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April 17, 2012

This Scenery Is Delicious

It's true that most of what unfolded, story-wise, on General Hospital today was the opposite of compelling. "Oh, yes! It's the one where we find out if Sonny, the central character on this show whose various misdeeds are swept under rugs and hidden with posters saying 'Yeah, but he LOVES his kids! Especially Michael and Dante, but also the other one! Two! I mean two!', is going to go to prison for a crime he did not commit. Wait, it's also the one where Sam and John McBain have a variation of the same conversation they've been having for two weeks? All of this AND more about the exotic dancer attacks that not even the actors involved can feign interest in*?! This is way too much entertainment for one hour!'**

But it's equally true, if not more true, that I had absolutely no problems rewatching this episode today solely for the CAH-RAZY facial expressions that marched in the epic parade of overacting.




Well, contorted eyebrows and fearsome snarls are one way to inject entertainment into a storyline whose conclusion we all saw coming the day it began...

The other way to entertain? Turn Sonny's emotional stuntedness and ridiculous immaturity from subtext to text.

Sonny: When are you going to realize you're dating a moron?

Sonny: He set me up like he always does and he failed like he always does, because. He. Is. A. Loser.

If he had said the above with an L-for-loser hand gesture, I would have declared this blog a Sonny Appreciation Society for six whole hours.

*Really, though, it's Ronnie, right? And Lulu is going to be the one to piece it together (possibly while undercover as something totally salacious like a stripper or a fetish model or something because he might be gone, but the Guza looms large in this town) and Ronnie will get one long, Bond-villain like monologue where the Brooklyn accent is multiplied tenfold and his fake black hair gleams in the light? Because really, the not at all suspicious face he made when Lulu mused that Padilla's husband is innocent was just so...it was so.

Ronnie awkward
"Nothing to see here, Lulu, how about them Yankees, you can't prosecute me, I'm above the law, what, nothing, am I yelling? It's really hot in here. BROOKLYN!"

**Normally I would consider Heather Webber too be too much entertainment for even ten hours, because she is an unhinged treasure, but the presence of Steven dragged the fun way, way down.


"Unhinged treasure." What a perfect way to describe Heather. Love her. And she can slip Olivia some LSD tea anytime now.

From the sublime (the entire Robin tragedy-phenomenal acting by Finola Hughes and Jason Thompson) and now back to the ridiculous (i.e. everyone else in PC). New writer = same show, different day....

Does M. Bernard have pictures of ABC execs molesting goats or something? This is ridiculous.

Thanks for the Starr pic. Perfection. Well the show is crap, but the freeze is perfection.

I really wish Lulu would find a career and stick to it, and no I don't mean working at the PCPD a la Natalie on OLTL.

I just realized that Johnny is banging the mother whose son whacked his sister/mother in the head. Nasty.

I'm beginning to think that Starr really needs someone familar to act against (Blair, Dorian, Addie, Viki, Todd, Victor, Tea, etc) because she's really starting to get on my nerves, and I have loved Starr/KA since she was a tiny tot on OLTL.

Starr/KA is stinking up the place and if she needs someone familiar to act against then the girl can't act. She has no range and this material is far beyond her abilities. As for every thing else the show is suck in awful and the new writers and their stories are not helping

I'm not a fan of Starr, but I've come to accept that she's going to be around. I pray for the scenes where she doesn't scream, those aren' so bad. But as LadyBug says, she really needs to be acting with characters like Todd or Victor, Tea or Blair. She's so much better acting and reacting with adults characters she has a history with. Still not a fan, but she's better then...

Thank God he was found not guilty. I was really afraid, considering his expressions both in court and at home today, that if he'd been given any bad news, even his industrial strength gas-ex wouldn't have been enough to keep him from poisoning the town. The poor guy just looks so uncomfortable.

At least now he can go home with Kate/Connie, open a celebratory can of Chef Boyardee Beefaroni, strip down so Kate/Connie can give him a full body spray of Bronzz, and he and Kate/Connie can make love in front of his limited edition Thomas Kincade, The Prayer for Peace, with a cd of Yanni going in the background.

Sonny is Klass with a Kapital K.

If he plays his cards right, I'll bet Spinelli will come over and do his striptease version of the Dance of the Seven Veils for him. Only Stone Cold has seen it so far.

As for Heather being crazy, I'm not seeing it. In fact, so far, the woman is right on with her opinions.

She says Jason is rude - he is rude.

She thinks Dullivia is an over-the-hill crude, tasteless, loudmouthed buttinsky. Who can argue with that?

She says Sam is brat - Sam is a brat. (But you have to love watching this woman with a high-risk pregnancy walk around town on 10 inch stilettos, quietly sobbing and whining like she was told that she was going to be paired romantically with a garden gnome. Oh, wait, that actually has happened.....

Speaking of garden gnomes, has Jason EVER had more of an acting range than from A to B? I swear Park Bench in Pine Valley, and most definitely Chandelier in Llanview had both more personality, and they were more integral to both the cast and storyline development.

^^ boes - You pretty much said it all. Man, Park Bench and Chandeleir should have gotten Emmy consideration. ;-)

Not much to say about the show that hasn't already been said (or perfectly captured in screencaps.) I will add that I have watched Starr Manning since her first appearance on OLTL and I adored the little actress. Sadly, I have not enjoyed Kristen Alderson's performances for over five years now. It's got nothing to do with the "acting style" accepted on OLTL versus GH. IMO, the strongest actors on OLTL out-performed the stronger actors on GH. I'd take Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser or Jerry Ver Dorn over Tony Geary, Maurice Benard or Laura Wright any day! I digress, back to Kristen Alderson/Starr. She is incapable of telling the demanding stories she has been given. I mean before she has even turned 21 she has mourned her dead baby twice now! The actress doesn't need more acting work onscreen but rather some serious classes, coaching and, perhaps, a break away. Her brother Eddie Alderson is a much finer actor and has never been featured as much. Maybe the breaks away helped.

"Unhinged treasure." That is Robin Mattson <3 <3

" IMO, the strongest actors on OLTL out-performed the stronger actors on GH. I'd take Erika Slezak, Robin Strasser or Jerry Ver Dorn over Tony Geary, Maurice Benard or Laura Wright any day!"

I don't think those are GH's strongest actors. GH's strongest actors, like NLG, just aren't given material. Instead, you have bored, lazy actors like Benard, Burton, and then Laura Wright, who behaves more like she is auditioning for Real Housewives.

It doesn't help that RC/FV focus more on point-and-laugh style material, not material which can bring out quality performances. Much of the acting in OLTL's last few years was terrible. Even Robin Strasser often lost all control. The trash spectacles of the last few years was a showpiece for awful actors like Bree Williamson, John Paul Lavoissier, the Fords, Farah Fath, etc.

So RC/FV are just more likely to write shriekfests designed to make us laugh at Kelly Sullivan, Jen Lilley, et al. Even Finola Hughes, someone I've enjoyed in the past, just doesn't seem to be there now.

I hate that Lulu, the file clerk, will solve the stripper attacks. This job of looking down her nose at various people is not really what Lulu's already self-righteous and judgmental character needed to attract support. She has 2 speeds-being there for whatever man she's currently involved with, and looking down on everyone else. Not really getting my support for her character staying on the canvas. The show has already reduced her presence, which I'm eternally grateful for.

Some ideas for stories. . .

Keep this Franco baby thing . . don't reverse the paternity. Some men, even on soaps, raise and love children other than their own. . .Jason was even one of them. But it would make a good story to watch it unfold.

Let it be Sam's insecurities and whininess in general that breaks up the couple and not Jason's supposed inability to raise and love the son of a man he hates, because history tells us that he's totally capable of raising and loving a baby (Michael) of a man he hates (AJ). They will likely have to be broken up if the John/Sam thing is going to happen (and it certainly should. . KM and ME have very good chemistry. . .way more than KM and SB.)

Bring back the Q's. . .I'm just gonna keep yelling this til someone listens. There are so many ways you could go here. . .Dillon, Lois, Ned, Brooklyn(?? really??) Make Michael a business major who has Edwards knack for it and have he and Ned/Dillon/Brooklyn?? go at it over ELQ. Have Dillon go after LULU again.. . make the abortion a sore spot between Olivia (maybe Dante) and Lulu. Have them all work together to bring down Anthony. Note to producers. . .you don't even have to use the same actors that were previously in the roles. . .you CAN recast!!

Someone, please give Alexis a story. NLG is SOOOO being wasted on this show. She is SOOOO good. Wake up!

Finally, just wanted to comment that RoboPadilla was great today. . .she was actually pretty good yesterday too when she was acting all nervous and hurt that they would consider her hubby a suspect. Today she (and the new hubby. . .he looks like someone I've seen in ads or something) were VERY good imo.

Oh, and by the way bring back the Q's!!

What happened to the "Lulu is becoming an alcoholic like Luke" storyline? Did that get dropped by RC?

RC dropped Lulu being a drunk s/l.

RC & FV should have also just dropped the stripper stalker story. None of the strippers are main characters. Abby died from a crane (!), not the stalker. What's Ronnie's motivation to beat up strippers and then frame Delores's husband. Most of us don't care about Delores, and her husband just appeared yesterday. Ronnie is a peripheral character also. Maybe this was supposed to have been a much bigger story. I promise, we would have been all too happy to pretend this story never happened!

And having watched today's episode: I imagine Mallory is debating whether or not to make some sort of Pac-Man joke, since the scenery continued to be devoured...

Well, at least Lulu has some experience being a ho-bag from her brothel days while searching for Luke. Maybe she still has the wardrobe, so she's pushing Dante so she still has some place to wear it. I'm guessing it's not in the bedroom since it would bring up some...ahem..."bad memories."

Glad someone else "pointed" out the ridiculous stiletto boots Sam was wearing. At one point, I swear, she tripped a little while walking towards the "faux water." I would have had the vapors with laughter if she had fallen in.

I wasn't a OLTL watcher, but Starr is just GRATING. She shrieks and squawks like a pissed off bird. No wonder Carly likes her. They can shriek like banshees around Port Charles together.

Totally agree that Heather is an "unhinged treasure"; however, enough with the GH women and mental hospitals. Almost every woman on the show was, is, or should be institutionalized (yes, I'm talking to you Maxie).

And if Lulu wants to find a career, she should stop this odd fascination with dressing like a stripper, or dog walking, and go back to college-- that's the solution to most of GH women-- less Shadybrooke, more PCU.

I miss Robin.

I can't with Starr. Don't like KA's acting. She's just not good. I don't care at all that she lost Cole and her baby. She and Cole were one of the most boring over hyped super couples. I even hate the name Cole. She's making me root for Sonny. Her monologues about how sad she is do nothing but annoy me. And she and Michael have no chemistry.

Looking forward to see cool stuff from you guys!

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