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May 08, 2012

The Heart of The Matter

Even though I like to consider myself an understanding person, which is a self-assessment that just caused everyone who knows even the slightest bit about me to burst into peals of scornful laughter, I see where Sonny is coming from here. I know, I can't believe that I typed that either, but really: if my significant other did something outrageously hurtful (like cheat on me) or unspeakably offensive (like occasionally adopting a Rosie Perez accent and spackling cosmetics on by the truckload) and then explained it away as being the actions of a split personality, I wouldn't know what to make of it. I like to think that unwavering support would be one of my reactions somewhere along the line, but it would probably follow reactions like Shouting "What does this look like, a freaking soap opera?!" and staring, wordlessly, in confusion and texting my friends "Can you believe this lame-ass excuse?!"

So I'm not quibbling with Sonny's reluctance to believe that there is a Connie, or even some of his anger.

What I am quibbling with is what a freaking child he is, always and forever.

Sonny: You went and banged my enemy! On my birthday, no less.

He doesn't have many linguistic skills, but his knack for filling a single sentence with that much self-absorption and grossness is pretty impressive.


Sonny is one Klassy guy. Yup, all the way, a real gentleman. It oozed out of his pores - and here I was, all this time, thinking it was an overabundance of tanning gel.

BUT, we must remember, at all times, no matter what, he loves his children. Nuff said.

Nah, not enough said. Why of why couldn't Starr have pulled that trigger? I know he can't die, but how about a coma? A coma has it all. He won't be able to tell everyone why he' so unjustly treated. And they could do it with some imagination.
They could just keep him laid out in his tanning bed, turned on low, so he can keep that chicken-in-a-chinese-takeout look that he does so well.

Till then, I guess we'll have to listen to him complain that all he got for his birthday was a social disease. I wonder if he wanted a pony....

Hehe. I think they might be trying to flipflop "Sonny - worst human ever" with "Jason - worst human ever".

I am loving McBain just because he is in Jason's face (my teenage Jason and Robin lovin' heart breaks). I am no fan of Sam, BUT seriously man, get a grip!

Absolutely loved the Anna/Liz scenes today. AWESOME.

I wanna know why Sonny can pull a gun on Anthony in the Q's mansion, actually pull the trigger TWICE in Johnny's penthouse (apt., not sure) but a grieving, mixed up young mother, Starr gets arrested for attempted murder for pulling a gun on the stammering KING!! Shame on you Michael.

Also, Jason, PULHEESE! YOU fired at "bad guys" who were holding both Robin AND Liz in the line of fire. I guess only you, oh great one, are capable of making that shot? Not a cop and former FBI agent?? PUHLEESE!!

Good lord. I want Sonny dead so damn badly. How freaking noble of him to be so kind to Starr, a young woman who has lost her young family. In the end, thanks to his crazy murderous vendetta with the Zacchara family, she lost her family. And Michael can go back into a coma for all I care. I'm still wondering how the hell Starr was arrested if the victim(Sonny) wasn't there pressing charges. I don't know how Michael could press charges. He was a witness.

Nice to see that Jason has the authority to tell police officers what they can do with a suspect. If they want to arrest Connie/Kate, they can. And then they can decide if they want her in jail or if she should go to the hospital. They have these powers. Not St. Jasus of Port Charles.

McBain and Sam still have chemistry. It is the first time in years that I can even tolerate Sam. And honestly, I don't know if I can take Elizabeth being even remotely nice to Sam. At the first sign of any crap or attitude coming out of Sam's mouth about Liz(to Liz) should immediately be met with a "Bitch, please. You allowed my baby boy to be kidnapped. You are lucky that I am not putting an air bubble in your vein." response. Especially since it was Jake's birthday. Nice of Jason to not remember what day it was today.

Anna and Liz? Fantastic.


I really liked the Anna and Liz scenes, too. Except when Anna says she's not alone, she mentions Mac, and especially Luke and Liz, but no mention of Patrick. I know she meant people who are helping her cope, instead of her having to help others cope, but she and Patrick and Emma should be grieving and coping together. They haven't had a scene together since Anna said she'd be sticking around to help raise Emma! She spends more time with Luke (which I HOPE remains platonic) and McBain (which is cool), while Patrick is falling into depression and Emma's left with Liz. /rant
That said, writing is definitely better, and I was amazed, too, how un-fast-forwardable (dare I say, enjoyable??) an episode could be without Sonny, Jason, Carly, or Sam. Just needs more Scorpio-Drake-ness, as always. ^^

Also wanted to mention how nice it is to see the little things being paid attention to, for example; police officers. Hello what is this? There are more cops in PC than just Mac, Dante, Padilla and Ronnie people! There are actually uniform cops. Did you know that? AND apparently there's a csi team (hoping this is not just a lead in for Natalie) who - like - take pictures of crime scenes, and evidence from crime scenes, and have like crime scene tape and stuff. Who wudda thunk it?

AND there are lots (LOTS I say!!) of medical staff working at the hospital, (but sadly still no Monica??)!! Is this the same PC??

I'm sorry, and maybe I seem heartless and clueless, and while I'm certainly no fan of Jason's, I think his reactions to Franco being the the alleged baby daddy is more realistic than him just going, ok yeah, everything's cool. Of course he should have gone with his wife to the hospital.

And in yesterday's episode it's a close call between who is more unlikable, Sonny or Sam. Her reaction to Elizabeth was completely inappropriate. Blaming her for Sam's lies. Comparing Liz & Jason's relationship to her's and McBain's. Stop whining about how your mother doesn't know and tell her. Sam is way too whiny to be a child of Alexis. Cassadines don't whine.

MIchael's actions=pathetic.
Finola Hughes makes me cry. She is amazing. Please give her more to do.

I'm assuming today we'll see what Heather did with a poisoned Maggie. And Matt regaining more of his memory.

The Anna/Elizabeth scenes were just superb. I was impressed by the writing, and by the time they took for two grieving mothers to commiserate over their losses. And Finola Hughes elevates every scene she's in, and every actor she interacts with.

But this was a diversion from the real meat of the story, the sadness that is Sonny and Jason. It's bad enough that Sonny has a boo-boo to the heart, but poor Jason....
How much more is this guy supposed to take?? I mean, really....
His wife is raped and she makes it all about her, and then
his wife is impregnated by her rapist and once again, it's all about her and the baby.
Now said wife and baby are alive because of another man, and AGAIN, they don't realize this impacts Jason most of all.
I'm fed up with how badly treated this guy is.
It's completely understandable that he would forget his dead child's birthday, isn't it? Nobody knows the troubles he's seen.
I'd like how he deals with the heartbreak of psoriasis and hemmorhoids next. Perhaps he can just explode.
Sonny is a horror but Jason is even worse. It was a real disconnect to go from those lovely Anna/Liz scenes to Liz being compassionate to that total loser.

I strongly agree. If this were anyone but Sonny, I might be more understanding of his reaction, but he shouldn't be surprised, given the fact that nearly all of the women he has married have gone straight to mental institutions afterward-- what is that all about?!

I have to say I found much of Sonny's reactions to Kate's explanation made me chuckle. I thought it was entertaining.

Well, maybe Sonny should have not been an asshat to every women in his life ever. This is his karma. I bet Brenda and Carly's brand of craziness and betrayl are looking pretty good to him right now.....

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