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May 24, 2012

The Hypocrisy Is Suffocating

I just want to make sure that I'm understanding this correctly--it's entirely possible that I'm not and that I am, in fact, missing every single point, not because General Hospital is a deep and layered television program (I scoff a loud "HA!" at the very thought), but more because I often end an episode temporarily debilitated because of banging my head against a wall.

Sonny is angry that Starr threatened to kill him and responds by...threatening to kill Todd in between raging some more about Starr?

Sonny: You have a death wish, running that stupid little mouth of yours, challenging me in ways nobody would ever dare to...giving me options. Well, I've settled on an option, Manning. I'm going to kill you right now...[...]Michael and I are going to send your daughter to prison for attempted murder.

I mean...we're supposed to come away from this with a renewed sense of Sonny hatred, right? Because that is just the worst of ALL possible things and the only thing keeping me from turning this from a mini-screed to a maxi-screed is Todd's completely unimpressed and also, hilarious responses to this prolonged tantrum.


Like, "Yeah, yeah, okay, you're sticking my body in a trunk--what did you mean when you said I have a stupid little mouth?"



Exactly what I was thinking Mallory. What a wretched person Sonny is--and they're bringing on a new character to deal with him, which just means more Sonny on my screen--and I want WAY less.

If we have to put up with mobsters with a heart, Johnny Z is more sympathetic than Sonny or Jason. And BB is a far better actor as well.

Is there something wrong with me. I have NO sympathy for Maxie or Sam. And Sam told Molly she was raped BEFORE she told her mother??? What the hell?

Hey CarTini. Back in the day soaps were about love in the afternoon, not murder 24/7. C'mon--give us some love!

HILARIOUS! Oh, the irony of it all! I FFWD Todd/Sonny scenes because they are so redundant and when I see the both of them together I am reminded by all of the reprehensible things these men have done on a daily basis, for years! I like Todd and Sonny, separately, but the combination is beyond dull.

And don't even get me started on the fact we have two Daytime Emmy winning performers and one Primetime Daytime Emmy winners (forming a triad of the stronger actors in daytime) playing out GH's version of "Weekend At Bernie's"!

Good grief.

At least there was Heather and Sam squaring off in Kelly's. Now, that's entertainment.

Loved every second of the Todd and Sonny staredown. . . Todd's "Sonny, may I?", and his absolute disinterest in the fact that Sonny was theatening him. The compassion Todd has for Kate, and the explanation of why. . .excellent. . . Todd makes me not ff Sonny scenes.

The hypocrisy IS staggering.. . who has Sonny threatened to kill in the last few months, uhm, Johnny repeatedly, Anthony repeatedly, in fact he held a gun on both on the same night. In the past he has threatened everyone from Jax to robin (laterally) and has NEVER been brought up on charges for attempted murder. I think he may have actually shot a gun in Johnny's bedroom, recently if I'm not misremembering?? He shot his wife, in the head, while she was in labour, and his unarmed cop son in the chest point blank. Yet he never did a second of time.

Hell even Starr's dad threatened Sonny with a gun, in front of many witnesses, in a courtroom and wasn't charged.

Yet they stick it to a grieving young mother. Sonny and Michael suck. This is one of the worst things they've done in a while.

On the other hand, if they are out to make Sonny an actual villain, and not a "mob boss with a heart of gold", and Jason a terrible person hitman and not "the saviour of the world" hitman, then count me IN!! I'll watch and enjoy and not be pissed off. . . nope "not atall"!!

I'm glad I"m not the only one who thought "Weekend at Bernie's."

I'll be honest: I wasn't thrilled about the merger because I wasn't sure how the Llanview characters could exist in the PC world. They are two completely different universes with distinct tones and styles. I was expecting a disaster on par with the attempted AW/ATWT mash-up.

That said, I think Todd has made the smoothest transition of them all (with John a very close second). He's got surprising chemistry with Carly, he make Starr more tolerable, and his complete indifference to Sonny's taunts and threats is pretty refreshing. I mean, he knows Sonny is dangerous and powerful and all, but he refuses to drop his poker face and sarcastic quips. Plus, you can see Sonny is getting increasingly frustrated because he just can't get a bead on the guy or find a way to get an advantage. If any character needed someone to get under his skin and outsmart him on a regular basis, it's Sonny.

Show's far from perfect, but at least I can watch on a regular basis now without feeling dirty.

Todd's no hero and the show isn't making him one. BUT, the show does seem to be showing up Sonny as a petty punk with an attitude, but no self-awareness, while Todd seems to have a good idea of just how reprehensible he can be.

All I know is that Sonny looked like a posturing bully with a Napoleon complex, while Todd seemed like an adult. A twisted adult, but an adult nontheless.

I don't want to watch Tracy and Luke and Heather and Monica play with a dead Anthony. This storyline needs to move FAST.

@TV's Tim: I am in such agreement with you, only that in terms of "smoothest transition from Llanview" I would place John at #1, Todd #2, Tea #3 and, well, Starr wouldn't rate.

And, ugh, the ATWT/AW nonsense was just terrible. My beloved Another World couldn't have ended respectably (well, as respectably as it could've given the final episode including the cast of characters serenading a gorilla. Argh.) My Cass Winthrop became a nothing more than background. Both my Vicki Hudson and Jake McKinnon didn't survive. Now I am sad :-(

Did anyone besides me love watching Monica setting St Jason straight about how she felt about him originally & how she changed her mind?

@melP YES, I did. I was hoping she would go there with him.

I was hoping you guys would write about the complete hypocrisy that is Sonny Corinthos. I was looking at the whole exchange between him and Todd and going REALLY?!?!? It brought me back to when he said Claudia could not get an abortion because IT GOES AGAINST HIS FAITH. O_o That was the most hypocritical comment EVER. I kinda think KILLING PEOPLE would go against his faith as well, but hey, that's just me. This exchange with Todd is pretty much right up there with that. And, don't even get me started on Michael. Telling Starr he can't get up on the stand and lie. WHAT THE EFFING EFF??? He would AND HAS lied for Sonny, his mother, AND HIMSELF to the police. Michael is as big a hypocrite as his father.

Yep, and I have to say, if there's a character that makes Todd effing Manning look like an adult by comparison, that character must be pretty bad.

Having said that, I much prefer watching Sonny the mob boss, being a terrible ass and despicable human, than I do watching Sonny the mob boss, being the moral compass of the show.

This seems to go against the general consensus here but I am LOVING Todd and Sonny on the same show. I started watching GH as a kid during the Luke and Laura days and haven't watched for about a year. I couldn't believe it last week when I tuned in: Felicia(who I can't stand but a blast from the past none the less), Mac still there, Luke,Tracy, HEATHER, nutty as ever. And now Todd from OLTL. If Blair shows up I may need a cocktail to recover. *small voice* .....I like Sonny.

I don't think you're in the minority. . . Sonny and Todd on the same show. . . I definitely like it. I think Sonny needs to lose every now and then. Maybe Todd will help with that.

Todd certainly was never the "always win" type character. . more often than not his stupid schemes blew up in his face and you were just left shaking your head at this disaster of a man and thinking, Again. . you did it again dummy. But you still loved him or loved to hate him!

Thank you thank you thank you Mallory! Frankly I don't get this scenario at all-- I know the writers want a conflict to draw Sonny and Todd together, but getting Starr on attempted murder? This is a dumb way to handle this. I'm not a Sonny fan, but he has not always been written to be this bad.
Altogether I like the integration of OLTL characters, but sometimes this seems to be at the expense of reducing the complexity of GH characters-- Todd makes Sonny look like a complete immoral ass; John makes Jason look like a dumb angry thug. I know, I know, sometimes they have been in the past, but not always, and I don't think these writers are as interested in the history of GH characters as they should be.
For example, why doesn't a GH character-- like Dante-- call Sonny on his BS? "um, Dad, remember when you ACTUALLY shot me, and I dropped the charges? Could you dial down the hypocrisy a bit?"

Laura E, but Sonny IS a complete moral ass and Jason an dumb angry thug, so they don't need Todd and Sonny to make them look that way. But I do get what you're saying. But I don't think Todd or John McBain will have any permanent victories over Sonny and Jason.

Grass is green, the sky is blue and Sonny is a raging hypocrite. Yep, the world is still spinning on its axis.

I love Sonny threatening Todd with shooting him, stuffing him in a trunk and dumping him in the harbor because... Todd's survived that before. But even more hardcore.

And, seriously, the number of times Todd has been shot and then fallen into water... there's a reason I call him a water god. Water heals him.

That being said... I still think they need to bring Blair back on and mix Todd and Blair up with the Quartermaines, Cassadines and Spencers and leave the mob shit in the gutter where it belongs.

I almost enjoy Sonny now because Todd is SO unimpressed by him. And Todd doesn't just come back with random, apathetic death threats like all his other "enemies." No, Todd just laughs or smirks or pulls a newspaper out of newspaper with a bad fashion, victim pun. Yes please and thank you!!!!

"For example, why doesn't a GH character-- like Dante-- call Sonny on his BS? "um, Dad, remember when you ACTUALLY shot me, and I dropped the charges? Could you dial down the hypocrisy a bit?""
Actually Laura they have Dante drowning in hypocrisy now. He actually told Mac the other day that he (Dante) doesn't use his badge to protect Sonny. HAHAHAHA and WTF??? (And yes, he said it with not a hint of irony.)

Didn't Sonny say the night of the attempted shooting that he could have grabbed the gun from Starr at any moment, but wanted to let her work out her rage or some other BS? But he and Michael really think she's a threat and want to throw her in jail. Because a 20-something girl will take down a grown freaking mobster.


I loved the scene in the restaurant between Sonny and Todd for one reason: When Todd said "at all," and then in an aside, "...a'toll, that's how my sister says it."

So cute.

I LOVE Todd. He's an ass but unlike sonny he doesn't pretend he's something he's not. He knows he's an ass and doesn't deny it, unlike sonny who is one of thee biggest HYPOCRITE'S I have EVER seen on a soap.

Fair is fair. Starr held Sonny at gunpoint and should go to prison b/c I totally remember that time Sonny attempted to kill Jax and did shoot Robin and went to prison for THAT...wait.

Honestly, who cares. Yes, Starr wanted to kill Sonny and almost did, but so what? And Michael is just pissed b/c he thinks Starr used him (which she didn't) like Sonny said. This has nothing to do with right and wrong. When it was Sonny and Jax, Michael said Jax got what he deserved.

And GH is doing a version of "Weekend at Bernie's" that is sure to slay the audience. I had no idea Maria Arena Bell was consulting on GH in her spare time.

Is there a statute of limitations on attempted murder? Cuz you know, maybe it's not too late to press charges against Sonny for holding a gun on Johnny and Anthony, or you know, for SHOOTING ROBIN.

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