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May 24, 2012

Bill, My Favorite Person!

Look at Bill, sitting there basically twirling his mustache (I love getting to use that on a character who actual has a mustache for real for once!), listening in on a young girl's private therapy session and planning to exploit her most personal weaknesses so that he can further play puppet master in his douchenozzle son's life.

I love him!


Okay, not seriously. He's a total ass, and his mockery of women who actually have imperfections and problems is hilariously ironic considering the dude is one giant walking mommy issue. (Again, so dying for Katie to have a girl!)

But I can't help it. I'm feeling warm and fuzzy toward him at the moment. And all because of this:


Deacon!! Bill's going to bring Deacon back! ALL IS FORGIVEN.

Okay, I know I know, rumor has it his return has turned into just a visit, and it'll only play into the triangle I'm always complaining about. But for now? I get Sean Kanan back on my screen and I will never complain about that. Also, more grownups!

And so now just for fun, here's a little stroll down Deacon Memory Lane!


Sean Kanan needs to stop tanning. Otherwise it's not worth watching.

Bill is so much like Stephanie Forrester it's scary. And just like Stephanie, everyone around him is spineless and weak. Day after day of Bill berating his lackeys. What fun.

SEAN KANAN is one hot, yummy mofo! So happy the grownups will be back!! (thanks for the YouTube link :D)

And you're right about Bill, Louise....he so deliciously twirls his moustache, although I wish it was about ANYTHING but interfering in his son's life because we've all had enough!

Thanks for the link to Caroline's dress! I hadn't realized it had been such a LONG day on B&B, lol.

Yep. Brooke and Deacon were HOT as hell back in the day! I just realized Sean Kanan's been sporting the same look for over a decade!

Bill has a great headshot of Deacon. I want such photos of all the people I plan on manipulating. (twirling my imaginary mustache;-)

Question: Was Deacon ever chem-tested with anyone besides Bridget and Brooke? Hmmm...I can't recall. I could go for a Deacon-Felicia pairing. Too bad Deacon's only here for a short time, he might be able to cause trouble for Amber/Rick.

I could be wrong, but weren't he and amber a couple at one point?

When Deacon first came on the show, he wanted Amber, and was involved with a crazy woman named Gladys who fell off a building while trying to kill Amber, or something. He and Amber came close to getting together, but she stayed with Rick. Then came Deacon with Bridget, and Brooke. After this he was involved with Macy for a while, until she was killed. Then he was with Jackie, which was his exit story - some nasty tale where Massimo made him fall off the wagon and leave town in shame.

Thanks for the rundown Carl! I totally forgot about Deacon with Macy and Jackie. My mind is in such haze given the show's sole focus on Hope/Liam/Steffy. It's hard to remember a time when B&B told more than one story at a time!

Ah, the good old days...

How COOL would it be if Brooke just dumped Ridge for Deacon? And never looked back?

I'm sorry, I know people hate Brooke but I love her. I hate that she chased Douchenozzle the First for years while he waffled between her and Taylor. Let Ridge truly pine away for Brooke for once.

I can't stand Bill. I can't look at his shiny, overtanned self even when he's being fun. Because I know where he is, The Teen Trio of Terrible are soon to follow.

Lisa Too, you cracked me up with that last line!

As for "Let Ridge truly pine away for Brooke for once." ---> Even as a Bridge fan, I would LOVE for that to happen, BUT we all know Ridge doesn't PINE. He just runs from Brooke to Taylor to Brooke. So there's that golden idea! (I guess the closest he got to pining was when he made the heart in the sand <3).

If Bridget were still here, Deacon being back would stir all sorts of things between her & Brooke again, but alas, it will just make Hope take more pills and overdose....? BLECH! I guess it COULD make Ridge jealous. But instead, it's probably going to lead to a lot more apologies by Brooke because everyone's judging her over something that happened 18 years ago!! LOL

Ziyal, Brooke is always guilty while others' poop dont stink :-) B&B's golden rule. Brooke can be blamed for something that has happened years ago otoh Taylor goes away with DIU and running over Darla!

Sean Kanan is a hottie. I loved Breacon. Yes Bridget you heard me! lol. But Brooke freeing herself from Rapist will never happen...

Nick :-(

Oh man, remember when B&B was a GOOD show! with more than one storyline!?! I mean, even during the Tridge/Bridge years/wars there was MACEY & Sally Spectra & all there shenanigans & THORNE!, there was Stephanie & Eric, and FASHION WARS! There is soo much rich history on this show... why is it now reduced to Hope/Liam/Steffy??

I wanted so badly for Hope to look right at her trampy mom and say "if deacon is so damn awful, why did you sleep with him?!?! ....and he was my sisters husband at the time!" Mom! Mom!?!? ......but, of course not. Although I did get a giggle out of brooke's horrified look when Mope said "I want my father to walk me down the aisle....No! Not Ridge!......Deacon." KKL better find a botox expert if she is going to continue with the furrowed brow worried look 24/7.

Deacon was one of those characters who had chemistry with every woman he was paired with: Amber, Bridget and especially Brooke.

Do you guys remember Brooke's Big O in her office?

Deacon to Bill: You come waltzing in here with your sissy-boy jewelry and all your hair gel, talking to me like you know me; who the hell are you?

Me: *shrieking with laughter* Sissy-boy jewelry and hair gel! That's our Bill! (And I actually do love Bill. I mean, yes, he's fairly heinous at times, but he's so entertaining.

Deacon is on and off Y&R. The whole reason he was in jail is because of his love for Nikki Newman

Well Deacon also blackmailed Amber to sex in order to let go Daniel from jail..and made everyone know about it via phone..on the Y&R, so Deacon/Bill play in the same league..they can be hot/entertaining but they are not 'nice guys'..lol

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