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August 02, 2012

Jason Schmason and Carly's Wine

In this ever-so-special-and-fancy post, I'm going to kick things up a notch and recap the show as I watch it and as I try the third and final wine from the three-wine package I ordered from Laura Wright's winery Standing Sun (check out Serial Drama's Facebook page for my very unsophisticated thoughts on the Blanc and the Syrah). Tonight is the GSM, which is not a blend I have very often so my thoughts will likely continue to be unsophisticated (should have looked for a Pinot Noir or a Zin!). And my thoughts on the show may get increasingly unsophisticated as the recap goes on, depending on how this wine hits me! Bear with me, or grab a glass yourself!

Here goes.

Dante is continuing to question Lulu about the future of their marriage. She is not answering the question.

Ewen is on the phone with his dastardly accomplice/boss/brainwasher/blackmailer/whatevers. Liz walks up.

Flashback to Sam and Jason discussing Todd.

Sonny shows up at the Floating Rib to talk to Jason. I hope Sonny plays strip pool with Jason and drinks a lot of tequila.

Trey wants to take his makeout session with Kristina to the bedroom.

Lulu and Dante continue to have a tense discussion. Why are we back on this storyline already even before the opening credits? Weird.

Speaking of which, opening credits. Blissfully brief.

Ads! Wine time.

Oh! I like this! This is much, much better than the other red I tried (the Syrah). It leads with big cherry. Yum.

Alexis and Sam are having a little mother-daughter time outside Kelly's. Sam gives Alexis (and reminds the audience of this joy) the good news that Mob Princess is no longer happening.

Sonny is drinking Dark Ale, according to the bottle, and telling Jason all of Kate's deepest, darkest secrets. He wants Jason to tighten security for his kids because of Joe's threats.

Trey is confessing his "feelings" to Kristina and she looks a little skeptical and practically starts crying when he kisses her.

Liz, looking crazy freaking hot in this little red top, tries to find out what's bothering Ewen. She tells him she'd never ask him to breach doctor-patient confidentiality and then immediately asks him to divulge details about his treatment of Patrick. Soaps!

Dante reminds Lulu that they are family now, what with being husband and wife and all. Lulu's crying about what a terrible wife she is. She doesn't understand how they can last when they're going in different directions career-wise. You know, because everybody in a successful marriage works at the same place.

Ads. Wine time! This is the 2009 GSM, by the way. It continues to be very tasty. Just got nice and earthy.

Lulu tells Dante she'd been concerned for a while about how protective he is when she'd rather be more of a risk-taker. I love Dante in this relationship so much. I can't stand his stuff with Sonny, but I just melt when he looks at Lulu.

Liz and Ewen continue to discuss Patrick needing to deal with the loss of Robin. He clearly feels guilty about what he's doing, further convincing me he's doing it under great duress. Seriously, how is Liz this hot?


They flirt a bit and make plans for a lunch date and she gives him her patent Liz sexytimes smirk.


Kristina's mascara is running even though there ain't a tear in sight and telling Trey about being beaten by Kiefer. Trey looks genuinely sympathetic. Ooh, a real tear! A black one, but a real one.

Sam continues to update Alexis on the conversation she had the other day with Kristina.

Sonny tells Jason to be discreet about the extra security on his brood of offspring, as it bugs them. And he indirectly asks Jason if he and Sam are planning to get back together anytime soon.

Ads. Wine time! Slurp.

Lulu and Dante talk about the club and whether or not Johnny is really a changed man (I like Dante's instincts being right on this one!). Dante apologizes for being jealous and insecure.

Kristina tells Trey a little more about Kiefer and I'm reminded of those very powerful and difficult-to-watch scenes and how terrific Christian Alexander and Lexi Ainsworth were in those. Anyway, I'm totally buying Trey's sympathy and indignation in this scene, so it's tough to know he's using her for Daddy's revenge.

Alexis asks Sam about Jason, while Jason tells Sonny that Sam can't forgive him. We cut back and forth between Jason telling Sonny about it and Sam telling Alexis about it. Sam doesn't want to go over who did what to whom, but just wants to recognize the distance between them they can't seem to bridge. Liz walks into the Floating Rib lookin' all hot and Jason notices and then averts his eyes, as he does.

Ads. Wine time! My dog is giving me some sort of bizarre death glare as all this is going on.

Dante does a lot of apologizing and Lulu sort of indicates that he's overdoing it. Dante promises to support Lulu in her goals and dreams just like she does for him. Dante tells her if she'll give this a try he thinks they'll have an amazing life together. Cripey he is the best husband on daytime television, it kills me.

Trey assures Kristina that he would never be abusive to her or any woman, and she asks him to be patient with her as far as intimacy is concerned.

Lulu and Dante apologize to each other some more and finally laugh and smile a little. What is wrong with me? I can't even deal with these two, I'm getting all choked up. 

More cuts back and forth between Sam's and Jason's scenes, as Sam fills Alexis in on kissing John McBain and Jason fills Sonny in on kissing Liz. Sonny points out the obvious: Sam is still Jason's wife. Sam tells her mother that the Jason/Liz thing is a bigger deal than her errant kiss because of their significant history. Alexis asks if Sam wants a divorce.

Ads! Wine time! Y'all, a dog food ad just made me get a little weepy -- clearly the wine is kicking in reeeeal good.

Back to Lulu and Dante killing me, talking about when they first met and Dante "let" her brothers kick his ass. I fully remember it, but which brothers? I know it was Lucky (Greg Vaughan edition), but was it Nikolas or Ethan? Or all three? So weird that none of them are characters on this show anymore.

Ewen is questioning Liz's feelings for Jason. Which sounds like a fun way to spend a date.

Sam tells her mom that she just can't bring herself to reunite with Jason, something keeps stopping her. Sonny encourages Jason to end his marriage if he thinks it's hopeless, and Alexis advises Sam that sometimes "the most loving thing you can do is let someone go."

Trey is offering words of support to Kristina and tells her she can set the pace. I hope they know what they're doing with this -- clearly the way to tell this story is to have Trey legitimately fall for her and then back out of the deal, much to his father's rageful dismay. Classic soap stuff, Romeo and Juliet stuff, and I'm up for it as long as we see as little Joe as possible. He bores me to tears. Oh wait! Ads and I'm not having wine! What's happening to my priorities?!

Kristina asks how Trey's father will feel about losing his investment in Mob Princess, and the two of them are oddly cute. I am surprised at myself. Is it just the wine talking? I blame the Grenache component.

Dante and Lulu do a little kissy-face and re-affirm their love for each other and make their way to the bed. Is GH really doing love in the afternoon? Huh! Will wonders never cease?

Alexis and Sam exchange some cute mom/daughter niceties. 

Jason tells Sonny he won't divorce Sam and neglects to explain, "Because I am always the passive one in a relationship so that I never come out the bad guy." 

Ewen and Liz continue their date and he looks miserable and uncomfortable when the subject of secrets comes up.

Sonny and Jason move into boring talk about Joe, who happens to be calling Trey, who expresses major reluctance to his father about playing Kristina. He says that Kristina doesn't deserve to be used like this, but somehow still agrees to the plan.

The end! In conclusion, try the 2009 GSM, it's tasty!


"I hope Sonny plays strip pool with Jason and drinks a lot of tequila."


Jason tells Sonny he won't divorce Sam and neglects to explain, "Because I am always the passive one in a relationship so that I never come out the bad guy."

Hah! So true...

p.s. It was Ethan and GV's Lucky who beat up Dante, Louise. A really sweet "bonding" moment for them. *eye roll*

It hit me reading the recap that Ewen = Dr. Greg "A Brain Is Not A Foot" Evans. Both doctors reluctantly letting a family grieve for a wife and mother who's actually still alive. I just hope whatever secret is being held over Ewen's head is more interesting than Greg's was.

Louise, you are so right. Dante is the best hubby on soaps. And he's the kind of man I want for Elizabeth. Hate the thought of her with Jason. (He and the ever hateful Sam--Jason kissing Liz is WAY WORSE than me kissing McBain SEVERAL times--deserve one another.) Unless she's the one who's going to "turn Ewen" into a good guy. (I still kinda like him.)

My wish list includes an altered personality for Olivia. If we must deal with her, please make her tolerable. And for Sonny to go on a very long vacation--and take Joe Jr. with him (the very 1st time I wished for Sonny to kill someone).

And how does one make their mascara run without liquid coming out of their eyes? Shouldn't that be part of the soap audition--if you can't cry on demand, you shouldn't be hired.

Lucy D, I don't think you should necessarily be able to cry on queue, but you should definitely have some emotion in your voice and life in your eyes, which nuKristina does not have, heh.

I was watching a Gold Medal Moment last night on SoapNet. Sam was so sweet and happy back then.(Even if she did sleep with Ric Lansing.) And she worked for the PCPD!!!! Lulu looked well fed! Luke was being Luke!! It's like in the years since that episode the writers have beaten the hope and happiness out Sam (AND Kelly Monaco. She just doesn't look happy playing Sam anymore.) and have made Luke just a dried up husk of the Luke we all loved.

Yes, I'll give you that uliis. Not feeling either Kristina or Trey.

If it hadn't been for Liz/Ewen & Lula/Dante, I might not have even bothered watching today's episode. They were the only ones I cared about.

How could anyone watch anything other than "Take 15348002" of the Poor Sad Clown Jason storyline! Come ON, people!

Wow!! That Steve Burton is some AK TORR!!! Today, when Elizabeth and Ewwwin walked into the Floating Rib, he actually moved his whole head in her direction - and then, and THEN, he BLINKED!! And not just once, but he blinked at least 4 times. I know that must signal really deep feelings, because he did it again when his best gal pal Sonny gave him love life advice straight from the lyrics of "Breaking Up is Hard to Do". The only thing that was off, in my opinion, was Sonny and Jason having this talk at the Floating Rib, instead of at a pajama party at Sonny's, with Root Beer floats and lots and lots of popcorn. After their heart to heart, they could have made prank phone calls, and maybe gone out and teepeed somebody's house. Gotta love those lovelorn, goofy mobsters!

Thank God for Elizabeth and Ewen, and for Dante, and most of all for Alexis. They gave me a reason to watch.

And any day that Olivia is still in a coma is a GOOD day in Port Charles!

Dr. Sonny Love!... I had to laugh once Sonny found out that Sam kissed McBain and he told Jason to dump her butt.

Is it wrong to want Sonny to order ribs to go along with that beer?

Liz looked awesome in her red shirt. It's hard to believe that Rebecca Herbst gave birth to her third child two years ago. She looks fantastic!

Best line of the day: "I hope Sonny plays strip pool with Jason and drinks a lot of tequila."

LMAO!!!! You should do a "Carly wine" blog at least once a month. Ha-larious!

Side note, can Liz date someone who's not a mobster/psycho/drugaddict? Give the girl a break! And did anyone notice on some of the gold medal moment episodes that many of the women (including Liz (Becky Herbst PRE CHILDREN) actually were a little more filled out? Becky Herbst is a gorgeous woman but could use a burger once in a while (or vegan burger if that's how she rolls)!

Absolutely loving the Jason/Liz/Sam/Alexis juxtaposition.

I love the Sam/Alexis chat. I too kiss my daughter and tell her that I ADORE her. Parting cuteness. I loved that. I also loved the bluntness that is Alexis, who loves her daughter and tries to protect her and who has supported her though she was vehemently against her marrying the hitman. So no holds barred now when she says, so you want to divorce him or what? I'll work for free!

Alexis says I am the best and Sam agrees. I love how their relationship has grown. I remember Sam crying in Jason's arms saying 'her mother didn't like her' when Alexis was pushing her hard to change her lifestyle (dress, and choice of male companionship-ha! and to be a better role model for her younger sisters).

I do think that original reveal that Sam was Alexis'long lost daughter' whom she never alluded to, EVER, was totally contrived, and out of left field, but over time their relationship grew and now, its great. As mother and daughter, these two rock.

I love strong mama bear Alexis especially in comparison to the sad portrayal of Carly,as the greatest mom ever - gag. Most negligent parent in the world, (where is Joss? Morgan I guess is still at boarding school) but i digress.

Now as for the conversation-side. I just... Sam, really? It wasn't wrong to kiss McBain. Did she mean, he is all hotness, and gruff, and if that's wrong I don't wanna be right - then yeah totally agree with her logic. But not in the sense that she was saying. Jason kissing Liz is wrong because they have history (which yeah agreed - so happy that this is now allowed to be mentioned) but me kissing McBain is justifiable because we were drinking. Nope. Sorry sweetie. Your both WRONG!

And I have to say (though I am a Liz fan). Stop hanging all over Jason. STOP IT. You have Australian, hot, fineness (whom YOU have no idea is holding Robin hostage) hotly pursuing you. Stop wringing your hands over Jason's pain. If Jason wants to look longingly at Liz okay, fine, but no Liz NO! You are not allowed to run after Jason, or to make sure he's okay, and reassure him of his marriage. Ugh. That disgusts me. Again I say, stop it right now!

Laughed at Sonny's hilariousness. "She kissed McBain? Cut the whore loose!" I mean that is his MO, so his advice is true to character.

Sidebar: It's hilarious to me too that the show no longer mentions the fact that Sam was Sonny's mistress when she first came to town. I had completely forgotten myself until someone posted YOUTUBE vids on another site of Tamara Braun as Carly, going at it with Sam when she first came to town (riding in on Jasper Jax) and then hopped on board the sonny train. Ugh..I just grossed myself out.

and this too..

Jason tells Sonny he won't divorce Sam and neglects to explain, "Because I AM ALWAYS the passive one in a relationship so that I never come out the bad guy."

totally agree...

In fairness to Sam, I don't think she meant that her kissing John was "not as bad" as Jason kissing Liz -- she just meant that Jason/Liz was more of a threat to mending their marriage because there might be legitimate feelings stirred up there. It didn't come off to me like a morality comparison, but just a, "So which one might go deeper than what it seemed?"

Todd is awesome. . ."It's not paranoia if the whole world really is out to get you".

So good acting is now defined by who can ugly cry the best? Because that's all KM does and she's far from a good actress.

No argument there. I don't think KeMo can act at all--proven again in today's episode. But being able to cry helps in scenes where they're supposed to be crying.

I would love for Liz to find a non psycho/hit man/addict too, but let's face it-- in this town she's got limited options. The only men, in her age range, that I can think of are Dante and John. Dante is busy being the best hubby ever, as you note. But John. Hmmm. I like this combo. Leave Jasam to their misery and put Liz and John together! Pronto!

OLTL's John could be a major douche any day of the week, when he's not rescuing his latest damsel (Natalie, Vangie, Blair, Marty, Natalie, Kelly, Natalie, Tea, Natalie, Sam)...in distress. Liz does not to be rescued by McPain.

I love Sam & Alexis moments....they have both truly grown in their relationship with each other.

Dante is the best hubby ever. I want him for me. Except for the father-in-law part, lol.

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