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May 29, 2012

Please Don't Forget the REAL Victim

I don't want this to become a habit because, for starters, it would get incredibly repetitive incredibly quickly and I'd get sick of typing the word just after you got sick of reading them. And--and this is probably the most important to me, because there is little in this world that I enjoy more than being haughty and judgmental--I'd lose the moral high ground, you know? Like, I can't really rail against this show for being creatively bankrupt while I make a career out of posting the exact same post on a daily basis (Introductory paragraph written in either a pithy, self-effacing tone or a grouchy, caps lock filled angry tone, followed by a particularly horrible quote by Sonny, followed by a wordy declaration of my own speechlessness), can I?

BUT IN FAIRNESS TO ME...Sonny is the freaking worst. Like, to the point that I barely even absorbed any of the show after Sonny barked out this nugget of delusion. Mostly because I went deaf. Although I WAS mentally present for the show's very end, where Maxie dropped the bombshell that she and Matt were married and that she wouldn't have to testify against him after all, and I kind of LOVED that a whole lot (although if Jason Cook is leaving, I am sure my love will be brief and then quickly replaced with the all-encompassing grossness of a Maxie/Spinelli reunion). But other than that? NOTHING. Anna and McBain talked a lot, and so did Elizabeth and Jason and all I could hear was my own voice saying, irked and irritated, "That stumpy little son of a bitch".

Kristina: Which is where I would have stayed, Molly, if he hadn't done something about it. God knows how many legs you had to break or how many people you had to threaten with car bombs --
Sonny: Enough! Now! You want to talk about the current situation, we'll talk about that. But don't bring up something in the past that hurt me.

Remember that time that Kristina could have been killed by a car bomb? And everyone was suspicious of Sonny for obvious reasons, such as his innate horribleness, and he became progressively angrier whenever anyone voiced their concerns and was so upset by the cruelty of those accusations that he swore on his own son's life that he didn't set the car bomb? Well, it HURT HIM to make those vigorous, lie-filled denials. He is SO SAD that he got caught doing something terrible out of spite and jealousy, and how dare Kristina be so insensitive as to bring that up? There is a statute of limitations on (most) past hurts, Krissy (please note that blaming misfortunes on Deke is timeless).


It's amazing to me that three successive writing regimes in the past year have continued to make Sonny Corinthos the world's biggest douche bag. The only joy I get out of this show is Todd's snarky comments about him, like actually mentioning that Sonny is half-Greek.

In all fairness the whole broken knees and car bombs soliloquy was the very definition of hypocrisy but can we agree that rich and powerful parents have been using money, power and special favors since the dawn of time to get their kids into college. How do u think G. W. Bush got into Yale??? Even nuKrissy has more brain cells. But I digress. I'm sorry but if MY dad bought my way into Yale I would own my Mob Princess status and wear it like a badge of honor!
In other news... Was Anna wearing the same boyfriend blazer that Sam McCall-Morgan was sporting a few weeks ago? Either way it's adorbs and I need one.
Where in the hell is Jason Morgan??? That is NOT the PCPD.
Where in the hell is Natalie??? Is PC that far from Llanview?
nuKrissy hates the mafia princess moniker but is willing to use it for a reality show. I think I liked the show better without her and her entitled sneer and judgmental condescension when speaking to Sam and everyone else.

One other thing??? McBain is being blamed much too often with way too much vehemence to actually be the "villain" that threw Sam and Jason to the wolves. We all KNOW it was Heather Webber and her bat crap craziness!

Haven't watched yet.. but some of my friends have and they say NuKristina is AWFUL. Why did they even bring her back? I was kind of excited over the weekend to watch GH tonight, but now.. not.

Honestly, I would be so happy if Sonny and all his children climbed into a limo with the biggest car bomb ever invented. Oh and Jason is driving and Spinelli is in the trunk.

Other than having to watch Sonny (since he was in a scene with Alexis, and you can't get too much of Alexis) I enjoyed today's show. Highlights: Felicia and Mac being civil, new Kristina being snarky (Sam, you might like being married to the mob), Patrick being there for Matt, and the surprise Matt and Maxie marriage. Really sorry Jason Cook is leaving.

Also appreciated the McBain sister back story since the OLTL fans seemed upset by the surprise sister.

My wish list: Anna becomes commissioner and takes Sonny down. Matt stays, Star goes, and Elizabeth gets to be happy.

Is that too much to ask?

The NuKristina is a good actress. She played those scenes without sounding too whiny like LA usually did however those scenes were a huge Sonny propfest that made him appear superier to Kristina and Alexis

Why has no one picked up on the Beecher's Corner references? When Jason was arrested, it was by the Beecher's Corner PD and today Mac commented that maybe Beecher's Corner would hire him.

I totally agree, by the way, that Sonny is a total douche bag; I have loathed him for many years and it pains me that the new writers are seeing fit to continue making him of such importance to the show.

I am holding on the *faint* hope that Sonny is headed for a giant fall. That he's being written as a total psychopathic, hypocritical crazypants so he can honestly BE a bad guy.

And I want a pony.

When I saw the title of this post I thought it was about Jason and his pain about his wife carrying her rapist's child. Let us never forget Jason and HIS pain. And that Luke (and Jason, too) suffered during the Jake saga.

Let's remember the real victims, shall we?

Here I go, voice of dissent...but I found Sonny to be the only enjoyable thing about the scenes at the Davis household. Sure, Sonny's dismissal of the mention of car bombs made me groan aloud, everything else he said to Kristina made sense about parents using their sway to get their children into universities. Kristina is a fool to think we live in a meritocracy. Also, their are SO many ways to rebel against her parents that don't involve dropping out of her dream college. Those scenes were beyond obnoxious with the constant stupidity from Molly and Sam. Alexis seemed more impacted by Kristina's words than Sam's rape being made front page news! Maurice Benard owned those scenes and everyone in them. The actress playing Kristina seems to be a good actress but also quite flat. She lacked presence but it was her first day of dialogue. Was it just me or did anyone else think the actress appeared nervous? She also looks like Natalia Livingston (former Emily and Rebecca.) BTW/ I FLOVED the reality show idea!

Bradford Anderson is quite talented but Spinelli is the most annoying character. Spinelli's infatuation with Maxie bores me. Hell, this latest courtroom drama bores me but I sure got a kick out of Maxie's announcement that she and Matt were married! Loved it! I am gonna miss Matt and wish he would stay instead of Spinelli. And, man, Felicia behaves just like a preschool teacher! Mac was an ass to Matt. He knows Maxie's crazy and brought this on herself. I was digging Rosalind Kwan. Esq.! .

I love Finola Hughes but FFWDed her and McBain. Has he explained why it took so for him to decide to "bring Sonny to justice."?

Rebecca Herbst and Liz Webber are too good to prop up JaSam. She needs a storyline ASAP. Although my Liason-loving heart gets giddy when they share scenes. Of all of the people he could have called (ahem, Carly or Michael) he called sweet Nurse Elizabeth. Swoon! Now, can Jason be repaired? He's ridiculous right now. Had he discussed with Sam anything after the newspaper article he might have realized that someone other than McBain knows the child's paternity (um, Heather.)

Spinelli has lived way past his expiration date. I would much rather see GH keep a doctor like Matt on the show.

Sonny aka Douche bag of the millenium.

What's the deal with Liz not having a story line, but is being used to pimp Jason and Sam?

... yes please Krissy don't bring up THAT! . . that ONE MORE TIME he ATTEMPTED MURDER and didn't pay for it. I mean how hurtful is that??

Alexis Davis was supreme but what else is new.

Maxie and her little hand wave to show off the ring. . .sweet. Matt and Maxie together equals adorable.

Yay on the back story of the never heard of before McBain sister.

BUT I think what I appreciate most is that the writers seem to be writing Jason and Sonny as the criminals they are . . . unkind, unrepentant, unenlightened, self-centered, and yet completely self-unaware, moral ASSES!! NOT the show's heroes and moral compass.

I can TOTALLY get on board watching Sonny being horrible if he's not propped up as the most wonderful everything of all time! AND Maurice Benard is showing that he CAN act when he's given decent material and NEW lines (instead of retreads). He's been great lately, imo.

I agree with Soapbaby, aside from the line about not bringing up the car bombs, Sonny was right (yes, I just threw up a bit), parents are always, always buying their childrens' way into universities with donations, wings, special buildings. Nothing unusual there, it's the way the world works.

Also I agree with Bethie, I hope Cartini keeps writing Sonny and Jason as the criminals and douchebags they are and that they find a way to end their reign. I don't see any whitewashing going on on Sonny.

I literally LOLed when Sonny dropped that gem. What else could I do?

Other than that, I agreed with what he was saying. Kristina has no idea how other students were accepted into Yale. She should take the opportunity given to her and run with it. This was her chance to show that Yale was wrong to initially wait-list her, but she decides instead to quit and come home whining. The other students called her "Mob Princess" and that upset her so much that she's decided to star in a reality show called..."Mob Princess." What's a portion of the campus teasing you when you can have the whole country doing it? She could have easily shut them up by kicking their assses in class.

I get that she wanted to get into Yale b/c she deserved to. There's nothing wrong with that, but her morality is a bit skewed. She won't go to Yale if she didn't get in honestly, but she'll let her mom take the wrap for driving so recklessly that she caused an accident that killed her half-sibling?

Who bitches about a having a FREE first-rate education handed to them???

So after watching, NuKristina wasn't as bad as my friends put on. Sure she is new and nervous, but I loved that fact that she stood toe to toe with the awesomeness that is MB and let him have it. (Yes I'm being sarcastic about MB. I think he's terrible, but every actor that plays against him raves about what a wonderful actor he is.) I'm just glad there is another character on this show that HATES that pompous, hypocritical ass.

Poor Alexis looked so devastated. She just broke my heart. I don't think Alexis has seen the newspaper about Sam/Jason/Franco yet so I give her a pass on showing more of a reaction to her daughter being missing for weeks with no one knowing where she is instead of moaning over the rape that Sam didn't want her to even know about.

Kristina and her Mob Princess reality show? Um.. guys? Abby Abbott/Newman IS the Naked Heiress and couldn't make that reality show work on Y&R. :eyes rolling:

Please tell me how in the world Maxi and Matt got married in less then 30 minutes with no license, no judge, no witness? If my eyes keep rolling they are gonna fall out of my head.

Beecher's Corner! Yay!

Rosalind Kwan Esq! Yay!

@Holly: Prior to Kristina showing up, Alexis had been on the phone with Diane to try to put the kibosh on the frontpage article. She was well aware of the rape and the media attention toward it. In fact she asked Kristina if she had seen the article.

Not that I agree with anything about the "mayberape" storyline, but it isn't played up for the trauma to Sam. Even Kristina's nonsense overshadowed the moment and Alexis' reaction to Sam's news.

Wow.. how did I miss that part? Must have been when my husband was trying to show me some car parts he bought.

Thanks Soapbaby!

Poor Alexis is never gonna catch a break on the ABC GH forum. People are already pissed that she didn't bow out of work to find out WHAT was wrong with Sam before.

You're welcome Holly! The writing for the Alexis/Sam relationship vacillates from non-existent to contrived/forced at best. I have never enjoyed them as mother and daughter and preferred them squaring off about Baby Girl McCall's stem cells for Kristina and Danny's medication for treating meningitis going to Alexis. Those scenes were awesome.

I agree with the point that parents often pull all sorts of strings to get their kids into good schools,from pre K onward. I actually liked the scene because everyone was pretty true to their characters (even if this is infuriating). Yes realbrenda4evr, it seems crazy that anyone would complain about getting into Yale, but this is vintage Kristina-- acting out because she doesn't want to be controlled by two parents who are,frankly, very controlling. So it's stupid, but still makes sense.
And skipping forward to today's show, I wasn't crazy about the reality show plot, but watching Kristina's recap of her family history was pretty entertaining!

Realbrenda4ever, whose half-sibling was killed by Kristina? I don't watch GH often but I have read Serial Drama for a couple years now and I don't recall this.

Kristina killed her own half sibling. She ran pregnant Claudia off the road and had no remorse about it. In fact she bragged to a friend about getting away with it before Claudia showed up when she tried to play the victim and pretended to be upset.

Who is this Kristina person? Is she the GH Jack Manning? It would appear so.

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