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May 02, 2012

Do You Want the Good News or the Bad News First?

I'm practicing my "doctor breaking the news" speech because there's a new opening at General Hospital in Port Charles, New York. I hear it's a tough town and tends to be overrun by the mob, but I actually hear the particular mob that's generally winning the various mob wars is made up of saintly hitmen and mob bosses who really, really love their children. So it can't be all bad, right? 


So let's start with the bad news, shall we?

  • Starr is back. She is looking for Sonny, the man who killed her family, "unless he dint." As she put it. Is that mean? I'm feeling mean. Anyway, she took Johnny's gun, so is of course off to do something really smart and fun.
  • Jason is still an ass. Getting excellent advice from both Elizabeth and Sonny to actually try to be patient and listen to Sam and show her some compassion in the wake of her trauma, well... it didn't stick. He walked into his house and started yelling at his wife within seconds. And it's still about her talking to John McBain, just after he has reported Sam's personal business to two other people. After telling Sam that talking won't help anything. When she pointed out this double standard to him (after learning that he told Liz everything), he was unmoved. And then when she broke my heart, telling him it seems as though he can't even look at her...

"It's like I'm tainted!"

Hint to Jason: when your recently-raped wife tells you that you can't look at her and it makes her feel tainted, look at her. Immediately. (Spoiler: Jason did not take the hint.) Anyway, she's going to move out to give him some time to decide whether he's going to leave his wife over this. I hope he chokes on that time. She says she's trying to do what's best for her child and, hint to Sam: not raising your child with a hitman is a good start.

  • In general, the usual dull things are happening, like cops trying to bust Sonny (Gasp! Will John McBain imprison Sonny for real? It's so hard to tell!) and Starr's after Sonny for revenge (Gasp! Will Starr kill Sonny? It's so hard to tell!). I have this little fantasy: since we know Sonny won't get killed or imprisoned, can someone opposing Sonny come up with a different plan? I'd love to see someone work to take away his power -- not a stronger mobster, but somebody smarter and with a moral or two. That way there could be some curiosity about the outcome. A powerless and penniless Sonny could actually be an interesting story. But this stuff? Old hat, we don't need it. But we're sure getting it.

The good news?

  • We got a flashback to Sonny's shiny suit.


I'm already sick to death of the constant flashbacks to things that just happened (a Valentini/Carlivati habit I never did appreciate), but when they are to super-awesome things like destroyed cakes or funny shiny suits on angry men, I can live with it.

  • There was a catfight. Sometimes these work, and sometimes they're just too ridiculous and contrived. But Carly and Konnie are both pretty ridiculous. So it made some sense. And the best part was that it basically started when Konnie was walking away and Carly just pushed her from behind, like a Mean Girl on a playground. 


Which is a pretty apt act, as it's a pretty apt description of these people. And I mean, I realize these two women do co-own the hotel, but it was hysterical that this was all happening in a public hotel lobby that would theoretically be full of people. Just standing around. Watching.




Sadly, someone did eventually have the presence of mind to stop them. Anyway, Carly learned that Kate has D.I.D., so I'm psyched for her to google that. I hope she figures it out quickly.

  • Elizabeth had a conversation with Olivia, trying to figure out the whole situation with Kate and Ewen and Johnny and Steve. I'd love to see Liz get a new friendship with a woman, instead of the way they so often just pit her opposite them (and yes, Olivia's been written as a mega-bitch lately, but hopefully they can soften her). And I do always enjoy Liz in Nancy Drew mode!

I have to say it was a rough one after a nice handful of episodes that were much lighter on Sonny and Jason and Carly and Johnny and Starr, but see? I found some positives! Don't ever say I'm a Negative Nellie! Mostly because that's annoying.

Can we get back to Anna now?


I expected so much more from Konnie in that fight scene. I mean Carly SLUGGED her and she just took it at first and tried to walk away. Konnie should have been on her like a dog on a bone. She should have broken Carly's nose with her fist! I was also aggravated by how that random guy broke up the fight and then held on to JUST Konnie while Carly flounced around with her medical records. Dude! Let the girl go. That bitch stole her stuff!

Hate Jason. Hate Sonny. Hate the fact that Kassie DePaiva isn't coming back to GH to make Starr watchable. Love John. Unsure about the Natalie coming to GH rumors. Can't wait for Todd!

To me, the most hilarious thing about that Sonny flashback (which I didn't notice on the Friday cliffhanger, but did when it re-ran the following Monday) is he *kicks* the door in. No bothering with a doorknob for the Moobster, even when kicking is totally unnecessary.

I liked Starr today. I thought her scenes with Sonny were good, not overacted and not much sneering. I'm kinda hoping she pushes him off the cliff where Hope and Cole went over, but obviously Johnny is going to go and save Sonny. . .in order to save Starr (so we can all forget what a horrible guy he just was.. . like yesterday).

I also think Maurice Benard was pretty good today.

I'm enjoying the Ronnie story. Now he's got Sam AND Lulu. Just please let Anna or Padilla save them, or let them save themselves. I am so damn sick of the MEN in these shows rescuing the "damsels in distress".

On the bright side, though, Sam did get to flat-out call Jason a hypocrite, something I never thought I'd see.

The gauge with which we judge how much to feel bad for rape victims is... sad. Even if a woman has used sex as a 'weapon' that doesn't give any man the right to force her to have sex.
And I don't get how Sam conned Jason, her husband who was supposedly already committed for better or worse, into a commitment he had already made when she couldn't have possibly planned being raped and impregnated by her rapist :/

Doe XD
I just realised there are several pages of comments, Louise could you please delete one of my comments basically saying the same exact thing (hours apart, and several glasses of wine apart). Thanks ;)

(Spoiler: Jason did not take the hint.)

I wonder how long its been since this wouldn't have been an accurate GH description. Certainly, it was the 20th century at least.

Is it me, or does Kelly Monaco's chest and cleavage in that screen shot look like one of those 75-year-old Boca Raton women who have been sunning themselves 12 hours a day for years? PLEASE get some sunscreen and some heavy-duty lotion. PLEASE. Tainted by the sun, is all I can say.

Carly was a nursing student, yes?? So theoretically she should know that "split personalities" are real ailments, yes??? Johnny reading about Vicki and Jess is HYSTERICAL!!!!! But I don't understand how Johnny has the ability to buy Star's recording contract?? Is he now a part owner in L&B Records? Ooooh. How cool if Brenda came back acting like a grown woman and Lois came back with Brooklyn and she started a record label with Brooklyn and Starr??? Good god, man!!! Why don't Frank and Ron call me to brain storm!

I almost forgot... I know Sam gave away Liz's baby, blah blah blah. And Jason can feel compassion for Liz's rape, etc... You mentioned earlier that Liz needs a female friend. Why can't she approach Sam about surviving a rape? Laura forgave Luke for raping her, Blair looked past Todd's past and had oodles of kids with him. Everyone pretends that Sonny's mob lifestyle is no different than if he were the CEO of ELQ. So... would it be so horrible if Liz managed to look past Sam's trangressions and help her? Be there to listen to her cry and give her a shoulder to lean on since Jason is being a douche and ignoring her? Other than Jason and Spinelli who does Sam have??? I know there is a flood of bad water under the bridge but I really think Liz could be a source of strength for Sam. Regardless of the past.

And here's the thing...any of Sam's horrifying actions (horrifying to the Sam disparagers) took place years ago. For instance the conversation with Emily was almost 7 yrs ago. The deal with CAKE was over 5 years ago. The sleeping with two men was over 9 years ago. Can people not just moveon.org? Really?

Kelly, not only would I love for Sam and Liz to become actual friends through Liz helping Sam deal with her reaction to being raped -- I would love for BOTH of them to kick Jason to the curb and run off into the sunset together.

(And yes, Sam did horrible things to Liz. But as Marz says, that was YEARS ago and this is a soap, where horrible things are regularly forgiven in the name of chemistry. So... whatever.)

Carly went to nursing school for about a minute and a half-so I kinda doubt D.I.D. was covered. I doubt any mental illness was covered. D.I.D is a non hereditary terrible affliction that Jessica inherited. (I will always love that explanation.)

Michael knew about the rape, too, and I was shocked when he found out that Sam was pregnant that his first reaction was "wow congrats!" instead of, "uh...is it yours?"

Sam talking to Liz would be OUTSTANDING! I remember Liz talking to Laura back when she was raped, and I still sob when I watch it on YouTube.

You can't compare how today's soaps handle social issues like rape, death, addictions, etc. to how soaps used to handle these issues. The "rape" of Sam McCall has been horribly mishandled by, not just one, but two headwriters! There's no intention to give Sam a fully-formed POV or much of a POV at all. We all know that Sam's baby will turn out to be Jason's and I feel it will be revealed that Franco never actually raped her. Franco still horribly violated her and Jason but the focus is on Jason not being the father of the child versus Sam being a rape victim carrying her rapist's baby. I wish Ron Carvialti would have dropped this Franco nonsense by revealing another video that Franco left Sam untouched after Jason's video feed was cut. Instead, Ron Carvialti is treating the situation like Sam was an unfaithful wife carrying another man's baby versus a rape victim carrying her rapist's baby.

Additionally, Kate has to live with the fact that Johnny had sex with her while she suffered a mental break. The scene where Kate "reemerged" after Johnny had sex with Konnie, Kate was horrified and felt violated. Johnny behaves like he made a poor choice because Konnie coerced him into it versus the reality of him having non-consensual sex with Kate! Even when Johnny told Carly what he had done to Kate, it was minimized and his "betrayal" of Carly was maximized.

Carvialti needed to never tell these stories as there's no intention to tell them responsibly.

RC is definitely treating Sam like a rape victim. He has had Sonny refer to the rape. John has called it a rape. Jason told Liz that Sam was raped. Sonny even said when Jason told him the baby was not his that Sam would NEVER be unfaithful. This is not about anything but an aftermath of a rape.

While I'm disagreeing with people, I might as well say that KA has a magic touch with any actor playing a member of the Corinthos family. MB and CD are so much better with the intelligent writing in their scenes with her.

As much as I hate rape stories just as a generalization, I feel that if Sam is going to be a victim and pregnant with Franco's baby they need to stick with it and commit to the present story. They also need to give Sam one of Jason's credit cards so she can stay at the MetroCourt where Carly will find out about the rape from Jason and decide that even hatred can be put aside in Sam's time of need. Didn't Ric drug Carly and make her believe she was raped? I just think that TPTB are so intent on keeping Sam isolated they are missing so many chances that this could be an umbrella story and include SO many characters. (FTR? In my world McBain is Sam's daddy and she will develop a deep friendship with Johnny Z who will be there when she goes into labor. Along with Liz. Of course they will be trapped in an elevator because that's how these things roll. And unless that kid pops put wearing a black tshirt and some jeans it AIN'T Jasons!!!!)

I think the character of McBain is less than 10 years older than the character of Sam McCall. And I'm pretty sure Alexis would have recognized him. But I do hope they're cousins.

And I think Sam has her own credit cards. She owns a business.

Yeah, but I want Jason to pay for it all since he's the one being a douche. And you're right about the age. I just don't want them to fall in love. Besties? Sure just not lovers. Natalie could be besties with Sam. Natalie's been to some dark places like Sam. Nat, Sam and Liz could be the new Musketeers!

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