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April 13, 2012

Trial of the Century! Or, You Know, the Day.

Whichever comes first.

So first we got Jesse Vasquez, D.A., otherwise known as the man who totally ruined Andrea Zuckerman as a character on Beverly Hills, 90210. Well, okay, to be fair it might have been more that they wrote a "challenges of raising a baby when you're still just kids yourselves!" storyline for actors who looked to be in their forties at the time, but whatever. Jesse sucked and he was rude to Dylan McKay, love of my life.


There won't be forgiveness anytime soon, Vasquez! Think again!

But I digress. (Which is totally unlike me!)

Speaking of Sonny's super-exciting trial in which they'll probably totally prove that Sonny's guilty and send him to prison for the rest of his life (Right? We're all dying to see if that happens, right? Oh, the suspense!), just a quick note to the GH directing team: there are a number of GH-only viewers bristling at the introduction of the OLTL crossover characters. Eventually they'll be integrated into the show enough that they'll be taken as any other new character -- on their own merits, some will hate them and some will love them. But a hint? If you want the character of Starr Manning to win any viewers over, stop letting her make this face.


It's odd that a simple facial expression can make a character wholly unsympathetic but I assure you, it can! The perma-snarl is not doing the eldest Manning child any favors.

Fortunately they really sped through the trial since it's not really the point, as we all know Sonny didn't do it (our first clue being the fact that he was accused of it), and they did so to get to what is clearly the main event:


Kate! Connie! This should at least be good for some entertainment. I'm looking forward to her testimony mostly because the only times I've enjoyed this whole "Connie" alter is when she's not doing the Soap D.I.D. standard of emerging and immediately attempting to dry-hump the nearest male. Granted this has been rare, and she still could full well wrap a leg around Jesse Vasquez, D.A., but I'm hoping this gets contained to some hilarious testimony antics.


 Now I'm going to need to beg.


Please please please please please don't do this. Please do not go the romantic route with Luke and Anna! Please! I'm enjoying watching their friendship develop (despite the show's implication that they have been besties forever which, of course, we know is not the case -- so I'm pretending this is meant to be the forging of friendship bonds rather than the falling-back into them). But no way no how should they ever date. Ever. Ever. Did I mention ever?

However please do continue to let Heather make Luke squirm!


Robin Mattson has just been killing it since her return. She makes a delicious meal out of every scene she's in. And instead of isolating her opposite just one or two characters, they're really letting her dole out her special brand of crazy. I can't wait till she gets to the rest of the town (dull as Jason often is, his reaction shots to abject lunacy are always worth the price of admission), but for now, Sam's got to contend with her:


Yikes! And Heather has conveniently shown up right in the middle of Sam's latest paternity test, and I do believe we all know full well that Ron Carlivati will not be able to resist making that a total non-coincidence. (Which is cool and fun and all, Ron, but can we put in a request to actually get the DNA test stuff cleared up before, like, the series finale? [Which is now farther away than we thought and will hopefully be eternally far away, of course. Knock on wood!] Because that would rock. Thanks.)

Because obviously Sam will not get the results she's hoping for since they laid it on so thick with the tinkly sentimental music during the sonogram yesterday:


Soaps don't have happy-moment scenes for the sake of happy moments, of course. Happy-moment scenes exist just to make the shitstorm around the corner all that much more of a fall. (Although really, don't get me started on Jason being the adoring daddy-to-be when he gave up his last child to protect him from the danger of his job, while for this one he has not for a second considered [a] doing the same thing or [b] you know, leaving that job. Why does this child not deserve the same consideration? This man is the moral center of the show why again?) (I'll stop there 'cause we'd be here all day.)


In brief... last night I went to an OLTL charity auction. I met some fun OLTL people and got away with some cool loot (my favorite: the architect's floor plans for the Lord cabin), but most importantly I got to see this poster in person:


It was just as beautiful to behold close up, y'all. Every bit as beautiful. And I would have bid on the thing too if I'd been able to fit it in a cab, but that wasn't going to happen. That's a little dream I'll just continue to hold in my heart...

Happy Friday the 13th, y'all!


So, not getting my point. I'm not saying that she didn't want to get pregnant or have a child with Lucky. What I'm saying is while with Lucky through conversations as well as while alone, she didn't voice anything about wanting to be a mother in conversations during those times. And so what if she was infertile. Last time I checked, that wasn't the only way to have a baby. That's the point I'm making. The only time that Sam has expressed wanting to have a child is when she was with Jason. What I'm saying is that from late 2007 after the break up with Jason, all the way to 2010 there was no mention that I can recall out of Sam's mouth about this great desire to have a baby. And I really I have no problem if she expressed a moment of doubt about having this baby. Any woman would. In fact that's the reason I want this baby to remain Franco's because I would like to see, knowing that this is not Jason's child how she handles the situation since for so many years she's had her mind set on just having Jason's child.

I guess I'm not getting your point, no. Sure, while she was infertile she could have expressed interest in adopting a child with a man she was casually dating, or as a single mother who works long, unpredictable hours as PI. But the fact that she didn't doesn't really prove anything other than not everyone who wants to be a parent wants to adopt, and not everyone who wants a baby is ready for single parenthood. And since the subject of her infertility was consistently portrayed as extremely painful to her, I don't really find it surprising that she didn't talk about it a lot when she felt it was a moot point. *shrugs*

In any case, to get back to the post -- Louise, I'm super jealous you got to see the Vicker man poster in person! Was it just as beautiful as I've always imagined?

Yea, you're not getting my point and part of me feels like you're trying not to get my point, so we will agree to disagree with the fact that outside of her relationship with Jason, they never really sold Sam as a character that had a desire for a baby.

Elizabeth, you really have to stop making sense all the time.

And yes, Sam was infertile after being shot. It took a medical treatment that was new and revolutionary for her to even have the slightest chance of being pregnant. (SOAPS!)

So, when she was with Lucky, there was no reason to long for a child, because she had been told she could not have one. And how devil damn dare she not want the child of a psychotic rapist. That should be every woman's dream...Where's my sarcasm emoticon?

Kermitklein, I get your point, but I specifically disagree with your conclusions. What I remember is that the one time that Sam and Jason tried to adopt, the teen mother changed her mind, and during the aftermath there was a scene in which they acknowledged that it would be very hard for people with their track records to adopt. I also remember that Sam was heartbroken after Manny shot her in the uterus and rendered her (supposedly) infertile. I also remember several scenes during that time in which the show dramatized Sam coming to terms with that, and periodic reflections of regret on her part for something she assumed she would never have afterwards. The show actually did that particular arc believably and well, I think. Finally, the option to have surgery that would restore her ability to get pregnant was offered after she reunited with Jason. I simply do not see how any of that means that Sam doesn't want a baby unless Jason is the father.

Yep Jason is "absolutely sure" that Sonny would "confess" if he was the one who caused the accident that killed a little baby girl, BUT NOT because the logistics of it don't work. . .of course he was sexing up Kate/Connie just after that, so maybe his left arm was capable of shooting. . .just seems to me someone should bring it up.

Pfft. Once a pregnant Sam sat her tush on Jason's sofa, she figured out that he would NEVER leave her or her baby, unlike Sonny who wanted Carly, Michael and Morgan. Amelia told Jason that Sam was going to hire a surrogate to have their baby while he was in lockup at the PCPD. Jason said Sam wouldn't do something like that, until Amelia told him about his girlfriends knowledge about Jake. Robin wanted to be a mother and worked hard to make that happen. Sam? Ummm. No, Sam never went out to hire a surrogate to carry her eggs and sperm once she was with Lucky or even alone. Nope! Sam knew Jason walked away from Jake after he almost died in the roadhouse, and knew that he was never going to put his child in danger. Of course, that all changed once Frons realized that Jason would have to claim Jake before Sam could have a baby, and decided to fire Becky Herbst and kill off Jake.

I, too, would have rather seen Sam struggle with the knowledge that she could terminate her pregancy which rendered her uterus back to its old self, give her baby up for adoption, raise the child, or go the surrogate route if she terminated her pregancy. I am really enjoying watching Addison over on Private Practice struggle to have a baby after terminating her pregnancy with Derek's BFF Mark years ago. We see a woman going through all kinds of hell to have a baby and I think GH really cheated Sam out of that type of story line when they went the lazy way of immediately making sure that Jason gets his replacement baby now that Jake is dead.

Like I said, agree to disagree, becauase I can show you many of scenes where Sam's focus on having a baby was just with Jason and her 'desire' to have a baby was non-existant when she wasn't with him. If nothing alone, the fact that after her procedure that Jason said he may never want a child and Sam was all "we might not have a kid" tells me plenty that unless Jason was on board to have a child she wouldn't have a child.

Everyone is focusing on when she became infertile and when she had the procedure. That's not what I'm focusing on. I'm focusing on the lack of her mentioning having a baby during late 2007 all the way to early 2010 when really it came off like it was put into overdrive after she saw Jason with Jake.

And that's nice that people are all "well she reconciled that she wouldn't have children" because she was infertile and she couldn't adopt. And that's like really to me. Because I could have sworn there was other options than just adoption and carrying a baby. Options that Sam herself delved into (2005-the black market baby and 2007-surrogancy).

The show for me simply did not sale that Sam had this great desire to have a baby whether Jason was on board or not. To me they have always sold that she wanted Jason's baby and if it wasn't Jason's baby, then she can do without. And yes, she had odds against her because of her infertility and criminal record, but you have Robin who was HIV positive that desired to have a child even when Patrick wasn't on board with it. To me they displayed Robin as a woman that has always desired to have a child for herself way better then they ever displayed Sam wanting to have a child for herself. To me, they have always displayed Sam as a woman that pretty much wanted a child just to hold on to Jason.

Sam made the wrong choice by not going to the hospital and having a rape kit done after what happened in Hawaii, as she finally admitted to John McBain recently. At the hospital, she would've been offered the morning-after pill, and presto, no baby-daddy drama. I was perplexed and wondered if Jason & Sam don't receive Law & Order: SVU in Port Charles, because the rest of the country knows that Standard Operating Procedure when you've been raped, or suspect you've been raped. So her situation is a lot less sympathy-inspiring than it needed to be.

Just to add a bit to the Sam debate..

Since we all know (whether it's true or not) that Sam will believe the baby is Franco's, just like Natalie on OLTL, Sam will continue the lie to protect Jason and THAT is a story that I DO NOT want to watch. Ugh.

I can't figure out how it's a bad thing that Sam didn't run around with baby rabies for years and only wants a child with her husband.

Okay, let's say -- for the sake of argument -- that Sam felt no sadness about her infertility when she wasn't with Jason and never wanted a child unless he was involved. I still don't understand why this is a valid criticism of her desire to have a child at all. I mean, if it's wrong to only want a baby under certain circumstances (i.e. with a committed partner whom you love) then most of the parents I know were wrong.

Sam made the wrong choice by not going to the hospital and having a rape kit done after what happened in Hawaii [...] So her situation is a lot less sympathy-inspiring than it needed to be.

Putting aside the fact that 99.9% of soap rape victims* make this same exact "wrong choice" for the sake of better drama, the idea that a victim who doesn't react perfectly isn't deserving of sympathy is really, really problematic to me.

*Including Liz, and please don't try to tell me it was okay for her because she was a teenager but not Sam because she was an adult. Rape is rape, trauma is trauma. People don't react rationally, even when they know better.

Another excellent post, Elizabeth.

And the show is giving Sam consequences for the decisions she made out of emotion, not logic.It's realistic that there are consequences. She destroyed evidence of the rape and (in a worst case scenario)may have risked the health of herself, Jason and the baby. So, yes, there should be some consequences, but they should not include being called a baby hating slut/skank.

I'm totally sympathetic to Sam. I can certainly understand just wanting to get rid of everything connected to a psychopath drugging and raping you. And it is the SOAPy way.

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