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May 15, 2012

The Dreary & the Annoying

Be careful what you wish for.

There cannot be a single viewer of The Bold & the Beautiful who hasn't wished super-hard for a storyline other than this program-devouring Hope/Liam/Steffy horror show. There really cannot. Tastes vary, so I'm sure someone out there likes the storyline, but those viewers can't possibly think a one-plot daily soap opera is the strongest choice.

However, a subplot in which Caroline is totally freaked out beyond all reason that Rick wears dresses and makeup (which he doesn't, but Amber's set it up to look that way -- marking possibly the first time ever that Amber's instincts about how someone would react to something were bizarrely dead on) is not my idea of the proper fix.



And sure, sure, now they're trying to backtrack a little and say that Caroline isn't so shocked and startled that he likes to dress like a lady (Caroline, a young woman who supposedly grew up in New York freakin' City and has claimed to have literally never seen a man in heels) (as a New York City resident, allow me to assure the writers [some of whom have probably lived here] that, sorry Caroline, it's rare not to see men in heels daily here), but it's more that he kept it from her. But come on. And I'm not suggesting that she should shrug it off and be all, "Marry me tonight, man-in-dress!" (though this is B&B and it's totally within its paradigm for someone super-young to be super-eager to get married as soon as humanly possible for no discernible reason). I'm just suggesting that a man with a little makeup on should really not cause an adult professional woman to be so thrown off that she actually shakes and cries a little and drops an armful of stuff. 

Fortunately, we look to be getting a little movement in this story in that Hope has finally found out what Caroline is so freaked out by, and Rick is hooking up with Amber anyway.


The men on this show are ridiculously easy to seduce.


Kudos, however, to today's scriptwriter for giving Liam some decent, rational dialogue where he spoke about his frustrations with Hope without actually being a total dick about it (like someone else he might be related to).


Liam (to Brooke): The entire fashion press was on her case, and they're calling her a hypocrite and they're calling her an adultress and I hated seeing what it did to her. But that is part of the territory! When you're in the public eye, especially when you're using your fame to make moral and ethical judgments...

But never fear! In case anyone was starting to get nervous that characters on this show were going to start having reasonable discussions, allow me to put your fears to rest. After this, Brooke got angry at Liam again about "what happened in Aspen," saying that Hope would be very upset to learn about it. Liam told Brooke that Hope's not going to learn about it, essentially asking Brooke to lie to her daughter for him. And I'm not kidding: this inexplicably caused Brooke to go into some sort of appreciative hysterics, weeping tears of joy and telling Liam how proud she'll be to have him marry her daughter. 


What the eff is wrong with these people?

As if we weren't already "HUH?!" enough to see a mother literally moved to sentimental tears about a man who lies to her daughter about something enormous and clearly still has a serious attachment to another woman, we had to get the obligatory flashback to Liam melodramatically ripping up those annulment papers. What brought on this flashback?


Steffy was tearing up a piece of paper to throw in the trash.

We all weep.


Wow. Brooke's reaction to Liam's deception sounds absurd. Oh Lawd B&B!

And let me get this straight. Caroline has lived in New York City in the 2000's where I presume she spent her formative years being exposed to diverse people (as well as watched television or movie or heard of RuPaul) and has never seen a man wear high heels or makeup?! Seriously?! This storyline verges on being offensive for a variety of reasons but mainly because it insults are intelligence! Why not have Caroline come from a small, secluded town or just be a raging bigot, not a woman interested in working in the fashion industry after years of living in NYC and ----SPOILER----

---- Her mother will be revealed as a lesbian in a longterm relationship with a woman!!!

----Are we supposed to like/relate to Caroline? My goodness. She makes Amber look like a real catch (and I do not enjoy Amber at all.)

Someone please explain this to me: WHY is this show still on when OLTL & ATWT were cancelled???

Brooke, Brooke, Brooke... Oh my Brooke... What did happen to you?

Oh i know... RAPIST!

LOL you have to forgive Brooke- years of Ridge would skew anybody.

What is WRONG with the Bells? Do they just not pay attention to the world? Even the stereotypical Midwestern bigot hausfrau idiots eating bon bons and watching their stories with a Bible clutched in their hands that the soaps seem to believe are their audience and would require smelling salts at the merest suggestion of homosexuality has seen Ru Fucking Paul on the TV! It is not that shocking to see a man in a dress!

LOL you have to forgive Brooke- years of Ridge would skew anybody.
**Sighs heavily**... The Brooke i knew would eat Lame alive. Then she would kick some butts namely Rapist, Taylor, Steffy and Billy boy...

But now she trust Rapist and his disgusting mother about her daughter :-(

Its just a plot "twist" to clear the way for attempted murderer Thomas. I mean come on this is the man who loves incest.

Granted Ambarf is a scheming tart who looks like Britney Spears' B&B version but still
how stupid she is? What she thought no one would learn? And how stupid is Caroline to believe her?

Remind me again why should anybody care about self righteous Caroline? Dont get me started on her hideous dress.

Isn't that the truth Pinky? Ridge BROKE Brooke! The bastard!

I may be in the minority here, but I absolutely HATE Amber. Her whole character just grates on my nerves to the point I ff through every seen she is in. The whole "I'm really a good person inside" is such bullshit! I wish they would get rid of her. As annoying as I find Brooke, I love when she goes off on her, calling her trash and whatnot. Those are scenes I WILL watch. .....and where the hell is Rosie in all of this? Chewing on the plastic baggie full of pills???

Oh Brooke :(

"Steffy was tearing up a piece of paper to throw in the trash." --> GAWD! WILL THIS NEVER END?!!!

Caroline grew up on the most exclusive block of the Upper East Side. She was always too busy shopping at Bergdorf's by appointment for all the benefits she had to attend - she didn't have TIME for TV and pop culture like RuPaul!

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