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June 11, 2012

I'm Committed To Enjoying This While It (Briefly) Lasts

Because I know how this show works, I fully understand that for some reason the fact that Jason was telling Sam the truth today about having gone to the hotel to tell her he was sorry, the fact that he did try to call off (by voicemail) the beating of McBain, the fact that the baby isn't really dead, and the fact that Jason is actually the biological father -- well, all of these facts added up are obviously meant to somehow absolve Jason of his total and utter dickishness at some point in the future (not that it follows logically, but we've all been watching long enough to know Jason's never held responsible for anything for long, since he is the Saint of Port Charles and All Mob Enforcers). But for now? Can I please just savor Jason being told off? Can I please savor Jason getting looks like these from his wife?



I mean, sure, people should be looking at him like that every day. And those looks should be accompanied by dialogue like, "Wait a minute, you're a hit man? But this whole town looks to you for moral guidance?" "Hang on, you're a mob enforcer who is routinely called in by the local police force to rescue people and solve crimes?" "Just a second, you chose the mob-enforcing job over your first child, but everyone still treats you like the local child-whisperer?" "Hold up, your wife got raped and made the brave choice to raise her rapist's biological child and you decided to handle it by being a dick about some dude who was offering her more emotional support than you were, since you were offering none?" "Whoa, whoa, whoa, explain to me how you became a hit man because you had some sort of brain damage that took your emotions away, so you were able to injure and off human beings without feeling anything, and yet you frequently weep alone over a box?!"

But I digress. He still got a deeply, deeply appropriate guilt trip today. And I'm sure by the end of summer she'll be apologizing to him and praising him for all his wondrousness, but I'm damn sure going to love this while it lasts!

And when Sam confronted Jason about having had McBain beaten up, he totally just waved it off.

Jason: Sam, I wanted him out of the way! He was just going to be a problem. [Ah, Jason, this kind of thinking makes you such a stellar candidate for fatherhood. --Ed.]

Sam: No, Jason, John was not the problem, he was never the problem! It was you! You couldn't love my baby, and instead of admitting it you had those men beat him up, to punish him for helping me! 

Jason: I tried to call it off, it was too late! [Oh. Well then. No biggie. Bygones! I mean come on, you left a voice mail! --Ed.]

Sam: Too late for what, Jason? It was too late for John. And it was too late for my baby.

And I do hereby thank Scott Sickles, who wrote today's episode. (Oops, I never did send him that gift basket last fall!) And I hereby praise him in advance for any more dialogue that you write that enables people to look at Jason like this:




In other "things I know will be all too brief but I'll have fun with it" news, guess who got the actual light, romantic "love in the afternoon" scenes today?

Get it, girl!

She even had a little comic bit when Steve walked in on their little kiss.


Elizabeth: Is there something you want?

Steve: Uhhh, I'm on rounds. Why, is there something you want?

Elizabeth: You to leave, is at the top of my list!


Huh. Somehow the head bandage doesn't seem all that un-hot when combined with the shirtlessness. And all the twinkly-eyed Aussieness of it all.


Liz: (clearly wishing otherwise) I should let you get dressed.


Are you crazy, Liz? No you shouldn't! Don't ever let him get dressed again!

So I'll enjoy his giddy infatuated schoolboy thing he's got going on with her while I can, since I'm sure eventually he'll turn out to be a serial killer or a child molester or something equally dark, because I don't really trust this show to give Elizabeth a romance that's actually fun and nice and isn't laden with incredibly heavy and depressing emotional baggage. So here I am, committed to appreciating what little time we have with these small glimpses of joy.

Otherwise, I was able to muster up zero compassion for Maxie (who didn't think to offer up a, "Oh hey, Matt, sorry I basically got you sent to prison for five years, which wouldn't have happened if I hadn't put this whole thing in motion") or certainly any for Spinelli and his puppy dog sad face again. And then Kristina is just the worst. And they took Matt away from me. And I really need for people to stop saying that Sam "lost the baby." No. Her son was born, he cried, she held him in her arms. And then a couple hours later, according to what she knows, her son died. For some weird reason they're making it sound like a stillbirth or a miscarriage, when it was neither of those things. All tragic events, but all very different events. I don't know why this point is getting under my skin so much, but it is.

In conclusion:


Cry me a freakin' river.


Those Ford brothers were buttafaces.

I can't remember the last time Jason was wrong about something -- as in, he did something bad and the show actually acknowledged that it was bad -- and called out on it, let alone by Sam of all people. When she was going off on him (and rightly so!) I wanted to stand up and cheer.

So they aren't going to prosecute Maxi for conspiring with a known mobster to cover up a murder by committing another murder? That poor boat captain will never get justice.

Way to go PCPD!

I hope and pray that Alexis fights HARD against this Trey person. She totally has the law on her side. Kristina can keep her contract and have them film her while she craps for all I care, just get the hell out of Alexis and Molly's house! I will never understand why she doesn't just call the police on this film crew.. just like I never understood why Starr didn't get Tea, Todd and Blair involved with breaking that sleazy contract that she NEVER SIGNED.

I just watched yesterday's show and I was SO THRILLED with Sam telling Jason off. Of course it'll end up with him being the savior of all the world but whatever. For now, I love that Sam pretty much hates him and I love that he feels guilty. He should. Dick.

Also, Maxie? Boring.

@Louise - if they are creating another Ford, does that mean that the chandelier makes its way to Port Charles for a cameo appearance? I could think of a few people it could take out...

I wish Sam had taken the next step and had a small-e epiphany that this is what Jason does to others and it's what kept a penthouse roof over her head and cheesy mac on her plate. She lived remorselessly a man whose living is inflicting physical, mental and emotional pain on others. She sang endless choruses of "You're a good man, Jason Morgan" as he came home with the smell of fresh gunpowder burns wafting around him. She refused to see that the hands that caressed her were covered in blood.

So, yes, Sam should hate him. The scales should be removed forever from her eyes about who Jason is and what he does. But she should also admit her own obsessive "love" for this man and her willful blindness to the truth about him, and how it played a role in everything that has happened.

That's a good point. Liz should have that same "eureka" moment. Sam and Liz having that moment together...

"Sam, I wanted him out of the way! He was just going to be a problem."

This is why Jason is a horrible person. He believes he is entitled to assault anyone who is a "problem" for him. That's not a loving husband, a friend, a hero, a good person or any kind or rootable character. That is a sociopath.

My dream would be to have a successful hit on Sonny and Jason. Bam. They're gone. And their deaths are a whodunit for the PCPD to solve while Sam, Carly and Michael deal with the fallout.

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