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June 14, 2012

The Handsome & the Mistaken

The Italian scenery footage is almost enough to briefly lull you into think The Bold & the Beautiful is this super-classy show that hasn't been telling the same exact story every day for almost a year now, and on which people aren't bizarrely obsessed with giant olives.



And then they give us a hint that maybe they know what we, the audience, are going through by giving Steffy lines like, "I just can't stand another moment of the Hope and Liam Show." (Neither can we, Steffy, neither can we! Only... add one more name to that show title and you'll get the picture.)

And then they tease us with Deacon, a complicated character played by an actor who can actually play layers and simultaneously be ridiculously handsome in a dangerous sort of way. 


(Can someone explain to me how the folks in charge saw these scenes and didn't think, "Oh yeah, yeah, we need to be keeping this guy around long term, he's bringing some much needed spark to the canvas."????)


But then Alison. Dear, sweet, put-upon, played-by-a-princess Alison. First of all, she claimed to be immune to Deacon's charms. So clearly she doesn't like boys. But she also has an insane assessment of the decency of boys, too, because when asked by Deacon about Liam...

Alison: Young men don't come any better. Liam is kind, smart, enterprising -- a great future ahead of him, and he loves her.

Princess, get your head checked! If in your world, young men don't come any better than spineless dudes who deliberately keep two women on the hook for the better part of a year and find it completely impossible to keep their mouths and hands on only their wives or fiancees... well then I'd hate to live in your world, exotic trips to Italy or not!


I had such hope that Deacon would come back and stay and get some decent story, but of course that can't happen. I was wondering if they'd bring in his son, and how they'd deal with the fact that Li'l D is Amber's son (bio-nephew), and is at least five or six years older than...Hope.

I'm still trying to figure out why B&B has always written every Deacon-related storyline as though it were perfectly acceptable for Forresters to block him - or try to block him - from ever raising his own children.

Frankly I'm amazed and happy they brought Deacon back at all. This isn't the first show Sean Kanan has had backstage problems on (if the B&B backstage rumors were true) and they have gone out of their way to ignore Deacon for years.

Ok, Brooke finally got her (ugly) ring, now can we PLEASE stop saying 'olive' twelve times in a sentence!?! To quote Ridge that whole thing was "the pits". If I were still in colkege that would have been one hell of a drinking game! And I was so hoping Lame and Mope would have fallen down the stairs he was spinning her around on top of. Oh well.....


They cant keep Deacon. But it would be a right move. Instead of keeping Deacon around so that he can kick Rapist and penny Bill's ass for hurting his daughter, we see that he is scheming with penny Bill to wreck her world. The real Deacon wouldnt do that. He wasnt a hands on dad but he loved Hope.

Deacon was written fairly inconsistently (I hated his relationships with both Macy and Jackie, personally), but I think it would have been a better storyline (and closer to how the character was portrayed for most of his run) for him to try to use Bill to get out of prison and then double cross him. And why can't they keep Deacon?

Finally - the gondola reference would actually make sense. When I first read "Hope trapped in a gondola, having to watch Stephie & Liam get married" my first thought was "Yay, the Bold goes to Venice!".

I'm with Anne and Pinky, the way Deacon is barred from having ANY contact with his children is offensive. Meanwhile, Rapist is considered father of the year when he neglects or abandons his children to impress a woman (Brooke) or do mommy's bidding. (Like when he dumped Brooke, RJ, and Hope for Taylor and their brats when his mommy faked a stroke.) Or let's talk about Taylor, who encourages her brats to hate Brooke and hands away Jack when she couldn't deal with the fact that Brooke's egg was used.

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