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July 09, 2012

Things That Are Hot, Part I

I know it's wrong. I know it is. I know he's betraying Natalie. So that's my disclaimer.

But this?


Sam and John. Are. Hot.


Just hot. I can't help it.

You know what else is hot?


Disheveled, grieving, lying, lashing-out, in-denial Patrick Drake. Aiding in the hotness is Jason Thompson and his whole ridiculous talent thing which has officially gotten me preoccupied by a fantasy about devoting the rest of my playwriting career to writing roles just for him. Forever.


Is it not adorable that the more upset he gets, the more Canadian he sounds? Absurdly adorable.

Also hot?



Anna actually out in the field trying to solve crimes and doing some police commissioner-ing.

Not hot? Wondering why the police dogs had such a strong reaction to a shack in the middle of the woods, and then just accepting an officer's shrug-off that maybe transients stay there. That's total Mac Scorpio police work there, Devane! Don't be a Mac Scorpio!


Why does Steven Lars look older than his mother?

And also Jason for efff sake fix that hair. And the stupid black tshirt. Umm...10 years later, move on.

I like Sam and John. I saw Sam or and Jason on screen,my ff finger itched I never watched them They bored me to death. I figured out why they never killed JASON HE IS ALREADY DEAD AND TO STUPID TO LIE DOWN.
Patrick on drugs OK I can watch that, seems without that we don't get to see Patrick or adorable Emma. Liz what a shame She went from a likable character to a busybody. Amy Vining comes to mind.She even has her job at the hospital desk. She bores me to death. I hate to say it but Anna needs a refresher course in cop 101. Dogs find bodies . ?? I usually love Anna but I need to see Robert here also!
From what I am seeing either Guza is hiding in the writers room,or the suits are back and have not learned their lesson.
We seem to get a new mob gang every month. Hope one of them takes out the unholy three permanently.

Hi thank you for the theme, I have installed it on my WordPress, but it doesnt show in my site, its too heavy for site or I dont know whats the problem.

Brooke is gorgeous, Hope is gorgeous, the location is gorgeous. Rapist and Liam ruin the scene though. Poor Hope will only suffer with Lame :-(

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