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May 09, 2012

A Happy Return and a Good Laugh

I admit I have extremely mixed feelings about Todd Manning on General Hospital. Sure, part of it is that it's bittersweet to see any Llanview residents in Port Charles because it serves as a reminder that One Life to Live is no more. And in many ways it would be easier on my heart just to imagine the characters living on happily with their families. And while I really love Todd Manning as a character (I phrase it that way to emphasize that I find him compelling, not that I think he's a super-swell guy who I'd really root for in real life), my very favorite thing about Todd Manning just happens to be Blair. So it's hard to see him without her -- even broken up they're better in each other's orbits than outside of them. Not to mention one of the coolest things about how they've developed his character over the years is that they resisted the urge to turn a gray-hat former gang rapist into some heartthrob who went from hot relationship to hot relationship. We've only ever seen him with Blair and with Téa (and in both cases, these were not typical romances by any means), and sexual intimacy has always been a careful issue for him. And that is so important to me. If you're going to pull that standard soap trick of turning a rapist into a viable leading man, it's the only way I can stomach it. I absolutely in no way, shape, or form, ever ever want to see Todd bounced from leading lady to leading lady and put through the usual battalion of chem-tests. I will lose my lunch. 

And, since I've launched into this dissertation, another thing that worried me was that we already have Sonny, a bad boy who gets away with tons of stuff but who genuinely loves his family and sometimes his woman and always has a gaggle of people making excuses for him, and do we really need another? And yes, I find Todd a million times more compelling because of his self-loathing and his constant battles with himself, but still. Might it be too much? 

So I was nervous. Very nervous. And today I was reminded why there's so much more that differentiates him from Sonny and the number one characteristic? Humor. Sonny is rarely written to have much of a sense of humor and, in fact, is quite frequently such a depressing wet blanket. The trademark Todd Manning humor was a breath of fresh air for me today.


So for now, I am cautiously optimistic and very glad to see him. For now. And he apparently is free of all charges due to PTSD which, ha, but it would be a pretty easy case to argue considering what he'd been put through for eight years (although I loved that his original version was that they acquitted him because his mother didn't love him!).

Also, I love how people (especially Sonny) on this show routinely point guns at people and threaten to kill them and then either change their minds or are somehow thwarted and it's either witnessed by or admitted to the police and nobody ever gets arrested for attempted murder, ever. Because attempted murder is not really a crime in Port Charles. And now Starr's locked up for it. I can't say I hate Michael for it, though, because it stops the cycle. I know he did it for childish reasons, but honestly if he'd ever been held accountable for flirting with crime early on, he might not have gone in the direction he did. (Of course here I am applying psychological growth principles to GH, when we know full well Starr won't "learn" from this because... well, soaps!)

Also, Téa!


While I definitely question the wisdom of using the appearance of another show's never-before-seen-in-Port-Charles character as the episode-ending cliffhanger, I do love me some FloLo and I am psyched for this visit.


I love Sam's hair like that.


And that little cardigan is adorbs. 

Speaking of Sam, her husband Jason, who has spent most of this week all rage-y at John McBain for the horrible sin of, you know, saving his pregnant wife's life (what was Jason's implication there? Next time you see my wife in danger, go ahead and leave?), has a lot better perspective on how other men can show support to their lady-friends-in-crisis and asked Sonny today to show a little compassion to Kate, especially because Sonny has had his own struggles with psychological issues. 

Now, I spoke highly about Todd's sense of humor above, but Sonny's response to Jason's suggestion was actually the biggest laugh of the day by a country mile. 

"I never made excuses and blamed someone else!"

Sonny insisted that he never used his bipolar disorder to make excuses for his behavior? Hahahahahaha! I am dying here. Dying. He even said he didn't find some other person to blame his actions on and a big flashing sign that said DEKE started flying through my television screen. It is unfathomable that lightning did not strike him right in the center of his forehead when he started in on that.


Well, the crappy-ass Daytime Emmy nominations came out today (that said, go Jason Thompson! Do it! Get it!) and I'm going to spend the next 12 months campaigning my little heart out for OLTL to get an Outstanding Drama Series nomination next year because for serious, those nine episodes that aired in 2012 deserve it, dammit. I know, I know. But I can't give up the ghost.

We also learned that Jason Cook will no longer be bringing Dr. Matt Hunter to our screens, which I think sucks because they finally started to give the guy some real storyline and personality and I've started really enjoying the heck out of him, so obviously this is the time they choose to write him out (and lamely pin the Lisa Niles murder on him, thus preposterously making Maxie out to be some sort of absurd martyr). Way to go! More time for more Sonny stories or some nonsense.


I do think Roger Howarth has been pretty good since his return last year.

(Sorry, there doesn't seem to be an edit feature)

Guess the rumor I read some time ago is true, that Jason Cook(Matt) will eventually return to his original role as Shawn Brady on DOOL.Good luck to him and, hopefully, he will be given something worthwhile to do. Hate how they're writing him off GH.

Carl, for me it's not that OLTL was perfect, or even close; it wasn't, and out of your list, I would particularly agree about the attempted deification of Ford (although at least we did get the satisfaction of having him end up in hell), and would add the total trashing of the character of Marty, which I thought was appalling. But even with that, for me it was head and shoulders above the rest. There was a great deal of good stuff, and more often than not, I was entertained, and I wanted more and was genuinely sorry it was gone when it ended. I hadn't had a soap do that for me in years, and it was much, much more than I got out of any other soap in 2011--worlds of difference. For that reason, I can't imagine nominating others but not nominating OLTL, both for show and writing.

In a world in which nobody got nominated for Best Show and Best Writing (which is, truthfully, what should have been the case for a long time now--just give the acting and other technical awards and declare nobody worthy in those two categories), I could have dealt with it. In a world in which an atrocity like 2011 GH gets nominated and 2011 OLTL doesn't, I just can't deal with it.

Thanks for the post! I could not be happier to have Todd back on my screen!

No more Matt Hunter? Well,that sucks. He's one of three characters that I continue to watch this utter crap fest to see. I had such hopes for the new show runners. It's just been OLTL moved over to Port Charles. I liked OLTL but boy was I hoping for no more DID stories. Hopes dashed, yet again. So now it's my least-favorite OLTL stories with my least-favorite GH characters (admittedly, that's just about ALL of them). Yippee.

What did Jonathan Jackson get nominated for? Laying around his floor for 12 weeks?

While I like Todd and Blair I can accept the fact that she isn't on GH. What I cannot accept is the fact that Todd has to go through Carly's Glittery Hoo Ha to gain access to PC...or at least it looks that way! I HATE Carly and NO MAN should ever be forced to be paired with her!

Todd has a good insight into himself while Carly has none about herself. These two will NOT work together. It's bad enough I was forced to see MY Jax placed with her screechiness but now I have to see Todd paying tribute to her? UGH!

At this point...even though I dislike her too...I'd rather see Todd with Alexis than Cujo!

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