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May 22, 2012

The Fine & the Surprising

Thankfully, yesterday's The Bold & the Beautiful alleviated a few concerns about the new storyline regarding Karen and Danielle: turns out they were not in the closet when they lived in New York City (at least since the death of Karen's father), and that the only concern in L.A. is Bill, who Karen is (understandably) concerned will be as judgmental about it as their father was. That said, my question is this: so? It still seems odd to me. The explanation suggested that Karen's father made her stay closeted by basically blackmailing her regarding her career and her ownership shares in Spencer, but that's all done now so I'm not sure exactly what Bill could do to her.

Anyway, obviously this is much more about Caroline and how she's dealing with it than it is about Karen and Dani since Karen and Dani are totally grown women and this is B&B so, you know, eww. So Caroline and Thomas had their little chat about it and were so utterly enamored of each other's open-mindedness and compassion that they had a little heat-free kissy-face, after which Thomas immediately left. (I'm assuming to go ring-shopping.)


Well, Thomas, you should know better than to be a gentleman! Don't you know that you're on B&B and there's always someone waiting in the wings to get into an insta-serious relationship with whomever you're interested in?

Sure enough, Rick stopped by to explain to Caroline that he's not actually a cross-dresser. I'm plain delighted that I get to type that sentence about something that's happening on a real show. Delighted.

They chatted about how they don't like secrets, and Rick asked if it would be a secret if he told her he wanted to kiss her. Without waiting for an answer to such an illogical question (smart move), he went in for it...


The best part was that during this kiss, they were playing this really bizarre creepy "Danger!" music to underscore it. I interpreted that scary music as, "Look out! We're going to throw another boring love triangle at you, full of at least two people who are way too young to be so obsessed with getting uber-serious so quickly! And the characters will be super-bland! DANGER!"


Also, I need them to give this character a sense of humor.


The real meat of the episode, though, was Katie and Bill "discussing" her pregnancy. This was a fun surprise after Friday's episode ending with Bill ordering Katie to get an immediate abortion. I wasn't sure quite how they were going to spin that come Monday, but to their credit, they spun it well! Turns out Bill basically thinks pregnancy would be a death sentence for Katie because of her heart condition, and he cannot bear the idea of losing her.

These were very well-written scenes (I'm not being sarcastic!) and Heather Tom is just a rock star of an actress. Don Diamont has terrific charisma in this role but I'm not sure the heavy emotional weepy scenes are his strong suit.


Luckily, Heather Tom's acting and some excellent dialogue more than offered enough support to make these scenes some of the better drama I've seen on this show in months.


Bill: You're having an abortion this week.

Katie: Let me remind you that I am your wife, not some underling. [Bill does seem to have some trouble remembering this.  --Ed.]

Bill: I don't need you to remind me that you're my wife. My own -- my own ego, my own stupid behavior -- I almost lost you because of it, and I am not going to risk that happening again, not for any reason, including a baby. (Sighs) For god's sake, Katie, we --we -- we talked about this. We agreed.


Katie: Well, not every method of birth control is foolproof, Bill. And now we have to deal with it. And I'm not sorry. I can't be sorry.

Bill: Then you're not thinking straight. Why don't you just ask me to --to push you out of a plane over the Pacific? I'm not doing it, Katie. I don't like the odds. I am not losing you.


Katie: This is a risk we can take.

Bill: No, it isn't. You cannot do this. You chose me. You chose our lives. Yes, yes, if it were up to me, I would like nothing more than to share children that are as - -as righteous and as -- as stubborn and as beautiful and as loving as you are. But that's not the universe that we live in, Katie. And I am afraid. Have you ever heard me use that word before? I am afraid that it could kill you. And if it doesn't kill you, and it only weakens you, and our child grow and thrives, and then in a few years, you die... Bill3

(Yeah, things got a bit shaky there for a moment.)

Bill: I am afraid that I will feel hatred toward my own kid!



Okay, I don't have the energy to just transcribe the whole episode, but I loved this last bit too...

Bill: Do you? Do you know that I wake up in a sweat when I reach out and you're not there? And then I come out of it, and I realize that you're just getting a glass of water or you're reading a book out in the den. But I let my mind wander to thoughts of you being gone... for good. And I wonder how I would ever get through it. You know that old, uh, big, bad Dollar Bill? You remember that guy? That guy is gone, that guy who didn't need anyone. I need you, Katie. Maybe I'm just selfish. In fact, I know that I'm selfish [You don't say!  --Ed.], because I refuse to live without you.

It was damn good soap. And my #1 wish? That they have a girl and Bill actually has to face his caveman sensibilities and grow a little.

And did you notice the complete absence of anyone named Hope, Liam, or Steffy? And did you notice that characters were actually making it through entire scenes without discussing them and... nothing happened? Lightning didn't strike, no one burst into flames. Neat, huh?


More than neat. I personally don't care what the other characters on this show do as long as they're not involved id the Hope/Liam/Steffy sl. They can be concerned with mining for gold, for all I care. I'm just really thankful for a few days (about 3)without the Tiresome Threesome. My standards have depreciated considerably since the Hope/Liam/Steffy crap has eaten the show. I personally would rather watch Susan Flannery(Stephanie)read the names in a phone book than tolerate another moment of the three that shall not be named. But that's just me...I'm sure there are some viewers lapping up this drivel because the show's ratings haven't totally tanked.

Even though seeing Bill burst into flames would have made me happy.

How much do you LOVE Heather Tom? I always thought she was overrated until she did all she could to make Kelly on OLTL palatable. She is truly a rock star. Love.

Am I missing something or was $Bill in tears about losing Katie due to her pregnancy and then bitching in his office later "what the hell am I gonna do with ANOTHER kid?!?!" Did I FF thru something important??? I Am confused!

Finally some good scenes b/n Bill & Katie...yay!! You're so right that they spun it well, Louise!!

PS So it does look like Katie & Bill had already discussed birth control, unlike so many other couples, lololololol.

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