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June 26, 2012

In Which I Am The "Get A Grip!" Friend

Granted, he has no real personality to speak of and even in episodes that see him appearing in several segments, I find myself staring at my television quizically and going "What's his name again?" before my internal monologue makes the leap from Ewen to Ewan to McGregor, to the filmography of Ewan McGregor and how adorable was Beginners, and so on and so forth, but what I'm trying to say is that even though Dr. Ewen Keenan brings new meaning to the word DULL, I still found myself protective of him today and I was filled with overwhelming sadness at Elizabeth declining a date with him because she's re-obsessed with Jason. "LIZ! Don't DO that!" I might have snapped at my television if I were crazy. "Ewen is Australian."

Oh, sure, she had her "reasons" but COME. ON.

Ewen: Hard to have a bad morning after we had such a nice time last night.
Elizabeth, with the fakest of fake smiles plastered on her face: You took the words right out of my mouth.
Ewen: Since you went to all the trouble of making me dinner, I'd like to return the favor. How about my place tonight?
Elizabeth, mentally imagining towels with an E.M. monogram: I don't think I'd be able to find a babysitter on such short notice.
Ewen: Another time, then?
Elizabeth, lying. So much lying!: Sure!

The babysitter excuse, Liz? Seriously? Let's not pretend you're the mother of some average children that babysitters wouldn't be flocking to. We're talking about Cam and Aiden. There's probably a cutthroat babysitting bidding war happening.

And ALSO--make sure to write this down because I think it's pretty good advice in general, even if it doesn't seem easily applicable to your own life right now--if there is ever a reason for you to choose between a guy and another guy who kills people for a living, choose the one who doesn't kill people for a living.  Even if he's boring or a terrible doctor or was introduced during that horrendous Cassandra story. If even I'm not holding that against him, and I hold everything against everyone, I think it's time for you to move on too.


I was hoping to like Elizabeth but it looks like it won't be possible. I don't understand how the writers think they can create a character who on one hand has so many admirable traits - kindness, empathy, good parenting, common sense - and then, cancel them all out by compromising her moral integrity to a lethal degree by letting her indulge romantic feelings for a professional killer. It does not compute. If Jason was a guy who had killed once in some defensible action, or was someone struggling to regain a moral center after having lost it for so long, then I could see her compassion at work in trying to help a person like that become a better self. But that isn't Jason.

And unfortunately, it makes all of Elizabeth's "good" qualities just so much B.S., not worth anything other than contempt. It's too bad, because this show really could use a character with a moral center. Other than Anna and Mac, I can't think of one. And they both - besides being mainly sidelined - are from the older generation. The younger generation should really all just be sold off to the glue factory.

I hate it when Liz gets stuck with Jason. I feel bad for their fans too, since it is actually once again just a giant tease. Why can't Jason and Sonny or Jason and Spinelli just become a couple already?

As a former Liason fan, I can say that I was actually looking forward to seeing Elizabeth move on with someone new. I enjoy Jason and Elizabeth's friendship, but they are such a terrible match, cause TIIC messed up their relationship on so many levels that I can't even...but come on, Liz! I hate how the writers keep tying her in, and only letting her have interaction with Jason, when Jason and Sam have some new stupid drama for the month. I honestly don't even mind Jason and Sam together anymore, but geez, have some consistency. For the longest time, they had this bullshit about Liason couldn't be together because his lifestyle was so dangerous, and now they can be buddy buddy again, because Jason was a prick through Sam's pregnancy, and she finally had some balls to drop him? URGH. HOW CONTRIVED!!!

Okay, rant over. Other than that, please do something more intersting and give Ewen and Elizabeth more!!

I agree with everything "boes" said above. I've haven't been able to like Elizabeth for years because of her obsession with Jason, the Killer.

I thought maybe things would change with Ewan, that she would finally have a healthy, stable relationship with a decent man, that perhaps she could help animate him a little bit. But it looks like we're going to get, at least temporarily, Liason #943 and this will be another FF story for me.

Let's just imagine, shall we, that Liz had never met Jason, and a random friend was trying to set them up.

Friend - "Girl, do I have the guy for you!"

Liz - "OMG, really! Tell me all about him!"

Friend - "Well, he's a professional hit man. He's spent months shitting on his pregnant raped wife, and his actions led to the death of her baby. Since then, he's been even more of a prick, if that's possible."

Liz - "He sounds AMAZING!"


I'm sorry but when did Liz cancel a date with Ewen for Jason? I must have missed it.

Cause I clearly saw her decline a last minute invite for dinner with Ewen. Her reason for the decline was valid. She didn't have a sittr at such notice. Liz also, clearly told Ewen they could try for another night.

Yes, I know Liz is being pulled out of her life to prop the patheticness that is and always will be Jason and Sam. But that's the writers, not Liz.

She had accepted a date with Ewen - made dinner for him. Did we get to see that date? No. The writers didn't allow the scene. Instead Jason suddenly appears at her door. The man hasn't visited her home since Jake's death. So no, I'm not blaming Liz because she is being once again dragged out of her life to prop the bs that is Jasam.

As for insincerity, look to Jasam. The originated the word with their lame ass angst and never ending need to involve numerous other characters in their pathetic existance.

I wish they would dial back a bit with Heather...a little of her goes a long way and she seems to be mixed up with everyone. She's starting to replace Sonny for my "When to cringe" time.

Any my complaint about Liz pointing out that Steven had to watch his mother...no one's watching Heather most of the time. Suddenly to babysit for Liz, he'd have to get Olivia to watch Heather? Erm...

@casey: THANK YOU! I am willing to indulge being teased with Liz/Jason because they have an infinite amount of chemistry. Plus, her vacillation between a relationship from the past and the possibility of something new makes sense and good soap opera! I usually have SO much to complain about with GH but getting Liz scenes with her brother (Steve is only good in either one of two modes: big brother or competent doctor) and hearing her point of view made me happy. I'll probably go back to complaining after the inevitable scenes of Liz propping JaSam...sigh. I am BEYOND TIRED of those scenes and of Jason moping around.

And, yes, I acknowledge that Ewen is pretty as all get out but he is painfully dull. I just want Liz to have crazy sex with him and then he exit Port Charles by summer's end.

Perhaps, it's just my general good mood but I watched the last four episodes back-to-back and rather enjoyed everything outside of Sonny, Jason and the Blackhole comprised of Michael/Starr/Kristina/Trey-The-Living-Defintion of DOUCHE. FLOVE all things Todd, Heather's hair flips, Tracy v. Anna and, *gulp*, Maxie/Patrick. Man, Jen Lilley is gorgeous with toned-down makeup.

I thought I read awhile back with Ewen was in his coma that Nathin Butler had been let go... I must have imagined it if they are still going forward with Liz and Ewen. Or maybe they are going to add to Liz's trauma by having her fall in love and Heather gets to kill him.

"I'm sorry but when did Liz cancel a date with Ewen for Jason? I must have missed it."

I missed that, too.

Ewen may be dull, and it might even be difficult to tell when he's NOT in a coma. But Jason isn't exactly a ball of fire. The only way to tell he hasn't actually passed away in any of his scenes is watching his nostrils flair on occasion. And even that rarely happens. He's has all the excitement of an expired box of saltines.

Elizabeth should really be given a choice between the almost-dead and the already autopsied as dating options.

I really can't stand Heather and they are making RM look like a one note actress.

@boes: HILARIOUS! And sadly...true regarding Liz's current romantic options. Still, I'm a Liason-shipper but I'd rather Liz mix it up with a dating option who was more, I dunno, ALIVE! Lol. I liked the brief interaction between Liz and Matt before the current writers jettisoned the duo in favor of Maxie and her nonsense. Really, I think Liz/Rebecca Herbst could make most pairings work.

I'm glad that Liz turned Ewen down for a last minute date. The man obviously thinks that babysitters grow on trees!

As for Jason and Liz? Pfft. The duo has history going back to 1999 and Emily was Liz's best friend and Jason was Jake's biological father. It's a soap opera and everyone should share scenes instead of living in a vacuum. Now that Brian Frons has taken his agenda BS that would not allow Becky Herbst or Steve Burton to share air space has gone, I hope RC/FV allow more scenes between the actors!

++++As for Jason and Liz? Pfft.++++

Pfft is exactly the right term for the two. As for living in a vacuum, Oh, if ONLY if were possible for Jason to be vacuum sealed, it would only cap the dead air space he already is.

And this is the first I've heard that Brian Frons EVER had a good idea!

Sorry, did not compute = "Brian Frons + Good Idea."

I love Liason when Jason listens to Liz and her life, but as soon as they discuss his life and Sam, I tune out. It's the same ole thing. Can Liason just be lighter and talk about ole times and laugh some? I mean Steve Burton brightens up when looking at Rebecca Herbst and that's why I like Liason, Jason looks more handsome and alive when he's just staring at Liz. I know Jason has brain damage but can he atleast crack a joke now and then? It seems McBain and Todd get all of the one-liners.

I like that Ewen's a bit jealously Liason, anything to make that character a little more interesting and it's soapy

Some fans think it's only fair that Liz listen to Jason whine about Sam, since he did the same thing when Liz whined about Lucky.

IMO too much happened in 2007 with Sam going after Jake for Liz/Jason to sit around talking about Sam or Sam's baby. There is no way in hell that I would sit around with my ex talking about his current wife that went after our infant son.

Totally agree that Liz should NOT get back with Jason, if only because I SO do not want to revisit the Liz/Carly cat fights. However, this is pretty consistent with Liz' character. I wish Nikolas would come back-- I would have loved to see them explore that relationship, but that can't happen so...thanks Cindy for pointing out that Heather is being very poorly supervised. She's managed to bury a dead body, kidnap a live one, and does just about whatever she pleases.

Granted i cant stand her or her BS "morals" but Elizabeth has got to be one of the most boring characters on daytime.


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