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August 22, 2012

The Hopeful & the Awesome

Yesterday's fantastic episode of The Bold & the Beautiful was incredibly satisfying. And no, I am not being sarcastic. If you're on the viewing wagon due to Steffy/Liam/Hope fatigue, you should check it out -- not because it was about something else (let's not get crazy here), but because it was great soap.

I can't quite tell what direction they're going in here, but Liam really seems to be in the throes of some sort of nervous breakdown. And, joy of joys, they actually deliberately made him look like the buffoon that he is:


You can only imagine how fun this was for someone who's spent the better part of the past year making voodoo dolls of this character. 


When Liam showed up a hot mess to his wedding after partying all night with his ex-wife, Hope quite correctly called it off immediately. This awesomely led to his literally begging her on hands and knees to take him back and forgive him. This was just unbridled joy from a viewer's perspective. True to form, though, he did of course occasionally throw in a jab as if Hope were overreacting. (I loved his, "It's not me -- it's her, right?" No, Liam, YOU'RE THE JACKASS HERE! Nice try, though!)

In typical soap fashion, this all of course took place inexplicably in front of all the wedding guests, mostly because Stephanie demanded it (hilariously). And Ridge, of all people, had to drag Liam over to a mirror to force him to take a look at himself. He still wasn't convinced. And then Hope got fabulous.

Hope: I am not a doormat! The night before our wedding, where are you? You're out with Steffy, and I am just supposed to accept that? Did you do it deliberately to hurt me?

Liam: No.

Hope: Then to remind me that, what, if I don't do what you want when you want, you've got somebody else who will? [Like she needs reminding at this point.  --Ed.]

Liam: No. No. Not -- nothing even happened. I mean, I was just -- I was just having a little fun is all. I didn't do anything wrong. [I could provide in screencap form all the many things he did wrong, but he apparently doesn't think sleeping next to your ex the night before your wedding is wrong, nor does he think repeatedly kissing her is wrong. So I guess my evidence might not help.  --Ed.]

 "I'm not leaving till you come down here!"

Liam (as she comes down the stairs): Yes. Yes. Oh, thank you. Oh, god. Oh, thank you. I'm so sorry. I'm so sorry. I never meant to hurt you. I just want to be your husband, you know? I just --I want to be -- I'll be whoever you want me to be. Just let me hear you say that you forgive me, that you love me. Just -- just say that you love me.

Hope: I do love you, Liam.

Liam (relieved): Oh, yes.

Hope: But you don't deserve me. I think you should go.

This is the point at which I basically threw a party. Sure, it might have just been me hugging my dog, but dogs need hugs! The party was just the hug's subtext.

Finally Marcus escorted the Douchenozzle Known as Liam out the door and folks offered up their sympathies to Hope, none of which she really accepted. Katie and Bill went after Liam and Katie really let him have it.


Katie: Is this how you treat someone you love, someone that you were supposed to marry today?

Liam: "Hey, Liam, how are you? Oh, I'm fine, Katie. Thanks." I had a special night planned for hope, okay? And she stood me up. She blew me off. I didn't know why -

Katie: Oh, oh, oh, I'm sorry. So you had your feelings hurt. So that's why you spent the night with Steffy.

Liam: That is not what happened.

Katie: I don't care if you spent the night in separate isolation chambers. I don't get how you don't get how disrespectful and hurtful this is to Hope.

Liam: Uh, yeah, thank you, Katie. I believe she mentioned that.

Katie: Where the hell is this attitude coming from? You can't treat women like this! This is not okay!

Liam: I don't -- I don't know. I made a mistake.

Katie: This is more than just a mistake, Liam. You are messing with the emotions of two women. You are pitting them against each other, pitting their families against each other. I don't know what the hell is going on with you, but you better check yourself.

(Katie's my favorite now forever and ever and ever!)

Meanwhile, Brooke was off giving Hope the worst motherly advice in the history of ever by explaining to her that she and Liam don't have to be over and that Steffy probably orchestrated this whole thing. Oh my LORD, Brooke, WHO CARES?! I really cannot understand her pathology here. Shouldn't she want to protect her daughter from this bastard who's hurt her over and over and over again in exactly the same manner? I understand that they've positioned the various characters as rooting for their favorite to "win," but when are they all going to realize that whoever ends up with Liam IS THE LOSER!

As for Bill, I... well, it's hard to even address. He definitely showed his true colors yesterday as the megalomaniacal sociopath that he is. I mean holy crap.

Bill: Remember who you are. Your life, your name -- those are things that no woman can take away from you. Was I disappointed in you? I was revolted. My son, my own flesh and blood dancing around in his underpants with your little Halloween hairdo and your skater tattoo begging --actually begging on your knees -- for that neurotic collection of losers to forgive you.

Liam: Well, I'm sorry about your wounded pride, but that's not my problem.

Bill: Pride? Pride? No. It sure as hell isn't your problem. Maybe we should put up flyers, post it on milk cartons, "Missing: Liam's pride." What the hell happened to you? What happened to the guy who told me to go screw myself because I wasn't worthy of being his father?

Liam: You know what? Your opinion is not nearly as important to me as you seem to think it should be.

Bill: Just as well, because my opinion is that you are pathetic. I am embarrassed to look at you, to think what you would allow that -- that emotional black hole of a girlfriend to put you through. She moves in, and you're dancing on air. She moves out, and you can't eat, you can't sleep. You're catatonic. [This is a fascinating version of revisionist history on Bill's part. When has Liam been lovelorn after Hope's left? He immediately gets together with Steffy every single time!  --Ed.] She's supposed to be your blushing bride, but she has no problem disrespecting you in front of the world. [And I imagine millions of viewers appreciated her finally returning that favor. --Ed.] Well, let me tell you something. I am not gonna put up with it, not for one moment longer. You want love, Liam? Then learn how to love yourself, because that is what is gonna get you through, not some little girl who is terrified of life, not to mention her own body.

Then, no joke, he basically wrestled Liam into submission while demanding that he become "Liam the Conqueror."


Wow. I don't really even know how to take any of that. I am assuming the point of these scenes was to terrify us of what kind of monstrous abusive father Bill is going to be to the baby who's currently on the way? Because holy crap!

Unfortunately the episode ended with Hope showing up to confront Steffy rather than just celebrate that she got out just in time. Which is a bummer because that episode would have been the perfect capper to the entire storyline. But for the moment? I'm just going to bask in its wonder, and thank Patrick Mulcahey for writing such a fantastic script.


That Bill stuff is... wow. Just wow. I really don't understand his antipathy towards Hope, even if he likes Steffy more (likes so much he had an affair with her not that long ago...).

Still, that is soap! More of this, Brad Bell!

I love it when soap writers acknowledge the insane, irrational behavior of soap characters. And Katie often gets to be the one to do it.

Oh Scott Clifton, what are they DOING to you.

I guess that, according to the way Bully described what a SPENCER MAN is, the correct way to pronounce the family name is Douchebag.

The collective IQ of all parties involved doesn't add up to 10.

Brooke and Bill win the awards for worst parents, for now anyway. I shrieked when Bill grabbed Liam in a headlock. I, for a moment, actually thought that he was going to kill him, and I'm sure Liam thought so too. Those are not the types of feelings your children should have with regards to you.

And Brooke...can't you ever realize that not everything in the world is about you and your personal vendetta? Please, spare your daughter and everyone else around you.

Katie hoe-checked Liam! This is amazing! Also, Hope is becoming one of my faves, when I didn't care about anyone in that triangle.

If Brooke had unterstood the pathology, she wouldnt have been obssessed her rapist.

Katie would be more believable if she kicked Bully's ass to the curb instead of planning a baby with the sociopath.

Lame belongs with Steffy, match made in hell.

Forgot to add, Hope, you go girl! Cant wait for her to tell it like it is to Sneaky.

This was a great episode. I'm not a Steffy fan but I even think she deserves batterer. Of course she'd be better off if she stopped going after the guy Hope's with.

I have never understood what Bill has against Hope. I have to wonder if he's pissed that she's never shown interest in him like Steffy did for about five minutes.

It was nice to see Thorne among all the insanity. I wish Hope would wake up and realize she's better off. She deserves better. As for Brooke shame on her for giving crappy advice. She shouldn't want her daughter with an idiot that doesn't even know what he wants.

Brooke! My girl Brooke! WHAT THE HELL? No.

I think you're right, barbara, Hope didn't flirt and tease Bill so it hurt his SPENCER PRIDE. That's why he hates her!

I'm telling you, I've rooted for Hope to pull a Kelly Taylor and I'm hoping (stupidly since this is a Bell soap) that she'll actually do it.

+++This was a great episode. I'm not a Steffy fan but I even think she deserves batterer.+++

Barbara, I don't think you meant to say this, but in any case, this the BEST TYPO EVER!

You're right, not even Steffy deserves to be with Bill the Batterer.

Brooke just wants to win her proxy fight w/Taylor is all I can figure. Hope's actual happiness is a distant 2nd. Otherwise she would have given Katie's kick-ass speech. Poor. Scott. Clifton.

Hope's speech? Was made of pure awesome. Honestly, I think my allergies suddenly activated as I was actually getting wet eyes. When the hell was the last time any woman decided that SHE deserved better from a guy, on this show. Sadly, I'm having trouble remembering the last that happened on any soap.

And let us all give Bill and Brooke a hand(or perhaps more appropriately, a smack across their respective face) as being the worst parents of the year, on B&B. Wow. Bill being an arrogant asshole is par for the course, but actually physically assaulting his useless man-child was waaaaaay over the line. Why the hell does Katie put up with his shit? Surely she has to know exactly how he feels about her niece, Hope. And Brooke, wow. Immediately try to convince your daughter that it isn't too late for her to stay with Liam. That Liam's bad behavior and choices are all Steffy's fault? Who rationalizes a situation like that? I could buy it if Brooke was poor and needed to see her child financially secure. But Hope isn't poor. Brooke isn't poor. So what the hell is her excuse for kind of taking Liam's side here? Just to trump Taylor in this neverending stupid fight between the two of them?

The only thing that I wished had happened was for Rick to have been the guy itching to throw Liam out.(Liam cannot be on Rick's fave people list right now.) Not just doing the proud brother look. But actually asking Hope if she wanted Liam out and going from there.

I completely and absolutely LOVED 2 parts of the show: Bill putting the human waffle in a headlock (hope bill didnt get too much syrup on his suit) ....and Liam laying into Katie..."hi liam! I'm fine thanks for asking, Katie. " Awesome. Totally embarrased for liam getting on his knees...but seeing bill's face when he did that was hilarious!

Why isn't Patrick Mulcahey writing ALL the B&B scripts?!

I am sad to see that Brooke is stooping to new lows, and even as a Brookie, I know that is saying a lot!

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