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July 03, 2012

So Few Words, So Much Laughter

Maybe I'm devolving, or maybe I'm so in the throes of a John McBain obsession that I unreservedly love everything he does and Michael Easton's family and friends should be possibly be concerned, or maybe I was so desperate for something--anything!--in yesterday's episode to provide me with even the barest minimum of entertainment (as Louise pointed out, the entire show was an exercise in "not quite right" mingled with a level of interest that can only be described as negative, if it could be described at all in between your snoring. I mean, really, spending precious seconds on Kristina and Trey that could have been better spent on, I don't know, Fat-Headed Joss or even one of Fat-Headed Joss's stuffed animals is like kicking us all when we're down. The only people who could be remotely interested in these two and Mafia Princess are the actors playing Kristina and Trey and that's less "interest" and more "I'M ON TV!"). Or maybe it's a combination of the three. But at any rate, I can't delete yesterday's GH from my DVR, because I keep rewatching this exchange between John and Jason.

John: Morgan here works for Corinthos, who's got some not so fond memories of you. And by the looks of it, he's going to get some payback. [To Jason] Thanks for the save.
Jason: Yeah, you're welcome.

I cannot stop giggling*. I think it's the fact that this exchange featured exactly one tone of voice (gravelly) and absolutely no eye contact. They, in fact, contorted their necks in a variety of ways to avoid having to look in the other's general direction. It was amazing**.

*I think it's option (A), devolving.
**Yup, clearly devolving. Because I WAS amazed. And laughed heartily.


Mallory, I so wish you'd known McBain on OLTL so you could have some context for what a great transformation this is. He did have his moments of great dry humor over the years, but I spent an awful lot of time hating him (oh dear... http://serialdrama.typepad.com/serial_drama/2011/01/failed-sympathy-elicitations-or-suck-it-john-mcbain.html).

But holy crap do I love him on GH!

Trey looks the same age as mama Kate. He also looks nothing like papa Joe except for having dark hair.

Unpopular, I know but I like the NuKristina actress much more than the last one. She's a spitfire and the only interesting one in that quad.

I was shocked to see Molly back. That was a delightful surprise. Sadly it had to be in the "reality tv" storyline. Please, please someone make it stop.

Sob. I miss OLTL!

I miss OLTL. GH recycling the same storylines just ain't the same! ;-)

McBain has improved leaps and bounds from OLTL though. I only liked McBain when he was with Evangeline and then again the last few months in OLTL's final year.

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I loved McBain until he allowed Sonny to do,while he was spitting all over and stuttering all over Joe , threats and screaming at a man he had tied in a chair. John told the cops Sonny was clean YUCK
I was so hopeful and them the anvil fell.
One minute the sjhow improves then boom I get the feeling Guza has returned

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