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May 16, 2012

Psst. Starr. SHHH.

Starr, come here. No, closer. A little closer. I have something important to tell you. No, just a little bit --


Shhhhhhhhhhhh. SHHHHHHHH. Be quiet.

My lord this girl. I get that she's dealing with unspeakable tragedy and all that, but give us a break, please! People know that death means you'll never see someone again, Starr! Oh and also, Starr, you are not the first person you know to experience something incredibly tragic! In fact, most people you know have experienced something incredibly tragic! Recently, even! It's May now. If memory serves, the accident was in February. Can we ease up on the grief rage? I'm not saying it's unrealistic, I'm just saying it's tedious as hell to watch and try as I might, I've been having a tough time sympathizing with her. And that she's mad at her family now (all except the one family member who encourages her to hold on to her rage and get revenge) because they're trying to get her to continue living and trying to provide comfort to her is... it's not helping. Nothing's helping right now. Silence would help. You know how Patrick's grieving by hotly self-destructing quietly in his home? Try it!

But speaking of the one family member who is encouraging Starr to hold onto her anger and hatred and to go off half-cocked on revenge plans willy-nilly (that's right, I said WILLY NILLY, it's important to be a bad-ass when one is overreacting to a soap opera!), her father was a delight yesterday.

Carly: If you believe the whole split personality, D.I.D. thing --


Todd: Yeah, I do. I know a lot about D.I.D. It runs in my family. [An unfortunate non-hereditary ailment his niece inherited from his sister!  --Ed.] 

Carly: Really.

Todd: Really.

Carly: So instead of red hair and diabetes, the Mannings get D.I.D.

Todd: Well, not all the Mannings. Not me. 

Carly: Sure about that?


Todd: Uh, I did pretend to have it once but that was just to get out of trouble.


Todd: Look, my sister -- well, she's a good person, she's a real snob sometimes but she's a really good person and she's big on responsibility and she has D.I.D. and she's the one who says -- and you should listen to this -- there's no excuse for bad behavior. Having an alter doesn't justify you running around pulling a bunch of hideous crap.

(Well, the jury's still out on that one since the D.I.D. contingent of Llanview certainly got away with running around pulling a bunch of hideous crap.)

Even though I don't love all the crammed-in exposition they're having to do with these crossover characters, I will never tire of seeing the reactions of GH characters to OLTL stories, or the reactions of OLTL characters to GH stories. It's making me very, very happy. I do so hope the Llanview gang will soon go into more detail about what the various Llanview alters were up to over the years. It will be criminal if nobody gets to react to the tale of "Wes." 

We won't even get into the lunacy of the fact that anyone can call what Maxie is doing "protecting Matt," since before her idiotic confession the Lisa Niles murder was a closed case (so her big martyr-y plan is likely to actually get him exposed more than it is to keep him from prison), or the insanity I'm feeling at actually liking Molly and TJ, or the hilarity of Johnny somehow still thinking the truth about Kate's D.I.D. somehow diminishes rather than enhances his culpability in his sexcapades with her, or how emotionally useless Jason is. I'm sure there will be plenty more episodes that feature all that!


@MD, I clearly remember that moment where Todd was faking the DID and then when he left on the plane it happened for real. It ain't just you.

I absolutely hate Starr's OTT acting; couldn't stand her on OLTL and hate her with a passion now that she's on GH. Those awful facial expressions that she makes are not attractive at all. She is the only one from OLTL that I want gone, and I mean like yesterday. She is absolutely horrible.

I will never tire of Todd Manning. As someone who watched the evolution of the character, I am in awe of how masterfully Roger Howarth made so many of us care about a character we, at first, loathed.

I'm thrilled to still be able to watch him portray one of the most complex characters ever conceived in daytime television.

My only complaint is that his true love Blair isn't with him. I pray that TnB end up together, it's the only thing that makes sense.

I absolutly love roger howarth and his todd manning. he has taken todd from a frat boy rapist to one of the if not the most compelling characters in soap history. As for Blair yes KDP is doing a small role in a low budget horror flick but i heard that she will be back probably sometime during the summer. cartini said in an interview that right now for story telling purposes blair does not fit into the canvas(how she can not and tea can makes no sense to me) but sounds like they are gearing up for a tnb reunion. i dont think they are dumb enough to think the ratings will hold without blair and todd on gh together. they know that tnb have a HUGH fanbase and i really feel that at some point we will see kassie again on gh. as much as i LOVE AND ADORE TODD to this oltl viewer todd on screen without blair being around makes todd a little less entertaining. TOGETHER THEY ARE DYNAMITE and ron and frank know that. Be patient it wont be long before we have our tnb together again

I wonder if Starr's histrionics just didn't stand out in Llanview, where things were brighter and noisier and people often over-acted. Port Charles is a more somber, understated town by comparison.

I am sorry for you OLTL fans, but I don't want Blair to come to Port Charles. I wish Tea would go home. None of this is interesting to me, and there are plenty of GH people I would rather see on my screen every day. I can take Todd because he hates Sonny as much as I do--and he's funny, which is lacking in Port Charles (except for Tracey, and Matt Hunter, but apparently that's a moot point).

Sonny's loathsomeness is only amplified by insisting he's going to press charges. As if he's not held guns on people a million times and SHOT ROBIN in her own house. Michael lost all the points he'd gained, and I wouldn't mind if father and son took a very long vacation.

Thankfully there was no Sam today.

At this point, I'm just grateful for the presence of Todd Manning and Tea Delgado(no matter for how short a time). Her presence and the possibility of her interaction with Alexis(Nancy Lee Grahn) excites the hell out of me and definitely raises the I.Q. level of this show by several points.

"I wonder if Starr's histrionics just didn't stand out in Llanview, where things were brighter and noisier and people often over-acted. Port Charles is a more somber, understated town by comparison."

I don't remember Starr ever being this ridiculously OTT at all times. I think it's just bad melodramatic hamming because of lousy writing and lack of rehearsal time. Kelli Sullivan and Jen Lilley are the same way.

I never watched OLTL but I am enjoying Todd and John on GH. They have brought some much needed humor to the mob storylines. Plus, I think these "new" and obviously talented actors have brought out a bit more focus from Maurice. He seems to stutter, fumble and mumble lines much less when playing opposite these two. I was a big fan of MB and Sonny's early on, but the stale writing and the lackadaisical acting over the past several years has turned me off. Actually, I think this is a BIG plus, if this fresh energy actually transitions into other Sonny scenes as well.

As for the Starr, for people that don't know a squat about her or her family, she's just too in our face with her grief. Especially given the fact that my beloved Robin has just "died" and I've been privileged enough to watch the incredible Jason Thompson express what feels like extremely real and heartbreaking grief on screen. The writing for Starr hasn't helped but honestly, based on what I've seen so far, I'm not sure her acting at this point is quite up for this s/l.

Finally, I think Kelli Sullivan has done a good job with Kate/Connie. Before this, I couldn't have been bothered to watch a Kate scene but now I do and will continue to watch her scenes here and there. Yes, her Connie makes me cringe but for all the soapy good reasons. I only wish Kelli's Kate was more like Megan Ward's version. Kellie never was able to infuse enough "Devil Who Wears Prada" feel into her Kate for my liking, but I think Kelli's done a strong enough job with tough material.

Love watching Patrick/Epiphany scenes and that man definitely cleans up nicely!

^^^correction: "The Devil Wears Prada"

Hoewel ik liever zou hebben als je ging naar een beetje meer detail, heb ik nog steeds de kern van wat je bedoelde. Ik ben het eens met het. Het is misschien niet een populair idee, maar is het zinvol. Zal zeker nog eens terug voor meer van dit. Grote work.Good werk, prachtige blog ... veel plezier in en voegde het in mijn sociale bookmarks. Blijf op het goede werk

MD wrote: I was surprised myself, especially since the only word I can usually find for Molly is "Backpfeifengesicht".

OMG, that is PERFECT!!! and I'm LOLing over it! I have always hated Molly the know-it-all.

If you take a drink every time Starr says "Cole and Hope" her scenes are far less painful to watch.

I like Todd and Carly together, but I'm aware enough to know that's a hangover of LW playing characters I liked on Loving and on Guiding Light, and just being a shallow newb who doesn't care about history and just wants the quickest route possible to RH taking his shirt off.

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