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May 30, 2012

The Crazy & the Smothering

Brooke. Oh, Brooke.

You know, I've generally enjoyed Brooke a lot so it irritates me when she's being awful, it really does. And right now, she is being awful. They have really got to find her a more interesting storyline than, "Over-involved with her 'adult' daughter to the point that it's pathological."

I know that soap families are always about a million times more involved in the minutiae of each other's lives than most families are in real life (since in real life, it's rare that the entirety of one's extended family lives in spitting distance and even rarer that we all have unlimited amounts of free time in which to get up in one another's grills), but this is ridiculous. It's not just Brooke, of course, since Bill is also pretty unhinged about this whole thing -- but he's an assface and loves the idea of being a puppet-master, so it makes more sense for him. Brooke, on the other hand...



She actually went to her daughter's freaking therapist to instruct her to change her course of therapy. It was bad enough that she was attending all of Hope's earlier sessions (that were themed on Hope's issues with sex, I might add) and I'd been relieved that they finally let Hope have some sessions on her own. But really. I'm getting a little squicked out by everyone who gets to know about what's going on in her private therapy -- I don't know what it is, especially since people get violated on this show every which way, but this one just seems like such an appalling invasion to me. Perhaps it's because actually going to therapy is in fact very non-soapy and so it's hard not to apply some real-life values to the scenario. Evil twin? No problem-o. Back from the dead? Do what you want, I won't look for verisimilitude there! But good lord, stop turning Brooke Logan into Mommie Dearest!

There are two upsides to all this, though. One is that we get to see more Hillary B. Smith as Stacy (and I actually think that's another problem with this -- she's almost too good at playing this therapist that it makes me settle in for realism when I should really know better than that!) (she is also wasted in the role, of course, and they should give Stacy a life outside those sessions!).

The other? Flashbacks!

Flashback brooke

Flashback deacon

Deacon! It's so fun to have him back. Deacon is the best thing to happen to this Neverending Triangle of Pain since Liam saw Hope in his margarita (which was so-bad-it's-good, while this is in fact just good stuff).

And of course Bill. Is a jackass.


Once again he mentioned Brooke's "crazy DNA" as contributing to why Hope is apparently damaged goods, with zero acknowledgement that his pregnant wife shares that DNA. But I get it now. Brooke's DNA is the same as Katie's, but of course he thinks as the Almighty Bill Spencer, his Master of the Universe DNA will cancel out all the cray-cray.

But since Justin accidentally butt-dialed Marcus and Marcus now knows there's some sort of dastardly plan in the works, perhaps there will be dueling machinations instead of just one mustache-twirling world controller. Oh, who am I kidding. We're never getting any movement on this story because movement would be progress towards its end and its end would be too much like right.


You know, I'm surprised butt-dialling isn't used more often on soaps. It's an actually realistic contrivance!

While Rapist and his maniac ex also poke their noses in where it doesnt belong, ITA Louise... One would expect this from penny Bill or Rapist, Satanie or Taylor. But Brooke.

Oh Brooke indeed. As a Brooke fan, its a sad day...

But Bill claiming Brooke is crazy... If you doht mind i will use a caption from another post "The Hypocrisy Is Suffocating".

You know having Deacon back AND a overheard phone call moving along the plot reminds me of when Deacon had sex with teenage Bridget but called her family first and all the Forresters listened.

I guess what I'm saying is, for all the show's faults, at least its consistent in the whole "no boundaries and no shame in this family thing.

(Amusingly, and perhaps tellingly, that was maybe my favorite non-Sheila moment of B&B ever.)

Ooh LogopolisMike, THANK YOU for the memory of Deacon deflowering Bridget while her family listened! That was delicious! One of my favorite B&B moments. I actually loved the Bridget/Deacon/Brooke triangle. Didn't care much for Bridget or Deacon outside of that storyline.

@Louise: I am in total agreement about Hilary B. Smith being so good at playing a therapist that I tolerate everyone's behavior less when with Stacy! Still, I love seeing HBS even as it reminds me of my beloved OLTL. [Sniffles, fights back tears.]

I also loved seeing Jon Hensley for a millisecond when he played Steffy's doctor. I wish we saw more of him. [pours out a little libation over ATWT.]

It's cool to see all these stars from other soaps pop up on B&B and Y&R. How cool would it be in real life if your nurse was Kim Zimmer and your florist was Elizabeth Hubbard?

Anyway, I'm just flummoxed at who thinks this story line is GOOD. Any one? Hello? Bueller? It's like it's holding the whole show hostage. Talk about cray-cray.

I snickered at the thought of Bill's junk being so strong and superior that it knocked the crazy from Katie's DNA. Hee hee.

I literally lol'd at the face JJ made walking out of $Bill's office after he went on and on about Dani "hitting on him" all during their interview. Conceited much?

Louise, I gotta say....I'm enjoying watching repeats of One Life to Live from 2007-08 on Soapnet right now more than anything that's current. I missed a year or two of OLTL here and there (like when Charlie and Jared first arrived) so it's cool watching it happen (even though I know the outcome). Plus, it's three hours a day.
And yes, I have a life :-).

Brian- you are SO right. Watchign the beginning of the Jared/Natalie romance all over again makes me smile. And sniffle.

I so loved Jared and Natalie...

I too hate what they are doing to Brooke. She needs another storyline! GAWD

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