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May 13, 2012

Mother Knows Best. Or Worst. Or Something.

One of the many things I love about soap operas is the comically low standards the characters and writers have for good parenting. Sonny Corinthos, for example, occasionally says positive things about his children and has only shot one of them, so he's constantly lauded as the greatest parent in all of Port Charles; his ex-wife is probably the runner up, referred to constantly as a great mother because...she seems to like Joss? Which, you know, who wouldn't?! The late and spectacularly unlamented Babe Carey and her equally repellent mother Krystal stole and SOLD children on All My Children and all people could talk about was how these two were the pinnacle of motherhood (the months since AMC's cancellation has not at all lessened my hatred for these two fictional creatures).

But there ARE some good mothers out in soapdom, and in honor of Mother's Day, I'd love to know: who is your FAVORITE soap mom? Biological mothers, adoptive mothers, mother figures, mothers who live entirely offscreen, mothers who are actually terrible but get treated like icons. Let's list away!


I meant, she's MY favorite TV mom period!

Erica Kane, Kendall Hart Slater, Blair Cramer, Dorian Lord, Elizabeth Webber, Laura Spencer, Alexis Davis, and Heather Webber (! come on, I HAD to; this crazy, delightful bitch is willing to do ANYTHING to protect her kid).

Mona Kane
Maureen Bauer
Robin Scorpio

Liz Webber and Alice Horton.


Good moms..

1. Alexis on GH

2. Nora on OLTL

Bad ones....

1. Taylor on B&B...for ignoring her daughter's hatred of Brooke and Hope, calling it reasonable....

2. Felicia on GH for allowing Frisco to do whatever the heck he wanted, which usually involved his leaving her and their child alone...so he could play spy...

3. Stephanie on B&B, for siding with Taylor after she ran down Darla....which involved lying to her son and granddaughter...

4. Krystal on AMC, for encouraging her daughter to lie, cheat, and steal for a meal ticket....

Blair and Viki for best OLTL moms, hands down. Especially when Starr was pregnant, Blair was so good with her and was always there for her.

Kendall, Bianca, and Marissa from AMC were so good with their kids. Marissa treated AJ like he was her own, even though he was her nephew/stepson. And when Bianca and Marissa got together, Marissa took in Gabby and Miranda and Bianca took in AJ.

Robin and Elizabeth on GH... and they're about the only decent mothers I can think of on recent GH. Anna and Laura are great when they show up, but that's not too often, unfortunately. Robin was so devoted to her family, and even when she and Patrick were having issues, she never let it affect how she treated Emma. And Elizabeth may make some questionable choices, but she loves Cam and Aiden (and DOESN'T shoot them) and was absolutely heartbroken when Jake was killed.

Worst mothers on daytime:
-Carly Jacks (GH)- I feel no need to elaborate on this.
-Annie Chandler (AMC)- I love her, but the girl is CRAZY.
-Babe Carey (AMC)- SHE STOLE HER BEST FRIEND'S BABY. Enough said.
-Jessica Brennan (OLTL)- Again, I love her, but she's got to get a grip. I felt bad for her the first few times her alters came out, but then it just got old and seemed more like she was using it as an excuse to avoid her life.

Oh, here are some more...

Good moms...

1. Bobbie on GH...I loved her marriage to Tony...

2. Beth on B&B...

3. Sally on B&B...

Bad ones...

1. Carly, GH

2. Helena, GH

3. Gloria, Y&R

4. Daisy, Y&R

Mine would have to be Rachel Cory from AW. That was the first soap I watched with MY mom. I loved Mac and Mitch and that storyline. I also loved Carl Hutchins. Anyone remember 'Edge of Night'?? I used to race home from school to watch that. Wow, I am really dating myself here! Lol.

Natalie Buchanan, Blair Cramer, Kendall Hart, Chloe Mitchell, Elizabeth Webber.

Elizabeth Webber, hands down.

On a similar note, can't wait to see what type of psycho sexy danger-loving', poor judgement, manipulative, more-crying'-than-my-kid, breast-feeding mutha Sam McCall is gonna be! Tee here.

Sorry, but I just can't agree on Emma Snyder. This woman had no problems with her younger daughter (Meg) marrying her 1st cousin, who raped her older sister & ended up being Lily's dad. She also had no problems with the same daughter having an affair with her sister-in-law's 2nd husband. And didn't seem to have a problem with her son sleeping with his cousin's ex-wife. Give me Nancy Hughes any day of the week!

That said, I actually prefer the interesting moms:

Reva Shayne (the slut of Springfield)
Barbara Stenbeck (who loved her 2 sons just a little too much, but didn't cross that line)
Blair Cramer (no explaination needed)
Carly Jacks (yes, I went there!)
Dorian Lord (see Blair above)

Like I said, love 'em or hate 'em, they kept/keep things interesting.

Blair Cramer Manning

Cassie Carpenter

Dorian Cramer Lord

Viki Lord Buchanan

Kendall Hart Slater

Erica Kane (in later years)

Bianca Montgomery

Elizabeth Webber

Laura Webber Spencer

Leslie Webber

Lila Quartermaine

Monica Quartermaine (before the show turned her into a shrew)

Viki's my fave of all time - probably in part cuz ES resembles my actual mom, lol. But Blair was so good with Sam, who wasn't even hers, and when Starr was pregnant she protected her from TSJTodd's insanity. I loved that.

I also vaguely remember the grandmotherly ways of Alice Horton, Maggie Horton, who only had stepchildren if I recall but was still great with them, and Julie (Williams?) being stepmother to her young half-sister, Hope!

And finally for GH, Bobbie Spencer all the way. I don't actually remember her kids, but I remember her compassion with Elizabeth after the rape, going against medical rules to give her the morning-after pill when it was illegal. She was so maternal and it was beautiful. I like Liz as a mom too because they make it so real with her where it's not real at all with the other mothers on the show. I used to like Carly as a mom (I know, how could a mob mom be good. And yet...) and Alexis when Kristina was little. Gee, I guess there have been quite a few good soap moms out there through the years :)

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