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May 17, 2012

The Okay & the Different

Y'all. Yesterday's The Bold & the Beautiful wasn't about Steffy and Liam and Hope! I mean okay, Hope was on the episode, but not talking about Liam or Steffy and therefore far less irritating! It was incredibly exciting.

That said, the titular "Okay" is in reference to what we got in the Neverending Triangle's place being... okay. I mean if this is the next couple we're getting?


Okay. They're not awful, they're not great. In fact, they're incredibly bland. It speaks volumes about how sick I am of the usual storyline that I found the featuring of such a milquetoast pair to be a huge relief. Thomas can go listing all the wonderful things about Caroline he wants to, but it doesn't make them true. According to him, she is allegedly "smart, beautiful, funny, and sophisticated yet down to earth." Okay, Thomas. To me so far she's pretty (albeit way too skinny, and can she please get out of that awful yellow dress with the weird blue skeleton-enhancing waistband and matching wristband?) and stands up straight and speaks English. I look forward to this "funny," I do!

One thing we have learned about Caroline is that she's into terrible vampire movies. So I take that back, she is kind of funny. We learned this tidbit from her mother Karen:


And I'm excited to see Karen because admittedly I am looking forward to her upcoming storyline and to Crystal Chappell's arrival. Let's hope (a) Joanna Johnson's appearance as Karen yesterday means this is happening soon and (b) it doesn't just end up a story all about Caroline's issues. More grownups, please! (Yeah, I know. Wishful thinking.)

Speaking of Caroline, Brooke was off her rocker again yesterday, being all competitive with Ridge over which one of their offspring is going to win the object of affection over whom they're competing. Sound familiar? But they're not talking about Steffy vs. Hope over Liam, they're talking about Rick vs. Thomas over Caroline. Stop being such an asshole, Show! You're making all the adults look icky and insane when their only material is some bizarre obsession with their children's love lives!

Not that Rick isn't a grownup himself, but they seem unable to let him play outside the kiddie pool. Yesterday we had the HUGE REVEAL(!) that Amber's been making Caroline think Rick's into cross-dressing.

My favorite bit was when Amber was pleading her case to Rick and talking about the desperate actions she tends to take when she feels cornered and how it doesn't make her a bad person or unworthy.


"It makes me Amber!"

I cannot figure out why I found that so endearing considering my past feelings toward this character, but honestly when the bulk of the other featured characters are so toothless and vanilla, she's starting to entertain me more than almost anyone else.


Rick disagrees with me, however. Is it wrong that I would have loved it if he'd found out about this whole thing and just burst out laughing and told Amber she was hilarious and walked away? 


Oh, the cross-dressing thing. I, too, wish Rick would have laughed it off but apparently being a cross-dresser is the WORST thing someone could be perceived as being. (That's sarcasm, y'all.) Man, Amber is the most compelling character on B&B these days and that is such a SAD statement on the show and it's cast of characters.

On the plus-side, Jacob Young (Rick) looks GREAT. He looks so much better these days. I found him terribly unattractive on AMC for the last few years. He and Adrienne Frantz (Amber) are well-matched. Amber and Rick need to be matured to match their ages. If written correctly, they could drive front-burner stories as the "30-something" set.

One problem that both of these triangles have in common is that the so-called bonds between all parties just develop overnight. Why am I supposed to care whether Caroline is dating Thomas or Rick? Nothing of significance has happened between either pairing yet. Similarly, the relationships between Hope and Liam and Steffy and Liam developed overnight, or that's how it seemed to me at the time. Added to that is the fact that Neither Caroline nor Thomas really has much of a personality that I can detect. Jacob Young is enough of a pro at this point that he brings some personality to the proceedings, but I don't know why I should care about his interest in Caroline, since he barely knows her.

I do think Hope/Liam were fairly well established once this triangle was launched (I'm not saying it was compelling, but just in terms of time-elapsed it was believable). Steffy, of course, had just been in love with Liam's father and then fell in love with Liam for no reason other than his efforts to keep her from drowning in the bathtub.

As for this newer triangle, there's absolutely no connection established at all between any of the players.

And another reason (besides the obvious) that this whole "Caroline is really just upset because Rick kept a secret!" excuse can't hold water is that half the reason she thought he was a cross-dresser was that he wore heels and lipstick IN FRONT OF HER.

Really? I thought that Hope moved from Oliver to Liam fairly quickly. It's certainly possible that I am forgetting some onscreen development, but in my memory each woman was involved with someone else (Hope/Oliver, Steffy/Bill) right before getting involved with Liam.

Hope had a triangle going on with Liam and Oliver for several months before she "chose" Liam (after learning Amber's kid wasn't really his). Her interest in Liam was definitely abrupt when it happened; I just meant by the time this current Neverending Triangle began, she'd been on and off with Liam for quite some time.

Ah. Point taken. But my main complaint is actually te abruptness with which all of these characters suddenly become romantically fixated on each other. It's just terrible.

"Stop being such an asshole, Show! You're making all the adults look icky and insane when their only material is some bizarre obsession with their children's love lives!"
--> This, this, SO MUCH THIS!

I'm wondering if all this pushing of the younger generation is because the older generation wants more time off? If they don't have their own storylines, they are on much less, I think. I mean, I don't understand why the show would ignore the Core Four/Five if they are under contract and are being paid much more than the kids. Just a thought.

Thanks for the screencaps :)

I don't blame Thorne for hiding in the basement. I would too. I ended up renaming this soap to The Creepy And The Disturbing. I don't get why they have all the parents focused on their kids love lives.

I really hope this day ends soon since I hate Caroline's dress. I'm going to go blind and possibly develop a banana phobia if she doesn't change soon.

Louise, would it be possible to get some screencaps of the entire dress? incl. the "the weird blue skeleton-enhancing waistband"?

"It makes me Amber!" --> I thought this was hilarious!

Ziyal, if you scroll down to the last B&B post (http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/2012/05/the-dreary-the-annoying.html), there's a screencap with a longer view of the dress -- complete with the waistband and wristband!

Bedankt voor het maken van de betrouwbare poging om een ​​verklaring voor deze te geven. Ik voel me zeer robuust ongeveer het en wilt u meer op de hoogte. Als het goed is, zoals u bereiken extra intensieve wijsheid, zou je denken het toevoegen van extra berichten zeer gelijkaardig aan deze met meer informatie? Het kan buitengewoon nuttig en handig voor mij en mijn collega's.

Can someone make Ambarf go away? Pretty please?

Amber's revelation to Rick was the first time I saw B&B have any type of real emotion since I can remember. I thought it was awesome.

Anne wrote: "Ah. Point taken. But my main complaint is actually te abruptness with which all of these characters suddenly become romantically fixated on each other. It's just terrible."

Yeah, it's like grade school, when it's normal to have an insane crush on someone different every week.

Hej Jag är så glad jag hittade din blogg sida, jag hittade dig av en slump, medan jag söker på Yahoo efter något annat, Iaf jag är här nu och vill bara säga tack för en fantastisk tjänst och en allround trevlig blogg (jag älskar temat / design), jag har inte tid att läsa igenom allt just nu men jag har bok-märkt det och även lagt till din RSS-flöden, så när jag har tid kommer jag att vara tillbaka läsa mycket mer ska du hålla uppe det fantastiska arbete.

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