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June 18, 2012

The Sniffly & the Damn Fine Soap

Sure, it's lazy to combine posts for The Bold & the Beautiful and General Hospital, and half pointless anyway because I'm not sure there's all that many folks who are viewers of both. But they were both so lovely and moving today that it only seemed fair to combine the praise. Look, it doesn't happen often, so let's make it a special occasion.

But because this is Serial Drama and because I am who I am, let's get a few things out of the way first.

Don't show us flashbacks of Steffy's wedding look if you want us to be sympathetic to her.


She just looks so threatening in that ensemble, advancing toward him. Let's just leave it in the past!

And I want to preface this next one by explaining that I AM NOT COMPLAINING ABOUT THIS:


In fact, I welcome this. What I do not care for is how utterly un-Todd it is for him to be all, "Oh, let me pose and show off my half-naked hot bod." That's not Todd, that's never been Todd. That's some traditional soap hunk who we never watched graphically gang-rape a gagged and restrained woman. There are about a million ways to show off what Roger Howarth's got under there, but it does not make sense to include "because he knows he's ripped" as one of them. Todd has been an acceptable anti-hero because he is the opposite of that. Don't let him act like a damn Ford! Let him be Todd and, I mean come on, we know Carlivati and Valentini can come up with other reasons to show the candy. 

Now about the priest who's slated to preside over Liam and Hope's "wedding" (I have to put that in quotes because I'm assuming it won't actually go through and they'll just have Ridge and Brooke get married instead) (Unspoiled here, just a suspicion!)...


I just worry for him, will he get out of whatever drama unfolds in time to make his nighttime gig as a Chippendales dancer?

Also, I say NO:


First of all, Anna woke up and Luke was literally just sitting there, in a bathrobe. Watching her sleep. And had apparently laid out her bra really nicely for her on the bed. That's not sweet, it's creepy. Second of all, I adore the idea of the over-fifty crowd getting a love triangle BUT IT SHOULD NOT INVOLVE ANNA AND LUKE. Nope, not those two. I just can't do it. I can't watch Tracy get humiliated (and lash out) over and over, and I can't watch Luke and Anna all smoochy. They are great in scenes togther as friends. Full stop. Beyond that? Heebie-jeebies. I just cannot get on board.

Now let's get to the good stuff.

There's been a major shift the last few weeks in the way Jacqueline MacInnes Wood has been approaching the way Steffy is dealing with "losing Liam" (obviously in quotes because I don't believe it's anywhere near a done deal). Where she used to kind of play the subtext of, "Damn! I can't be losing! And not to a Logan!" she is now playing a real, heartbroken human being.


She just looks like a hurt little girl. Giving her some real vulnerability has done wonders to humanize her. (I am NOT SAYING this storyline has gotten good! End it!)

And the Davis girls!


I love them so much when they're loving each other! It's time to close the ranks and circle the wagons and all that good stuff (and we blissfully didn't have to deal with Kristina being heinous and inviting her fake reality show along for, you know, her nephew's funeral).

We also got Spinelli doing actual private investigating instead of standing around being a pathetic jackass about Maxie, and he even found some clues!


Of course, why the sheriff's department was so quick to just offer up information on private citizens to a random dude crawling around on the road is beyond me, but no matter! If it keeps him active and un-annoying, I'm all for it. Just as I was all for his kind REAL BOY words to offer Sam support after the funeral (though why did only Davis girls go to the funeral while everyone else just swung by post-burial?).

And over in Italy, Hope saw her biological father Deacon for the first time in.... well, how ever many SORAS years it's been since Hope was a toddler. Thereabouts?

Hope: This -- this is just really... really unbelievable. I haven't seen you since I was--

Deacon: I know.

Hope: Really little. And... now all of a sudden, you're here.

Deacon: It's not every day a girl gets married.

Hope: Yeah, how did you know?

Deacon: Well, um... even though I haven't been around, I've, uh, been trying to keep track of you, and, uh --

Hope: Really?

Deacon: Yeah.

Hope: Oh, gosh. I'm sorry. I just, um.. I feel like I have so many questions right now.


Deacon: I want to answer every single one of them for you as -- just as long as you don't tell me to get lost.

At which point Sean Kanan's manly-man tears pretty much broke me.


Hope: No. No. No. No. You have no idea... how much I wanted you here today... how much I need... Dad!


Um, am I feeling genuine big emotions in response to a scene on The Bold & the Beautiful? I... I think I am, y'all. (So clearly, they should just go ahead and scoot Deacon right back off the canvas because, you know, who needs decades worth of history offering up some great drama?)

Meanwhile, back in Port Charles, other crazy things were happening. Todd was showing some serious guilt, and Carly noticed it (plot movement?). Jason admitted wrong-doing (what?!). 

And more Davis girls love!


It's ridiculous how much I dislike at least one of these gals most of the time but how much my heart is just full when they're a family. DAVIS GIRLS 4EVAH!

And then Carly had to go and show up and be so human and compassionate!


Laura Wright really slays me in these moments. There's something about her that's just so damn maternal to anyone and everyone in Carly's (rare) major moments of humanity.


I want her to hug me!

And then of course, Heather was being Heather.


She wants to work for Todd! She's totally going to blackmail him into being a Sun reporter, right? HEATHER AND TODD. I LOVE IT. (Reminiscent of Gabrielle blackmailing Todd into the same thing under oddly similar circumstances a decade ago, and I for one am thrilled at the callback.) And really, any chance they give Heather to say, "Call me crazy..." is a good one.

Oh and one last thing...


Who just gets to be that freakin' hot? I ask you!

It was a good day in soap land.


It's in the SID from April. She said she was hurt for not being asked to come back when the other three were all put on contract. So true - technically she never said anything on the record about wanting a contract. But she also told her fanbase president, someone I trust, that she was hoping to be back full time. I won't belabor the point since it makes no difference now that she has been asked back, albeit just a visit.

I still don't see the need for Todd and Carly, and I especially don't see Carly as a kindred spirit to Blair. To each their own.

I, for one, would prefer that you combined all posts from now on, Louise. Scrolling may be a strenuous and near life-ruining hassle, but it gives me a much needed finger work out.

(Also that first cap of Steffy in the wedding dress is hysterical. Was she going for combat Barbie/Woman-in-White chic?)

Thanks, LB! I hadn't seen that she's used those words exactly and I tend to bristle when people go into "FV and RC clearly hate Blair and Kassie DePaiva!" conspiracy theories (with her or anyone...). But since Blair is of course my very favorite character from any soap ever, I'm super-psyched for her visit!

I think Blair and Carly are similar archetypes, but really not similar characters. I hope they don't go down that road for Todd.

No worries, Louise! I realized I came off mean up there and I didn't mean to. Carly just brings it out in me - I've never disliked a character more.

I actually don't think FV and RC hate KDP; I'm not in that camp lol. She would never get screentime like she did and she wouldn't have been invited back ever if they did. I think they just didn't have a need for her immediately.

Per a recent radio interview and her Twitter, KDP seems to be under the impression she will be floating into and out of story as needed but FV has called it a visit. I'm hoping KDP is the right on lol.

Louise, since the trauma of scrolling did not cause me to recall leaving a baby in a drawer, I'm all for the combined posts. And now, I'm interested in seeing Deacon on B&B. So it's all good.

I rather enjoyed the combined posts, myself. For whatever that's worth.

I don't watch B&B but I do enjoy reading the snark about the hope/liam/steffy stuff! So, count me in the not anti-scrolling ranks.

Yeah, Bethie, I don't watch B&B either, but reading about it gave me boinkberries, what could be better? It's like chocolate and peanut butter, or Heather and Iced Tea, or Alexis and Dianne (oh how I miss the friendship), sometimes thing are greater than the sum of their parts.

Todd needs to whip out that body when Blair rolls into town. She wouldn't find many reasons to stay mad at him if he showed off the goods a little more.

As for punishing him... if he whipped the shirt off and flexed the abs some at her, she'd probably come up with some punishment they'd both enjoy.

who's complaining about todd being shirtless?? not me!! i didn't see B&B this week yet i save several soaps to watch on the weekend,but anyway they should keep Deacon on, he's hot and she does need a father,Bill should be found out about and slapped or beatup then we wouldn't have Deacon ,oh well, it's not a perfect world if it was oltl and amc would still be on!!

Finola Hughes is beyond HAWT! I want Laura Wright to hug me too! Just those two screencaps gave me a lump in my throat.

Hope & Deacon.....LOVE. Sean Kanan and his man-tears <3 <3

Davis girls loving each other is ALWAYS PERFECT.

Favorite recap, Louise, FAVORITE. The screencaps are love

I think the Todd shirtless scene was meant to be a parody of shirtless hunk scenes. Brilliant to use Roger Howarth who sold that scene. Of course the character of Todd would never do that. That was the point.

I'm in the majority but I love Luke and Anna together. Tony and Finola's chemistry is awesome and I love how they play off each other. I love when some fans scream for the vets and showing mature romances but the minute it's given, people think it's gross. What kind of shallow ish is that? It's about time we saw some older mature characters getting some lovin for a change.

@Sigh: Try your page down button - less hard on the hands than scrolling.

@Rodney: It's not that mature romances are gross, it's that Anna with Luke is gross. Luke and Tracy are awesome - they should stick with that.

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