dawn: I agree with everything you said. I wanted add that even many abortion advocates would be troubled seeing such a story played out with a woman so far along in her pregnancy. I think getting an abortion is a moot point now.

@Michael: Another eloquent post! Clearly you know soaps well and how they work. Many times I have stopped watching an episode of GH or DAYS and watched a DVD of ATWT or GL. The quality of the writing far exceeds any thing on our screens currently. My biggest problem with Carvialti is how inconsistent his quality was on OLTL. Its ebbs and flows were extreme you watched Jerry Ver Dorn work wonders with Clint Buchanan and on the other there was Farah Fath mugging at the screen. Carvialti gave us Rapemance, part 1 (Todd and Marty) and part 2 (Jessica and Ford), the Morasco Fiasco part 1 and 2, the Buchaninzing of David and Rex, the ruination of Marty Saybrooke, horrid 40th anniversary stories, the murder of Evangeline Williamson, the disastirous returns of DID, the Ford Brothers, and turning Robin Strasser into a comic relief character whose main story was waiting around for David Vickers.

RC's track record is piss-poor, with far more fails than successes and tons of offensively bad storytelling, but when he nailed it, he was quite exceptional.

@Soapbaby: "RC's track record is piss-poor, with far more fails than successes and tons of offensively bad storytelling, but when he nailed it, he was quite exceptional." And that, alas (and I agree with the majority of what you pointed out as flaws, some of which I'd entirely forgotten about), points out exactly what we've come to, in regard to soap writing: I'm so glad now when somebody gets it right at least some of the time that I overlook or forget or excuse the dreck. Time was, I wouldn't have put up with it (because there would have been something better to watch, somebody else who was getting it right the majority of the time, and I'd have chosen to spend time watching that show instead). Pity, isn't it?

I think after RC did not get the reaction he wanted to the Todd/Marty rapemance, and especially after the firings of Kyle/Fish/Rachel/Sky/Stacy, he just seemed to give up on any attempts at genuine soap writing. He's good now at parodies of parodies of parodies. This can work if you are looking for a parody, but I also want to see genuine drama. I have not seen that from a Ron Carlivati show in years, and since I did see it until 2009, I do think he is capable of it. He just doesn't try.

The biggest flaw in his writing is that he has characters do disgusting things and then handwaves it. I never, ever forgot that Clint Buchanan had Nora nearly raped or murdered by a psychopath, that Clint giddily manipulated his nephew into a complete mental breakdown and finally a year-long coma, and who sat by doing nothing while his grandson was dying of leukemia. I didn't see this as campy soap, or as "soapy goodness," or anything but sickening behavior which mostly involved tormenting young people who had done nothing to him. Yet all they could do was say, "He's just like Asa! He's just like Asa!" Fine. Then stick to that. Instead, he had a hurt heart, gave away his fortune for about two weeks, and ended the show happy and reunited with Viki (a woman who had been terrorized by sociopath men for much of her life and I don't believe ever would have gone near Clint after what he did).

If Ron starts writing for monstrous characters who stay that way, and can actually begin telling stories with decent pacing and continuity (instead of things like John's random dead sister, or John telling Starr he will be there for her at the trial and then skipping it), not to mention finding some characters who are actually sympathetic, then I think he will improve GH. I don't think it's impossible, because he used to try not all that long ago.

@Michael: The state of the soap opera genre is a crying shame.

@Carl: I agree with you. I resented the Clint-Asa comparison. Asa would have never done those things to his family_NEVER. Clint Buchanan was a noble character and transformed into cartoonish monster by RC but back again to a more noble Clint by the show's end. I thought Clint's crimes were outrageously despicable and unforgivable but I forgave him because the character was written back "in-character" by the show's and Jerry Ver Dorn has been one of the most dynamic actors in daytime history. (I was a huge fan of his when he was Ross Marler on GL!)

The problem with GH is that the canvas is mainly composed of highly unlikeable, unsympathetic characters. I know I am supposed to feel badly for Sonny, Sam, Kate and Maxie but they are all reprehensible and have been for years. Their being despicable is actually "in character!" RC has to make major changes to the fabric of the show and give these charcters either major overhauls, the backburner or the actors their walking papers. This show needs a big shakeup, not a vision in-line with Robert Guza's but rather Claire Labine's!

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