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July 05, 2012

Please Let This Be a Cliffhanger

I am really hoping that this was less a statement of fact and more a lead-in to some sort of spectacular putdown on tomorrow's episode:

Atlantic City police officer: What about him?
John McBain: He's clean.
Atlantic City police officer: You sure?
John McBain: Yeah, I'm sure.

I hope Friday's show opens with a gravelly voiced tantrum, like, "Yeah, I'm sure that the sweaty, coke-eyed ball of RAGE is a-ok. Look at him standing there, shaking and muttering. I bet he's muttering about law-abiding things. Yeah. He's clean".

Otherwise, my imaginary boyfriend and I will be in a fight (notice that I did not say an "imaginary" fight, because arguments with fictional characters are very real; Jason Morgan knows what he did), because I can't stomach ANOTHER character just shrugging off the fits of violence and crime that make Sonny Sonny. I am hoping that this is a one-time freebie and that he at least gets in a few quality jabs at Mr. Corinthos tomorrow, because the number of characters I can tolerate in Port Charles is ever dwindling* and I'd hate to have to cross John off the list, especially because that would mean the list is populated only by Sam, Josslyn and Cameron.

*Like, I want so badly to write a really long, really profane rant about how utterly freaking AWFUL Kristina is in every single way, but every time I try, all I can type is hate, hate, hate, like father like daughter, hate, hate, HATE". AWFUL.


Oops, that first line should have said I didn't WATCH Todd on OLTL! Ooops!

As a oltl watcher and a longtime gh watcher i'm enjoying too, obviously. I do agree that the shirtless flexing was off, but i think it's spot on with the baby thing.

Also, we can't forget that this isn'tthe first time he has taken a newborn from its mother and given it to someone else, only the last time he did it to Blair, his "one true". He knows the pain and suffering he caused her there. He knows how badly it all blew up in his face. He is still paying for it with Jack to some extent. that's gotta be shaking him to the core too.

Also, he WAS imprisoned and mentally and physically tortured for eight long years, by his mother dearest. So, he likely had lots of time to think about all the bad crap he's pulled and maybe wants to do better??

it likely won't last for long, and when it all comes out, he'll blame everyone else. . . but the guilt is spot on. . .the mumbling, bumbling is spot on. . . the not finding a hook with heather yet, not so much spot on. But he will find a way to come out on top.

if only for a little while . . .

[b]kermitklein[/b] the difference between sason and everyone else's crime is that Sason's profession is literally criminal, and that their crimes are 5 times worse than everyone else's, except for Luke. If any other characters had shot a cop in the chest or had one beat up, they would be off the show or declared as straight up villains by the other characters. They don't have to go to prison, but they need to get out of the mob or lose all their money or *something*.

Todds guilt is absolutely in character, and it always has been. I get the feeling that the people who say it isnt in character havent really seen much of it.
Its also obvious to me that he hired Sam as a way tyo punish himself and not let himself forget what he did. Todd is a complete masochist in that regard.
I do agree, it is out of character for him not to be able to do anything about Heather.But the guilt and remorse is very much Todd.

nice observation Bawoman. . . hiring Sam is a way of punishing himself by having her ever present, and that might account somewhat for him not dealing with Heather yet. . .he's punishing himself by having her around constantly.

LOL at the thought that SaSon's crimes are five times worse than anyone else's on the show except for Luke. Just guessing, but is it because Luke killed a child and nothing happened to him. Yes, that was crap. I think any crime where someone knowingly goes after children and is way worse than what SaSon has done but yet you have people on this show, that went after and hurt children other than Luke that did not pay for their crimes, had their crimes swept so deep under the rug that it's practically ignored, and in some ways got elevated in the eyes of many.

As for Todd, I still maintain, I can not believe that he showcases his level of guilt to this height where he becomes that much of a blithering idiot considering that he didn't get this height of blithering when Tea was in the hospital and kept asking him "I wonder who the baby looks like". If this is the way I'm supposed that Todd handles guilt, then it's stupid to even make him committ crimes since if he was around intelligent people, he would have been gave himself away.

Hey Kermitklein..... Wasn't Cam an arsonist??? ..... So that leaves Joss, Aiden and Emma!

One other thing about Todd's guilt: HE left Blair to go to Ireland to get Patrick back for Marty. HE took a bullet in the back that was meant for Patrick & (f I remember correctly) was put into the back of a car & driven off a cliff. All because of his guit for raping Marty.

Cam didn't set the house on purpose so I wouldn't rule that as a crime.

+++Cam didn't set the house on purpose so I wouldn't rule that as a crime.+++

Kermitklien, I want Cam to now accidentally set fire to the Davis house - and there is no way I'd see that as a crime either. SOMEBODY has to take these twits and their nonsense down.

Kristina and the whole reality crap has stopped me from watching on a daily basis. I catch up eventually, but that's not a good sign for me with GH....

I wanted McBain to take down Sonny but I knew it wouldn't happen with the centrality of Sonny to the GH canvas. But I sure hope he doesn't join in as a Sonny celebrator. That could get me to really edit my viewing.

Todd...I'm giving him a huge pass because I enjoy RH so very much. He did the impossible - made me actually enjoy a couple of Spinelli scenes. That certainly has never happened before. I don't know where his storyline with Heather is going, but I suspect - and hope - that he'll be the one to bring down Heather.

The worst thing for me about GH right now is what was also the worst thing for me about OLTL, and that's the teen scene. The ghastly Kristina, and her dim sister and boyfriend, and Alexis acting so weak - it's ff material. As is whatshisname, the reality tv director aka Kate's Kid. They've managed to make Michael and Starr look good, something I also thought would never happen.

Why a house can't fall on Sonny and Jason and just put us all out of our misery I cannot understand.

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