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June 20, 2012

The Slow and the Delaying

So after weeks and weeks of evil music and Bill alluding mysteriously to his big mustache-twirling plan to thwart Hope and Liam's wedding once and for all, after he got Alison involved and Justin involved and blackmailed a prison warden in Wisconsin to secretly release Deacon years before the end of his sentence, we finally got a little taste. A little chance to see part of his plan play out. Wait till you see how dastardly and brilliant it was!



He sent away Hope's ride to the church! HAS THERE EVER BEEN A MORE EVIL GENIUS?! Poor Hope! What can she do now? She's stranded! At a fully-staffed luxury hotel for millionaires! Her goose is cooked now, folks! Done and done.

Okay, I am seriously assuming there's more to come and this wasn't the end of the plan since, you know, he could have done that without having to get a dude released from prison, but whatevs. Just get to it, people.

Speaking of stalling with more interminable filler, they killed some time once again by showing Steffy flashing back to the same thing she flashes back to three times a week.


I AM SHOCKED THAT SHE IS THINKING ABOUT THIS. This is brand new information! Thanks for spelling it out for us, Afternoon Television Program, because if you had just shown Steffy looking sad, we would've been all, "Omg. What's Steffy sad about? She looks so down! What could possibly be troubling her? It's hard to tell on a show that has so much subtext and has spent so little time on her storyline! A hint, please?!"

And doesn't it feel like months ago that Marcus learned that Bill has a plan? Well, he finally showed up again and said something about it. And naturally, Katie overheard it (at which point Marcus naturally explained that he would not have mentioned it had he known she was still in the building).


Hopefully he'll fill her in, not that it'll make any difference. She'll do something to try to stop it from working, and then yell at Bill once and be done with it. Kind of like the time he locked her in a freakin' tower and she forgave him for it an hour later. And I'm still hoping the plan fails because Deacon decides he can't go through with it, whatever "it" is.

Because really, this is the best thing about the show right now...


I am just loving these scenes between Hope and Deacon. They're the most interesting work I've seen Kim Matula do on the show ever, and it's actually something new. I loved her, "I am perfectly capable of handling selfish jerks." Yes, you are a female character on B&B, so you'd better be! Also very powerful was when he looked her in the eye and said, "You can't trust me. You can never trust me." Sean Kanan is really playing it both ways here -- doing Bill's dirty work but also trying to re-connect with his daughter -- and it's legitimately gripping stuff.

But now let's get on with the plan, please!


But what about the olives? Maybe they're part of Bill's Dastardly Plot!

Is there a missing gondola? That could be part of Bill's dastardly plan.

I'm loving the scenes with Deacon and Hope. I'm really sorry that Sean Kanan is not staying longer on the show because Deacon and Hope have about 16 years to make up for. And by the way, Ridge is not the only father Hope has known. Brooke seems to forget that she was married to Nick for a hot minute and he was Hope's father.

Hope/Deacon scenes are the only thing worth watching, luckily, it's very good.

Of course nothing about Bill's plan to prevent Hope/Liam's wedding makes sense because his hatred of Hope and obsession with his son marrying his former mistress makes NO SENSE. Gosh, this show is stupid...but I'll gladly indulge in some Hope/Deacon!

ITA with soapbaby, the scenes with Deacon and Hope are excellent. Too bad Deacon is on his way out.

And ITA with Elizabeth, Ridge is NOT the only father Hope h as ever known. In fact, as I recall, when Ridge found out about Deacon and Brooke's ugly tryst, he threw a temper tantrum and told Brooke, "Take your baby and go." Then he threw Brooke and her two small children out when Taylor came back and he referred to Hope as a "Stain." Ridge never pays any attention to Hope unless he wants to score points with Brooke.

Do any of you guys know how many more episodes we'll have Deacon? I never really see too many B&B casting specifics like that, I only know he'd already stopped taping a few weeks ago.

It sucks that Deacon isn't sticking around. But the dastardly plan was just lame. Let's delay Hope so she can't get to the wedding on time.

If they cut out the flashbacks the show would probably be about five minutes.

deacon deacon deacon.....hope.....love. Why dont they flash back to when Hope was a kid instead?

I'm in total agreement with all the posters in that I'm loving the Deacon scenes! Yesterday's show was so stupid and annoying in so many ways. Princess Hope screaming at the nice old man to hurry up...Liam temper tantrum that would've put a two year old to shame...Bill's BIG PLAN to send the limo away...seriously, wtf!?...and Liam does not realize it's not Dopes handwriting?!? Didn't Bill almost kill Amber and lock Katie in a tower and this is the best he can come up with? Of course Bill has a lot on his mind...like what he is going to say to Greg Brady fron the Brady Bunch when he shows up in Italy demanding his suit for the Homecoming dance back from him!

Having Deacon back is certainly helping this mess of a show, so it makes perfect sense that TPTB are letting him go soon.

Liam...Hope...Steffy.......God in Heaven...MAKE IT STOP!!!

Bill actually made Hope happy. Moron!

Good for Hope rebuffing Rapist though. He is not Hope's father. He never was. No i am but buying Bratley's rewriten BS. Like Gio said when he learned who Hope's father was the selfish jerk had the meanness and audacity to call that little baby " a stain" like he had any room to judge anyone.
Not that he is a father to Hope now. He knows very well that Stuffy was wrong but he chose Stuffy over Hope only because she is his biological daughter. Hope knows that. Brooke knows that. Rapist being a father to Hope is as fake as Stuffy's bogus "daddy issues". Hope is betrayed by the man she thought she could trust and it makes sense that she is happy to see her "dad".

Hope's only father was Nick. Deacon is no angel but he loved baby Hope enough to keep her away from Rapist and let Nick adopt her. Bratley can try all he wants but he will never make me forget Nick and Hope's father&daughter relationship.

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