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May 31, 2012

The Comic & the Ignorant

It happened! The Bold & the Beautiful had a scene that was funny and was SUPPOSED to be funny! And that totally mocked their assiest character!

Honestly, I'd read in one of the articles a while back introducing this whole storyline with Karen and Dani that at one point Bill decides Dani was hitting on him, and I got nervous. I got nervous because I assumed that Bill knew Dani was Karen's wife and that Karen would get all jealous and I started having extremely unfortunately Bianca/Reese/Zach flashbacks from All My Children. And admittedly it's been a long time since I had a whole lot of faith in this show, and the idea that the first time a show SET IN L.A. ABOUT THE FREAKING FASHION INDUSTRY was going to feature any gay characters was going to be in another "Yeah, but if she meets a dude hot enough she can be switched back" scenario? I was worried. But I was wrong! In such cases, I love to admit that I was wrong! (Let's just hope it stays that way.)

Turns out, Bill doesn't have a clue and looked like a total jackass yesterday when, due to his Mount Vesuvius-sized ego, he assumed Dani was hitting on him while he was interviewing her for a job. The follow-up conversation was intentional comedy gold...

Bill: That kind of behavior during a job interview...she was hitting on me the whole time, Karen.


Karen (highly amused): You think she was flirting with you?

Bill: I don't think anything. She was practically undressing me with her eyes. You know, she's a beautiful woman, and back in the day, pre-Katie, if I saw her at a bar--

Karen: Bill. Your virtue is perfectly safe. I assure you, she was not hitting on you.


Bill: Uh, number one, I don't have any virtue. Number two, I assure you she was hitting on me. I know when a woman is hitting on me. It happens all the time. But this is my business, Karen, and that kind of behavior could be a liability. I mean, if she has feelings for me, and I don't reciprocate-- I mean, you know, I'm a married man.

Karen: Yeah, Dani's-- she's not like that. Listen, give her a shot. She's an incredible writer. And I am sure you will see that you read her all wrong.

 And then the quite golden look on Karen's face as she left Bill's office...

Karens exit

Very nice. 

And in fact, it was so much fun that I was almost able to just totally ignore the rest of the show which was, of course, about everybody's favorite Triangle from Hell. Almost. Although it was a bit of a challenge to ignore the fact that apparently the "world" is obsessed with Liam's decision and there are websites with countdown tickers (if you were lucky enough to miss this part, don't worry, they don't mean in the real world -- they mean in the show's paradigm in which the general public is fascinated by the love lives of a bunch of fashion executives). Oh, and Steffy's set a timer, too! (Thankfully the ringtone is not a Bob Hope song.) In show time, the divorce can allegedly go through "tomorrow at midnight" (meaning they can stretch this out for three weeks), but I fail to see the significance. It's not as if Liam can't wait a few more days to sign his divorce papers. It's not as if Steffy will tell him "tomorrow at midnight" that it's over for good if he needs an extra day. And it's not as if he's even told Hope he hasn't actually made up his mind to marry her.

Oh and naturally (since it's apparently been far too long), we got a "Cha cha cha!"


 And then my personal favorite, the final frame of the episode:


You know, just in case anyone was confused, they gave us a subtle reminder using the MAGIC OF TELEVISION! At this point they should just permanently change the opening credits to that image.


I shared your concerns, Louise, about the "lesbian hitting on Bill" thing, and am glad they seem to be baseless and provided an actual comedic moment. Even if he knew she was a lesbian, though, I still see Bill thinking that. He's TOTALLY the kind of straight guy who thinks a lesbian is just someone who hasn't met the right guy, namely him.

Oh absolutely. I'm sure hearing that Dani is actually his sister-in-law won't convince Bill that she wasn't hitting on him. He does, after all, have Manpower DNA strong enough to overcome an entire family of Crazy, according to him. So why not strong enough to convert a lesbian?

Thank you Loiuse! I checked the Bill/Karen scenes online (to avoid anything Hope/Liam/Steffy) and thought the scenes were hilarious. Dollar Bill is a fun character who is unintentionally funny, while I so enjoy Joanna Johnson as an actress. B&B needs to infuse more intentional humor into its show. It's uber-campy but not often funny.

I will readily say that I am not a big fan of Crystal Chapell. Somehow, I get the feeling Dani and Karen will be relegated to 1x/month duty in no time. B&B needs the time to focus on Hope/Liam/Steffy!

This post made me totally LOL, Louise! Thankyou! Bill, so cocky, with his feet up.....how splendidly tackily so-bad-it's-good.

I just watched the whole job interview thing. With writing like that, no wonder Bill thought she was hitting on him :)

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