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May 16, 2012

Psst. Starr. SHHH.

Starr, come here. No, closer. A little closer. I have something important to tell you. No, just a little bit --


Shhhhhhhhhhhh. SHHHHHHHH. Be quiet.

My lord this girl. I get that she's dealing with unspeakable tragedy and all that, but give us a break, please! People know that death means you'll never see someone again, Starr! Oh and also, Starr, you are not the first person you know to experience something incredibly tragic! In fact, most people you know have experienced something incredibly tragic! Recently, even! It's May now. If memory serves, the accident was in February. Can we ease up on the grief rage? I'm not saying it's unrealistic, I'm just saying it's tedious as hell to watch and try as I might, I've been having a tough time sympathizing with her. And that she's mad at her family now (all except the one family member who encourages her to hold on to her rage and get revenge) because they're trying to get her to continue living and trying to provide comfort to her is... it's not helping. Nothing's helping right now. Silence would help. You know how Patrick's grieving by hotly self-destructing quietly in his home? Try it!

But speaking of the one family member who is encouraging Starr to hold onto her anger and hatred and to go off half-cocked on revenge plans willy-nilly (that's right, I said WILLY NILLY, it's important to be a bad-ass when one is overreacting to a soap opera!), her father was a delight yesterday.

Carly: If you believe the whole split personality, D.I.D. thing --


Todd: Yeah, I do. I know a lot about D.I.D. It runs in my family. [An unfortunate non-hereditary ailment his niece inherited from his sister!  --Ed.] 

Carly: Really.

Todd: Really.

Carly: So instead of red hair and diabetes, the Mannings get D.I.D.

Todd: Well, not all the Mannings. Not me. 

Carly: Sure about that?


Todd: Uh, I did pretend to have it once but that was just to get out of trouble.


Todd: Look, my sister -- well, she's a good person, she's a real snob sometimes but she's a really good person and she's big on responsibility and she has D.I.D. and she's the one who says -- and you should listen to this -- there's no excuse for bad behavior. Having an alter doesn't justify you running around pulling a bunch of hideous crap.

(Well, the jury's still out on that one since the D.I.D. contingent of Llanview certainly got away with running around pulling a bunch of hideous crap.)

Even though I don't love all the crammed-in exposition they're having to do with these crossover characters, I will never tire of seeing the reactions of GH characters to OLTL stories, or the reactions of OLTL characters to GH stories. It's making me very, very happy. I do so hope the Llanview gang will soon go into more detail about what the various Llanview alters were up to over the years. It will be criminal if nobody gets to react to the tale of "Wes." 

We won't even get into the lunacy of the fact that anyone can call what Maxie is doing "protecting Matt," since before her idiotic confession the Lisa Niles murder was a closed case (so her big martyr-y plan is likely to actually get him exposed more than it is to keep him from prison), or the insanity I'm feeling at actually liking Molly and TJ, or the hilarity of Johnny somehow still thinking the truth about Kate's D.I.D. somehow diminishes rather than enhances his culpability in his sexcapades with her, or how emotionally useless Jason is. I'm sure there will be plenty more episodes that feature all that!


Louise, shhh, let us never speak of Wes again.

I'm pretty surprised RC hasn't whipped up another alter for Kate yet, but I'm sure that's coming down the pike.

Soap characters comparing each other's reacting to each other's various ridiculous lives is my favorite thing ever.

Yeah, I mean Viki IS big on responsibility and all, but her and Jess still get away with all the shit their alters do!

So far, I'm impressed that Connie and Kate don't rhyme.

As for the DID contingent of Llanview... Jessica I usually gave credit for because she WOULD go and apologize to the people she hurt. I don't recall Viki ever doing that after she locked Dorian in a cage for awhile... or threw her down the stairs... or anything like that.

That being said, I do love how Blair keeps coming up in conversation regarding Todd. And, Starr, sweetie... your mother buried three babies. She knows what grief is.

"You know how Patrick's grieving by hotly self-destructing quietly in his home?"

Um, Yes, yes and YEEEES!!! The man is supposed to not have showered for a questionable amount of time, is all scruffy, and moping around in sweats and I'm still drooling! That is hotness, and grief played very realistically!!! (well im not sure anyone else in "real life" would realistically be that hot, but they might skip out on work and isolate themselves and such--you get the point)

As far as Todd...RH's Todd just breathes life into everything--he is one of the most compelling soap characters if you ask me! But I'm an OLTL fan as well so maybe I'm biased. I'm liking his interaction with Carly but it'll still break my heart if he doesn't end up with Blair. That probably won't happen though b/c I'm not hearing KDP is signed up with GH. Todd does horrible things but you can't hate him b/c of his intense love for his family, his internal battle and self loathing, and his great sense of humor to boot! Sonny, on the other hand...no love for him since...around 1999. No redemption or forgiveness there.

I do hope they make more honorable mention to Llanview's residents, esp with regards to the DID storylines with Viki and Jess! Viva la Llanview

I just want Todd and Starr GONE! Can't stand either one of them. Never could figure out why soaps have such a thing for glorifying rapists.

Tea and John are the only characters from OLTL that I wouldn't mind staying...at least for now. Until CarTini ruin them.

I just wish they would stop trying to play Johnny and Carly as some great starcrossed true love. I do not and will NEVER buy that. Bleh.

C, I hear ya on never wanting to re-live the Wes story again, but I can't help but love the idea of watching the most catastrophically bad storylines on OLTL get mocked on GH, if only because the current folks in charge tend to have a healthy sense of humor when making fun of their past mistakes (the ones they realize they made).

Dandesun, exactly. Considering all the loss Starr's family (especially her mother) has experienced, you'd think she'd look to them for guidance instead of acting as if hers is the first loss on the planet. She's handled grief far better in the past.

Speaking of faking DID to get out of a murder charge, the PC residents should be a bit more familiar with DID considering that's how Alexis got away with killing Alcazar 1st edition... or maybe everyone is wisely blocking the memory of Alexis/Kristina which brought us Dobson the butler.
Every time Carly says DID it's as if she were speaking of Aliens, lol.

I absolutely love it when soaps allow characters to react to the insanity in each other's lives. Now I want Todd and Alexis to have an "I faked DID to get out of trouble" conversation at some point soon.

"I'm liking his interaction with Carly but it'll still break my heart if he doesn't end up with Blair. That probably won't happen though b/c I'm not hearing KDP is signed up with GH.."

KDP has said she does not want to move to LA, so it's really not on GH that she is not on the show. She also said she has an invitation to reprise Blair. Here's hoping she will take them up on it.

Will you still love Molly and TJ when Molly, the 13 year old, gets pregnant?

I'm sure that when and if that happens, she'll have an opinion on it, but that doesn't preclude liking them now.

For the record, I'm with Louise: Molly and TJ were surprisingly enjoyable yesterday.

I was surprised myself, especially since the only word I can usually find for Molly is "Backpfeifengesicht".

I'm going to have to go back and find the Todd leaves with his alters on a plane clip, though, because I could have sworn that was ambiguous at the time; him saying he was faking but turning out that he wasn't really.

And Molly-not 13. I'm really enjoying Molly and TJ too.

Good column, Louise. I always enjoy your take on Todd.

One of the unfortunate aspects of the spoiler culture is that too many of us react in advance to things that haven't happened yet, may not ever happen, or may happen in a way that is different from how it sounds. That spoiler/rumor sounds dreadful, and I hope it doesn't happen. But I'm not going to stop enjoying what is actually onscreen in anticipation of something I might not like that hasn't aired yet.

Huzzah,Anne! And kudos, etc.

"I'm liking his interaction with Carly but it'll still break my heart if he doesn't end up with Blair. That probably won't happen though b/c I'm not hearing KDP is signed up with GH.."

""KDP has said she does not want to move to LA, so it's really not on GH that she is not on the show. She also said she has an invitation to reprise Blair. Here's hoping she will take them up on it.""

Thanks for clearing that up Marz, I had a feeling it was that but had no idea or confirmations...I wish she would, loved Blair Kramer!

I don't believe that KDP has ever said she didn't want to move to LA. SID wrote that article saying she'd been offered a contract but didn't want to move to LA but it was all untrue and they retracted it.

KDP also said that she has NOT been invited back to GH. She probably wouldn't turn it down if they asked her to come back but NO ONE has asked her to. Blair not being on GH is on Frank and Ron. It's NOT on KDP.

As for her, she did just get a small role in a movie getting back to her horror roots so good on her for that.

Did anyone think that TJ looked older than the last time he was on? Or maybe the actor just actually aged because it has been so long...

Dandesun, I did hear about KDP getting the remake of We Are What We Are, and I am super-psyched because I *loved* the original from a couple years back. I'm a horror nerd and it was some good sick Mexican gore... but I worry what they'll do to her! Some very unpleasant things happened to the characters in that film. (Who am I kidding; I'll love it.)

I really don't remember Starr being so loud and crazy with the facial expressions on OLTL. KA needs to tone it down!

Star is unwatchable. I fast forward every scene she is in. And she had zero chemistry with Michael. I'm still holding out hope that crane thing didn't really kill Abby.

I never watched OLTL but i am loving Todd. He is pure entertainment.

Still loving Todd and really enjoyed the exchange where he and Carly admitted to liking Blair better than Tea (me too). . . however I like Tea too.

I thought Starr was good today with Tea in the cell. I also hated the fact that the NILES murder mystery was over, and Maxie brought it back.

LMAO over Todd's comment yesterday that the Llanview residents with pitchforks wer after him.

Loved the scene with Piph and Patty yesterday and today. . . Patrick rocks.

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