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June 05, 2012

The Lame & the Copout

Well, there it was. The big "good-bye."


And it's all over! The triangle is done! No more Liam and Steffy, and now we will move on to other storylines.

Just kidding! Nobody at B&B thinks the audience believes that, do they?

Look, I want to say nice things. I want to say, "Oh, how cool was it of B&B to show that a divorcing couple will always care about each other and let them actually take some time to reflect on and honor their marriage before saying goodbye!"

And I'd say that. If that's what they were doing.

To me, the most frustrating thing about the Liam/Steffy storyline (besides it being utterly ubiquitous) is that the show spent more time developing the connection and relationship between these two after they separated. Their reflections on their actual marriage ring so false because their marriage was a blip that consisted mostly of Steffy running around scheming, and Liam running around all wistful about Hope (when not actually kissing her or seeing her face in a margarita). So it's a bit difficult to buy their knowing little, "You're the only one who ever got my love of Bob Hope humor!" callback, since they only learned that about each other like two freakin' weeks ago. There's no question the actors are good together (and may I add that Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has improved leaps and bounds since this story began, and I've really enjoyed watching that trajectory), but they built this backwards. And frankly I still just want these young people married to no one and, you know, dating. Like people do.

Anyway, just in case anyone was worried that Liam finally manned up and made a decision that means this triangle might actually be over, worry no more. Liam didn't make the choice. Steffy made it for him after hearing the love in his voice for Hope. Which is great and character-building for Steffy (who I hope gets a better storyline soon because she has seriously grown on me), but leaves Liam in the passive role. He never had to make a choice and he totally gets away with it, because he remains a lame, waffling douchenozzle.

So of course now when Bill pulls whatever he pulls on Hope (which will have no consequences, since Liam and Steffy and Katie already forgave Bill in one day for setting it up to look like Steffy was dying) with Deacon (for whom episodes have already stopped taping -- ALSO LAME), if it ends up working at all, it'll just be Liam going back and forth between these women until the end of time. When you kill me, please be quick and gentle.

On the upside, we did get one final (?) "Cha cha cha" with extra slow delivery and emphasis and choked through tears. So at least I laughed?




Have a great day, y'all!


Thank you for pointing out the non existent "love" between Lame and Steffy. Its as fake as the characters themselves.

Steffy is a loser and i wish i could say she got what she deserved. But i know who got Lame got the short end of the stick... I feel so bad for Hope.

HA! I laughed until I cried over Steffy's "Cha. Cha. Cha." I laughed all day afterward and chuckled myself to sleep. All the while, I told my self, "Soapbaby, it's really not that funny" but could not stop chickling over it. Thanks B&B.

And I prayed for a Louise recap after seeing the episode. I know you love Scott Clifton but Liam Spencer is THE WORST character. Mr. Clifton deserves so much better. Liam makes OLTL'S Schuyler Joplin look like a Shakespearean character (I actually kinda liked Schuyler.)

It's hard to think of a more irredeemable jerk on any other siaps at this point. Whoever ends up with Liam and his all-too-temporary affection, is the winner of the biggest booby prize around.

Right on about them never having built up the supposed romance in the first place. If it was anybody else on the show, I guess we could assume that it all happened off screen, but since they are on almost EVERY SINGLE DAY that wasn't a possibility (whereas Taylor could come back with her baby fathered during her passionate secret romance with Eric and we'd all be like 'I guess that could have happened under our noses.)

Mope all doe-eyed and breathless as she opens the door "Welcome to our new life (gush!)...!" ...barf.

This is how Bratley operates. Give both sides enough "ammunition" to believe the scumbag in question loves "their girl".

Hope will be misarable because Lame will be pining for Steffy. In one way or another he will be back with Steffy again... Only to be pining for Hope, again.

Hope doesnt ask the scumbag if he loved her, why he was letting Steffy stalk him. Steffy doesnt ask him if he loved her, why he is marrying Hope... No... The woman has to be brainless. Look what happened to Brooke, she has turned into a zombie.

But maybe he is a genius you know? Some Brooke and Taylor fans still fight over Rapist. Some have transferred the argument over to Hope/Lame/Steffy camp. His problem is not quality, just making people watch and he manages to do that. OLTL, AMC, ATWT is gone but this crap is still alive...

I mean, heck i almost choked on my tea, when Steffy claimed she felt sorry for Hope cause Brooke isnt the mother of the year and her dad was Deacon when she was talking to daddy Rapist. What, Bratley thinks we are all braindead that Steffy had a mom who is the mother of the year. Rick anyone?

Sorry i meant "What, Bratley thinks we are all braindead that we will believe Steffy has a mom who is the mother of the year."

I'm only watching B&B this week to see the remote from Italy. I'm curious to see how well they do it. My observation, after watching only the Monday and Tuesday shows is that:

1) Liam is wishy-washy and doesn't seem to have chemistry with anyone...least of all Hope. I liked Scott when he was on GH and he had lots of potential, but this zombie walking through the scenery doesn't show any of that.

2) If Liam must be with someone, it should be Steffy. It sounds like she's done a lot of underhanded things to stay with him, but she's got some chemistry with him, so why he's going with Hope (Mope is a good name) I don't understand…I'm having trouble even watching her deluded self. Of course since I’ve never watched, I could be missing something.

3) Why on earth is the extended family so involved in this divorce thing? Do two people not have the right to make their own decisions without parents/grandparents/stepparents putting in their two cents worth? I realize, from the little I’ve read, that these characters are intertwined to the point of being incestuous, but still, isn’t it up the three people involved to make their own choice?

I agree…the best thing Liam could do for himself and everyone around him is to stay single for awhile. He needs to get a backbone before he makes a life-altering commitment.

I do realize that that last statement is a little whacky in reference to a soap.

The hypocrisy on this show really pisses me off. I know its just a soap, but, Brooke is always ready with "but, but Steffy lied to Liam!!! She lied!!! He should be with Hope!" Then when it's convienent to HER spoiled brats 'destiny', it's all "Hope must not find out about you ripping up the papers and kissing Steffy!" Uh, hello? Im with the above poster who records B&B and fast forwards through it. I'm also wondering if $Bill will sink as low with underhanded deeds when he finds out his sis is (gasp!) a lesbian!?!

They should have put Steffy & Deacon together imagine the potential drama & conflict it would bring lol.

No! I love Deacon. lol. I dont want the trollop anywhere near him.

I know Brooke and Deacon had an affair when he was married to Bridget and Brooke became pregnant with Hope. What I cannot recall is how Bridget found out. Did they come clean when Brooke got pregnant or ???? Anyone? Thanks!

I think Bridget overheard Brooke and Deacon on the baby monitor.

Thanks Pinky! And, ouch, what a shitty way to find out. I suppose though there is NO good way to break that kind of news.

You are welcome :-)

So bummed about Deacon's short stint! But Italy should be PRETTY!

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